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Snippets: Winter/Early Spring 2016

I don't remember when was the last time I posted snippets.  I know it's been months.  Eeeek.  Without further ado, snippets from my January, February and March writing.

    Itimburi walked across the floor towards her and Johari stiffened in fury.  Behind her, Alejan tensed in wariness.  Her brain registered that Lirios had leaned over to ask Alejan a question, but she couldn't hear the question or the reply over the fury surging in her brain as the man whom she blamed for her predicament bowed to her.
    "Your Highness, it's a pleasure to see you again."
    "Itimburi," she saw a tiny wince in his eyes as she used only his first name and not his title or any other term of respect.
    "May I say, Your Highness, that you are looking radiant tonight, and that in the short time you've had this office, you're already proving to be one of the most brilliant Crown Princesses our planet has seen in a long time?"
    Johari's eyebrows drew down and she swept the man a look of ice, "You may not say.  Excuse me."  She turned and left the dais, Alejan half a step behind her- so close she could feel his body heat- and Lirios leaping to her side.
    "You just antagonized one of the most influential men on the planet," Lirios whispered once they were several steps away.  "And in public no less."
    Johari raised her left eyebrow, "Your point being?"  She knew what she had done had the potential to be a match to straw, but at the moment she didn't care.  Serves them all right for putting me on the throne.
    He grinned, a slow admiring movement, "You're terrific."
Oath of Loyalty

    "On the Constitution of Denzli and before Dio and all these witnesses, do you voluntarily and willingly swear this oath?"
    The final step.  With one word, "No," Johari would nullify everything she had just said. 
    She could not say it.  No, the oath was not voluntary, but it was made willingly.  It was her duty and Johari had never yet shirked her duty.
    "On the constitution of Denzli and before Dio, I willingly and voluntarily make this Oath of Coronation."
    Her left hand took the Constitution, the crown settled over her head, her right hand reached out for the Scepter of State and she carefully lowered herself into the extremely difficult curtsy.
Oath of Loyalty

    Johari nodded to him and turned to leave.  Kaduna blocked her path.
    "Do you have any idea what you did tonight?" Kaduna's eyes bored into hers.
    Johari raised her chin and stared defiantly back at her mother, a complacent smile playing around her lips.  "I'm very well aware of what I did.  I publicly displayed antagonism for a powerful business man, which could complicate things for the Crown; while at the same time demonstrating support for his wife and stepdaughter, the former occupants of the Crown."  Her lips curled, "I know exactly what I did."
    "Then perhaps," her mother's voice was the coldest Johari ever remembered it being when addressing one of her children, "you can tell me why you did it?  Or am I not privileged to know?"
    Johari could practically feel the thick tension in the watchfulness of her Companions and her mother's Companions; facing each other behind their lieges.  She chuckled, a weird sound in the otherwise silent hallway.  "If he wanted civility or courtesy from me, he should have stayed at his wife's side.  Not that anyone expected him to be there; he hasn't been for years."
    Kaduna visibly took a deep breath, "Johari, you don't like him but you're Crown Princess now.  You'll be dealing with a lot of people you don't like, and you cannot antagonize them privately or publicly."
    "I won't."
    "Then why did you do it tonight?!" Kaduna's frustration was palpable.
    "Because it sent a clear message to everyone in that ballroom."  Johari paused and drew out each word, "I am not a pawn of anyone's.  Goodnight, Mother."
Oath of Loyalty

    It was not hard to give his loyalty to the woman, once he’d studied her personnel profile.  She was the kind of person he could follow and his loyalty, like those of his fellow Companions, was given with a fierceness and a fire that would burn all of his life.
    And now, his princess was hurting and he could do nothing for her.
    My princess.  When did I start thinking of her that way?  She was his princess, of course, just as she was ‘my princess’ to each of the Companions.  But something else tinged that word tonight.
    His princess was beautiful.
Oath of Loyalty

    “But you don’t understand,” the redhead insisted earnestly.  “I was born a princess.”
    Johari snorted, “You were born a diva.”
    Josif hastily raised his hand to hide his snicker.
    The girl’s eyes widened in mixed outrage and hurt.  “I am the Izbranik,” she insisted.
    Heaven grant me patience.  “Child, one can be born with royal purple blood so deep and dark that it spills into their pupils and displays their heritage to the world, but one still must learn to act the position they were born into.  You might have been born as the Izbranik, but you sure as blazes aren’t her by actions.”
    “But I am the Izbranik,” the girl insisted again.  “All of the prophecies point to me.”
    “No, you are a spoiled brat,” Johari retorted.  “The prophecies don’t name you.  They are just ambiguous enough that you could fit... but so could someone else with several similar characteristics, such as red hair and heterochromia.  You just happen to be the only one anyone here knows who fits the description.”
Fidelitas #4, Mystery of Loyalty

    “Ugh, can we get a new Izbranik?” Josif muttered.
    Johari snickered.
    “Thirteen,” Miro leaned around Kiril and tilted her head at her brother.
    “What?” Zander looked between the two.
    “I’m counting how many times he’s said he wants a different Chosen One,” Miro arched her eyebrows.  “This is thirteen.”
Fidelitas #4, Mystery of Loyalty

    “Are you ready to return home?  Will you miss Mirnosuma?” Miro asked.
    Johari smiled involuntarily, “Yes and yes.  Mirnosuma taught me a lot, and it was an adventure and an experience that I will treasure for the rest of my life.  I’m glad the situation is handled, too.  I wouldn’t have felt comfortable leaving for Denzli without everything resolved.”
    “We owe you a lot,” Josif’s voice slid over her shoulder and she turned to see him leaning against a pillar a few feet away, swirling blue wine in a long-stemmed glass, eyes resting casually on her.
    The air leaped into a low simmer, the summer heat intensifying.
Fidelitas #4, Mystery of Loyalty 

    “Don’t go near the pools, stay away from the tall trees and don’t go crawling around in the flowers,” Nari chanted, voice singsonging in annoyance.  “I can’t swim, so it’s not like I’m going to be jumping into any pools.  I don’t know what danger tall trees are supposed to present.  Does she think they are just going to fall over?”  Nari put her hands on her hips and frowned up at a tree a few meters away, “You look pretty sturdy to me.”  The tree, predictably, did not answer her and Nari wrinkled her nose at it before continuing to huff her way down another path.  “How am I supposed to look at the flowers properly unless I get up close?”  Something shimmered at the far corner of her left eye and she turned to look.  It was one of the pools, water moving gently in the sunlight.  Nari turned resolutely away and stared at a bed of late fall flowers.
'Prewrite' of ESIR

    She smiled tentatively, brain racing to invent an excuse.  “I beg your pardon, sir.  I was practicing.”
    “I see,” the stern lines of his mouth, jaw and brow did not unbend.  “Might I suggest that the next time you wish to practice self defense, you do so in an open area where you can see someone approaching?  Or perhaps, it would be better to not talk out loud to yourself, then you can hear people come up behind you.”
    Bora struggled not to visibly wince or cringe.  She deserved every bit of the censure.
    “Or, you can wait until night falls and then come out.  But the darker the night, the harder it is to see where you are going, and you would most assuredly freak all of the servants out.  They would think you were a reincarnated warrior from the past.  If you do decide to do that, I hope you will invite me to be present,” the right corner of his mouth twitched upwards a fraction of an inch and the eyes actually held a tiny gleam.
    Bora’s breath whooshed out in relief, and then she flushed at the sound.  “I truly am sorry, sir.”
    “I’m not,” he told her.  “The incident turned an otherwise ordinary day into something interesting.”
 'Prewrite' of ESIR

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