Sunday, September 13, 2015

Quote Queste: September 2015 ~ Destiny

I apologize for being so late with this month's Quote Queste.  Thank you to everyone who participated in August's QQ!

1. Take the quote below and write a short scene based on it.  It can be a scene for a story you're currently writing, one you plan on writing in the future, or you can make up characters solely for this challenge.
2.  Post your scene on your blog, with the banner from the top of my post and a link to my blog.
3. Come back to this post and leave a link to your post in the comments so the other participants and I can read your scene.
4. Have fun! 

Miss Melody Muffin


  1. Ok. Lets see if I can come up with something for this.

  2. Here's mine:

    This is fun! :-D

  3. I'm not sure how I missed it when you first posted this, but anyways, I SHALL be participating this month, because that's one of Laura's inspiration pins, and I have a lovely scene between her and Petra running through my head now. May take a week or two for me to get it up, but I will be posting it.

  4. Hey, look who's joining!!! ^^ ^^me ;) :D

  5. Not sure I will have time, though it does sound fun

  6. I did it! I wrote a post! Enjoy!


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