Friday, March 27, 2015

Poem of the Week: A Plea

We all have a purpose to fill, and no matter how small or dull it seems at the time, it is vitally important to the big picture.

A Plea
Edgar A. Guest

God grant me these: the strength to do
Some needed service here;
The wisdom to be brave and true;
The gift of vision clear,
That in each task that comes to me
Some purpose I may plainly see.

God teach me to believe that I
Am stationed at a post,
Although the humblest 'neath the sky,
Where I am needed most.
And that, at last, if I do well
My humble services will tell.

God grant me faith to stand on guard,
Uncheered, unspoke, alone,
And see behind such duty hard
My service to the throne.
Whate'er my task, be this my creed:
I am on earth to fill a need.

Miss Melody Muffin


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