Saturday, May 30, 2015

Heroism Has A Price

My scene for the May Quote Queste.

We’re not warriors, or statesmen or royalty.  We’re not soldiers, or revolutionaries.  We’re just a handful of teens who stood up and said NO to our peers.  Who didn’t go with the crowd.  Who stood against the flow.

It’s all because of the government.  They built an army of spectacularly engineers humanoid robots.  But they couldn’t risk having them be autonomous, so they needed operators.  Some brilliant idiot decided they should call on gamers.  After all, what could make more sense?  Call on those who had the most experience with operating avatars.

Recruiting agents came to our schools and colleges, handing out flyers, promising nice wages and plenty of benefits.  Kids signed up by the tens of thousands.  But my sister and I, plus my best friend and his twin sisters, had been taught from the cradle that if an offer seemed to good to be true, it probably was.  We started digging.  And we discovered what the recruiters weren’t telling us.  After all, it would have scared away at least a few kids to be told that the ultimate aim of this robot army was complete and total world domination, via killing anyone who stood in the way of that goal.

So, when all of our friends were standing up and shouting YES to the call of the government, we five stood up and said NO.  It’s hard to stand up to your friends.  It’s especially hard when nearly everyone around you thinks what you’re saying is insane.

But right and wrong don’t bend for any person.  So, we said no.  And as a result, other people started questioning, started researching.  We stirred an entire country, waking them up, bringing them to a realization of what was really happening.  Set in motion the events that led the government to abandon its plans.  And for that, we were lauded as heroes by most of the population.

But heroism comes with a price.  The government was less than happy with us for disrupting their plans, to put it mildly.  We are exiles from our country now, forced to flee if we wanted to live.  Dying would not have been so bad, I guess, if it wasn’t for the fact that someone needed to keep our message alive and spread it to the rest of the world as a warning... and that someone was us.

We're just kids.  We aren't supposed to be heroes.  We just wanted our world to know the truth.  Now all we want is to go back to our lives as ordinary teens.

But that will never happen.

Miss Melody Muffin


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    1. Well, I hadn't planned it that way... but I guess we'll see. :)

  2. That was awesome! Short and sweet.

    I have mine up, I just forgot to post the link until now, so here it is:


  3. This sounds like a plot for a distopian/SciFi type of novel or novella. Fascinating concept!

    1. Thanks, Tom! At the moment, I don't plan on doing anything more with it, but you never know... :)


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