Thursday, December 29, 2016

New Years, New Beginnings

A new year is beginning and in common with several other bloggers revamping their blogs this month, a new look and style are coming to TSF in 2017.  Here's some of what you will see in the new year....

~ I will be posting hopefully twice a week, in one of three categories:
  • Writing = the writing craft, snippets + news of my writing
  • Academia = character/movie/book analyses, historical people I find fascinating, people who have inspired me, random research-related posts
  • Lifestyle = basically everything else

~ I will rarely be answering tags.  I’ll answer the questions sometimes and if it’s a writing tag I’ll probably answer it but not the usual pass-around tags.  I just don’t have the time, though I’m grateful for all of those who’ve thought of me when passing on tags and/or awards.

~ Quote Queste is coming back!  The first week of each month I’ll post a quote prompt, you take it and write a scene, then come back here and leave me a link to your post.  I eagerly anticipate reading your scenes!

~ For a personal blog, I don’t post very often about myself (which is weird...and rather defeats the idea of a personal blog, doesn't it??) but if you want a taste of what the Muffin is like, you’ll finally get one.  Posts about my interests, my opinions, ahem possibly a few rants ahem, and a few random For Your Information About Me posts.

~ Are there any topics you'd particularly like to see me cover?  What are your 2017 blogging plans?


  1. Good to see you back, m'dear! I've missed you. :-)

    QUOTE: "Are there any topics you'd particularly like to see me cover? What are your 2017 blogging plans?"

    All the topics sound interesting. Can't think of anything else off teh top of my head.

    My blogging goals are to keep doing the Quote Questes and tags and stuff of that ilk, and not stress out if I'm not able to share as much of my creative hobbies as I'd like. Maybe revamp my banner eventually....

    Looking forward to your upcoming posts--you always have some good food for thought--and learning more about you. :-D

    God bless, and have a Happy New Year, m'dear!

    1. Thank you! I look forward to having you posting more as well, and to seeing your QQ scenes.

  2. Yay! So glad to have you back!

    Your blog goals look great! Can't wait!

    My blogging plans so far are... to actually blog once a week, lol. And to do more K-drama reviews.

    Happy New Year!

    1. Thank you! Here's to a new year and to regular blogging! *raises glass*
      Happy New Year to you, too!

  3. *laughing because I have several very random For Your Information About Me posts sitting in draft for my blog right now...*
    Start posting again, period, is about where I'm at.
    *goes off muttering about schedules and plans and real bloggers*

    1. Give meeeeeee.
      Hey, you can do it! Together, we'll do it.


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