Friday, October 30, 2015

To See The Stars: Meet the Stars

I introduced the book yesterday, now... meet the characters.
Verena Silvesti
Cold-hearted, logical analyst who lives for one thing- finding the truth behind her father’s death and justice on his killers.  She doesn’t have friends because she refuses to let anyone get that close to her, unwilling to risk being hurt emotionally, seeing it as weakness.  Cannot understand why Liare refuses to be pushed away by her coldness.
Liare Patrick Damian Delaney
As an only child he has always longed for siblings.  Traveled widely for many years with his father’s Irish Dance Troupe.  Tries hard to bring light into the dark, manipulated world of Chun Hee College.  Finds true brotherhood with Rajan, Dong Jun, and Mark, but it is threatened by the Conspiracy. 
Kang Rajan 
Passionate young man with a lonely childhood, who throws his energy into politics and social reform.
Cho Ki Nam
Student president, charismatic strategist, natural leader.  In love with Verena, who enjoys strategy discussions with him, as well as games of chess.
Park Dong Jun
An admirer of the Minister and Vice Minister of Education.  He joins the Conspiracy because he believes that the goal is right, which justifies the means being used to obtain it.  Very close friendship with Rajan and Ki Nam. 
Mark Velasco
Very close friends with Ki Nam, Rajan, Kyung Jae and Liare.  Good strategist and inspirational public speaker.
Yoon Sung Soo
Son of Seo Kyung Ra.  Hates his mother because she sent him away to be raised by her sister, to protect the secret of his birth.  Natural analyst.
Lee Nari
Used to be a warm hearted, caring person but is now jaded, depressed and borderline suicidal.  Has given up on finding anyone who can love her for who she is.
Fujita Mi Hee
Quietly friendly with random bursts of energy.  Caring, impulsive and helpful.  Everyone thinks they know her, but in reality it’s a mask.  Inwardly, she’s very lonely and and searching for someone who truly understands her.

Baek Ho Sung
Popular.  Potential heir to Park Sung Chul; favorite of Kim Chae Mi.  Very clever and good at manipulating people.

Alfred Trevor Smythe
Outgoing introvert.  Less responsible twin- spends most of his time wrapped in his own little world.  Protege of the Minister of Education.  He’s been promised a place on the Minister’s Staff.  Told of the conspiracy and given the task of recruiting other key students.

Archibald Tyler Smythe
Extrovert.  The more responsible twin.  Also a protege of the Minister of Education. 

Min Kyung Jae
Lone wolf type.  Comfortable with standing alone, but smart enough to know that there are times when he needs to stand with others and hopes when that time comes, he can stand with people he at least trusts, if not likes.

Kim Mu Won
Tender-hearted doctor.  Good cook.  Sketches when he’s stressed.  Inseparable with Dae Hoon.

Song Dae Hoon
Studying forensic science.  Level-headed and even-tempered.  Often breaks up fights.  Inseparable with Mu Won.

Sun Tae Yong
Suave, debonair, laughing, ladies’ man.  Excellent sense of style.  Prankster and the terror of the campus, along with Young Ki. 

Choi Young Ki
Goofball prankster.  Cousin of Young Sook but genetically tests as his half brother because their fathers were identical twins.

Choi Young Sook
Lazy technogeek with an insatiable curiosity.  Has hacked into various government systems before, out of sheer curiosity and the urge to prove he could.

Oh Jin Ho
Very insecure about himself- mentally, emotionally and physically.  Regarded by most people as dumb, slow-minded or crazy but is actually brilliant.

Moon Ha Neul
The son of a slave, he and his mother were freed when he was 12.  Was once a trusting child but doesn’t trust anyone now because he’s never sure if they’re lying to him or telling him the truth.

Min Hye Ja
Assigned as Ki Nam’s study partner; she adores him and mentally leans on him a lot.  She is wary of Dong Jun and consistently tries to warn Ki Nam about him and about Verena, but Ki Nam dismisses her worries.

Ahn Bora
Study/class partner of Dong Jun, adores him and is passionately devoted to him, helping him in everything.

Chae Eun Bi 
Study partner of Mark.  Steady, dependable, sensible, very supportive of him.

Hwang Jung Sook
Teacher of martial arts, astronomy and literature.  Can see the behind the scenes manipulation of the students and tries his best to show the students in his club right vs wrong, black vs. white- to give them a better moral code than the school teaches.  A Shakespeare enthusiast.

Seo Kyung Ra
Youngest sister of a family who is renowned for powerful women and sometimes powerful men.  Has mentally, emotionally or physically seduced several influential men, including the President, the Prime Minister and both Deputy Prime Ministers.  Sees potential in Verena and tries to take her on as a protege.

Less than 36 hours, my friends.  ARE YOU READY?

Miss Melody Muffin


  1. I. Can't. Wait.
    this is going to be awesome. XD

  2. These are some great characters!!!

  3. Oooh, this sounds like a fantastic cast! I think they're all going to bounce off each other wonderfully.

    I hope you have the BEST NaNo! <333

  4. Ahh, a dramatus personae worthy of Shakespeare himself. So many characters--but each one a unique part of what promises to be an intricately crafted novel (series?). Wow! Best wishes writing it, m'dear!

    I must confess, I'm already leaning towards Liare (I almost called him Delaney, LOL) as a potential favorite. Them charming Irish.... ;-)

    God bless,


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