Monday, July 25, 2016

I've Put This Off For Far Too Long....

I've been reading Fellowship of the Ring aloud to my siblings and have all the quotes from both book and movie fresh in my head. :D

With a title like that I've probably got all of you searching through your heads for some reason as to why I'd write that.  I regret to announce that...

I am moving to South Korea and therefore am saying goodbye to blogging.

No, not really.  If I were, I sure as blazes wouldn't be regretting it, and I would most definitely blog about it... rendering unnecessary the real announcement.

I am taking an official semi-break from blogging and some other online activities.

It's been a looong time in coming.  I haven't posted regularly since early last year sometime or even before that.  I keep trying to, keep meaning to, and it hasn't been working.  I've been tagged by people (Carolyn most recently) and haven't yet done the tags.  I have a zillion drafts sitting in my blogger draftbox.  I have literal lists of topics I keep wanting to post about.

My mother has been telling me for YEARS that I need to take a break and I refused to listen.  More than once this spring and summer, she's repeated that.  When my MuseTwin and I were discussing stress recently, I suggested that what she needed was an official semi-hiatus from many online activities.  She agreed and immediately implemented it.  For three days I fought the idea that I also needed one, and then finally, in another discussion between us, she (figuratively) grabbed me by the shoulders and insisted I needed to take one also.  I finally capitulated.  (FYI: if you want to be a super stubborn person your whole life who wins almost every single battle ever, don't get an awesome soul sister and don't have a mom who knows you very well.  Especially not a soul sister who can threaten as well as you can... or a mom whose 'I told you so' look is as fiendish as your own.)

All of that to say that no, I'm not disappearing from blogging- stars, no.  I'd miss you all too much.  I'll still post now and then, but for now, I need to set the official seal on taking a break and restoring some energy and fun to my spirit.  I'll also be less active on Facebook, and other online areas.  I don't know for how long, but it won't drag on for months and months, I can assure you of that.  I'll still be /around/- reading blogs, commenting here and there, emailing, FB messaging... but I won't be forcing myself to do online things on days when I just want to write or go do something else.

I wish each and every one of you a happy, blessed summer, and look forward to seeing you more when I return.  Thank you for staying with me this long.

Until our next meeting....


  1. Well this doesn't bother me very much, since I will still be able to see (and pester) you every day. One of the advantages to being your younger sister and living in the same house!! :)

  2. I'm proud of you for making this decision! As I told Mirri in her post, I've given up a lot this year, because last year I had taken on waaaay too much internet stuff and it ruled my life and took me away from family and even God. So this year I'm trying to balance everything, and take breaks and breathe when I need to.

    I'll miss you, but I know you're making a good decision. I hope you have a very refueling and wonderful rest. *huggles*

  3. "I am leaving NOW. GOOD-BYE!"
    But goodbye is not forever. :-)
    We'll miss you on the Blogosphere, but oh dear yes, do de-stress your life, Dahling. fail me. You know I love you and will be praying for you. *BIG HUGS* Rest well, Sister.


  4. I just had a minor heart attack when I read that you were moving to South Korea. I mean, WHERE IN THE WORLD DID THAT COME FROM?? Well, no, I take it back. I'm pretty sure I know where it came from. BUT DON'T DO THAT TO ME, GIRL!! Just give me a moment to calm myself and convince myself that you're really not leaving.

    Not that you living in South Korea would change anything. Because it wouldn't. Things like that don't change, Aragorn.

    Well, I sincerely hope you enjoy your break. You deserve a break. Be a good girl and take every opportunity to enjoy yourself. *winks* You will be greatly missed, but I can tell you from experience that it's worth it.

    And Erudessa, your comment made me laugh out loud. *grins* Yes, being a sister does have its perks!

  5. I can completely understand that! Have a good, relaxing break. :)

  6. <3 Enjoy thy break, oh, wise woman.

  7. Rest is important!
    BUT OH MY WORD I THOUGHT YOU WERE SERIOUS!!! I was like, "OH MY WORD, SHE'S MOVING TO SOUTH KOREA!!!!" Which of course would've been awesome. :D


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