Monday, May 4, 2015

Snippets of Story: Winter & Spring 2015 Edition

Snippets from my January, February, March and April writing.

    “There is assuredly some mystery here,” Caie agreed.  “Though I cannot find it in me to be too disappointed at spending some weeks in Corbenic.”  The last sentence was mumbled but Astrophel caught it and his eyes gleamed.
    “That wouldn’t have anything to do with a certain dark haired elven guard-maiden, would it Caie?” he teased.
    “Shut up,” Caie muttered, flushing.  “Just wait until you see her.  You’ll change your tune.”
Venit Hora, Draft Two

    “What’s wrong?” Johari asked quietly.
    “Is it that obvious?”
    “To me, yes.”
    Ablondi took a deep breath.  “I had another strange dream.”
Pearl of Loyalty

    “In Britain it was believed that a lady who owned a black cat would have many suitors,” she said archly.
    Doran’s face darkened, “Don’t you ever own a black cat.”
    “Because it brings bad luck or because it will bring me many men?” she pushed, eyes challenging.  
    “Both,” he growled.  “Yolina, I swear, you’re enough to try the patience of a saint....”
Sub Rosa

    “Tharma Reviss.  By the power vested in me by the Constitution of Denzli, for the crimes of treason, accessory to murder, kidnapping, holding a person captive against their will and accessory to assassination, I hereby sentence you to life imprisonment.”
Pearl of Loyalty

    “Since asking you if you have lost your mind will get me punched, and asking if you’ve thought about this seriously will get me glared at, I’m just going to ask if you want them along,” Bahadur sighed in resignation.
Ebony and Aubergine

    Johari smirked.  “Just so.  I’m sorry to cut our fascinating conversation short, but I really must go say hello to the Queen.  I have no doubt we’ll see much of each other in the next few years, and I look forward to it.”
    “What makes you think we’ll be seeing much of you?” Zuella’s curiosity overrode her scorn.
    “You know the old saying, ‘Keep your friends closer and your enemies closer’.  We’ll see each other often,” she nodded, regally confident, and swept away.
Oath of Loyalty, Draft Two

    A dozen men crowded around a few young women at one side of the room.
    “Wonder who is holding their attention now?” Barakat murmured.  With one accord, he and his cousin pushed forward to see the magnet of the hour.
    Iskandar knew who it was even before he caught the flash of gold and pearls in the distinctive tiara nestled into her dark hair.  Before he saw her delicate flower-like face or noticed that she stood a full half head taller than any woman around her save the two at her side.
    Zahira, Ice Queen of Cathenir, had come to Damarul.
Ebony and Aubergine

    Caie was standing against a tree, looking out over the hills.  Astrophel stood beside him silently for a moment.
    “What dark memory does it bring back?” he asked at last.
    Caie’s eyes darkened.  “There was a Fata Morgana the day of the Battle of Camlann.”
Venit Hora, Draft Two

    “Well, well, well, if it isn’t the upstart,” a mocking voice drawled.
    Johari withheld a smirk and turned to greet the speaker, a tall, young woman accompanied by two other young women.  “Well, well, well, if it isn’t the Clever Cats,” she replied sweetly.
Oath of Loyalty, Draft Two

    Philippon nudged Seren and whispered something in her ear.  Her eyes glowed and she nodded eagerly, turning to whisper to Alexias and Llewellyn.
    Rhexenor looked uneasy.  “Dardanus,” he began, edging away from the group.
    “Oh no,” Seren danced over to stand in front of them.  “You’re not going to find it so easy to evade us this evening.  You asked if we had something planned.  Well, so we do.”
    Llewellyn joined her, Alexias, Philippon and even Maron and Iorwerth lining up behind them.  “It’s called, ‘One Hundred Questions with the Lords Rhexenor and Dardanus’,” Llewellyn announced.
    Dardanus heaved a sigh,  “Fine, but we’ll warn you now, you’re not going to elicit any more information from us than you have already been given.”
    “We’ll see about that, won’t we?” Philippon murmured as they all took seats.
Venit Hora, Draft Two

Miss Melody Muffin


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