Monday, May 2, 2016

Paper Series ~ Interview with Mirriam Neal

As part of the Paper Crowns Blog Tour, I had the privilege of interviewing Mirriam, who is one of my closest friends.  I'm a picky reader and I demand solidly good writing from the books on my favorites list.  Paper Crowns delivers that and more.  As a regular beta reader of Mirriam's and brainstorm partner for parts of this series, I can tell you that the other books will enchant as much as Paper Crowns has.

Paper Crowns is the first book in a series.  Do you know how many books the series will contain?

I don't know how many. I usually have a vague idea when I start a series, of how long it will be - but the Paper novels tend to spring up whenever I need them. It keeps me on my toes, and I expect I'll write at least three or four more. 

Can you tell us a little bit about the other books planned?

Paper Chains is about the time-travelling wysling, Ras Algethi Chow, who accidentally drags the villain to our present-day world. He then proceeds to accidentally lock himself and the villain here, because he's a magical klutz. Paper Dolls will revolve around more female characters, and is placed between Paper Crowns and Paper Hearts, chronologically. Paper Dolls will pick up soon after the events of Paper Crowns take place, but the novel is set in the Winter Kingdom. 

As of this moment, which one are you most excited to write?

I'm most excited to revise Paper Hearts, honestly. I have to tidy up before I can move on - first things first!

Are there any songs that are the general soundtrack to the whole series- songs that you'll listen to no matter which of the books you are writing?

Oh, absolutely. There are songs I can't separate from the Paper series - they've been with me the whole time. 'When the Darkness Comes' by Colbie Callait, 'Corner' by Allie Moss, 'Lost Boys' by Novelette, 'Pretty Face' by Soley, 'Warrior' and 'Heart by Heart' by Demi Lovato, 'In the Shadows Tonight' by Megan & Liz, and 'Magnetic' by Jessie J.

When might we see Paper Hearts close to publishing?

I'd love to give you a better answer, but I honestly don't know - I need to edit and revise it before it gets anywhere, and I have another book I'm currently giving the same treatment. 

How much more will we see of the Paper Crowns main characters Hal and Ginny in future books?

I imagine we'll see cameo appearances of them - or at least honorable mentions - in every book. I would like to write a novel about their time at court, and their life as royalty…but for now, we'll all have to be satisfied with cameos.

What's a random piece of trivia about this series?

I ran across the word 'wysling' in an old novel by Charles de Lint. I had never seen it used anywhere else, and I fell in love with it. I owe a lot to Charles.


  1. *throws confetti for the start of this blog tour* Loved this interview! :) Really good questions... and I must say some of the answers made me squeal! :D *dies of happiness a little inside thinking of more Paper books* I really can't wait for Paper Hearts too. :D LOVED that book. <3 I'm very glad to hear there will be more Hal/Ginny cameos! I would totally read more books about them too. ;)

    How interesting about "wysling"! What de Lint book was that in, out of curiosity? :)

    Thanks for a lovely review, Lody and Mirri!! <3

  2. I'm also curious about the de Lint book. ;)

    Where do you find your songs for books? I'm terrible at finding songs that work as soundtracks.

  3. As a picky reader myself, I totally agree with Arielle. The whole Paper series is delightful, enchanting, and makes the soul feel a bit lighter. Paper Crowns is definitely one of my favorite reads in quite a while!

  4. I am bummed. It won't let me share to Pinterest because there is no picture. Anyway, yes! Wholeheartedly agree!


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