Saturday, July 25, 2015

Hello Again, Blogging World

I've been out of regular blogging for so long that I'm not sure how or where to start getting back into it.  For now, I'm just going to try weekly updates.

Here's what I was up to this week:

The second draft of Oath of Loyalty
The first draft of Pearl of Loyalty
The first draft of Ebony and Aubergine
Character profiles and plotting on the Lion and Rose series

{snippet of the week}
    She was taller than Alejan had expected.
    While in training, the Laddies had been given the exact height of the princess they would be sworn to, and had practiced for hours with security officers her exact height, but now, meeting her, she seemed taller than her stated height.  It wasn’t her shoes- she wore flats.  It was something else, something intangible.
    She had enormous presence.  Alejan rolled over on his bed and crossed his arms behind his head.  The moment when he had first looked his princess in the eye played over and over in his mind.  There had been a connection there.  Had each of the Laddies felt it when they looked at her?  He had sworn loyalty to her when he advanced to the final round of training, but for the first time he’d met the abstract to which he’d sworn that loyalty.
    She was no longer abstract.  She was flesh and blood to him now.  The woman he would personally face on the morrow and pledge his life to protect.

It could have been an interesting book, but I found it quite boring.

Again, could have been interesting, but was boring and I felt it didn't capture the spirit of Conan Doyle's original characters.

Re-reading Marking Time by April White.  One of my favorite time travel books.  (I don't normally read this kind of book, because if has paranormal elements, but I really love this one.)
{book quote of the week}
"I didn't go to church for a year when I was a kid.  We'd studied the Spanish Inquisition and I was horrified by the torture done by the Catholic priests.  But as I got older I realized that the horrors are all done by men, twisting the word of God to suit their own desires for power."
~ Bishop Cleary, Marking Time

Kpop, of course.  Always Kpop.  Super Junior, Kim Hyun-joong, Infinite and Girls Generation, to name a few in particular.
Michael Learns to Rock - a Danish pop/ rock band
Trading songs with my MuseTwin - songs that make us ache for the characters we write.

{song of the week}

Korean dramas, as usual. :)  Specifically:
You're Beautiful - with Mom and sister Butterfly
Hidden Identity
The Time I Loved You

{drama quote of the week}
Having spent a lot of time together… it’s not about how much we know each other, but knowing how big the empty spot is whenever we are by ourselves.
~ Oh Ha Na, The Time I Loved You

That a relationship with God is not as complicated as some of us humans like to think it is.

Two new stories I've been privileged to hear about from their author.
Watching more of a thriller kdrama with the friend who persuaded me to watch it, and saying the same thing at the same time about what's happening onscreen.

That one could really travel in time and go back and see once more some of the people that are no longer with us.

A family that makes you take a day off when you really aren't feeling the greatest.
Having wonderful friends who stay up late and chat at all hours of the night and squeal over stories and characters and watch dramas and send me kpop gifs and memes and hugs when I'm feeling down.  F5, I love you girls!!

Miss Melody Muffin


  1. Love you, dear! :)
    and it's 10 times more fun to watch a drama while chatting with you. XD

    also. so soon as I get myself caught up on reading, I want Alejan stuffishes. XD

    1. It is so much more fun to watch a drama together. :D

      Oooh, ok, noted. *happy* :D

  2. (OK, random nonsense for the day:

    I see: Oh Ha Na
    I think: ""Ohana means family, and family means no one gets left behind."

    Thank you, Pinterest. :-P)

    Seriously, though, welcome back to the Blogosphere! *Hugs*

    God bless, and happy writing,


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