Friday, April 28, 2017

Unplug or Prioritize? How I Handle Technoise

Technoise is all around us.  From the three to seven types of social media that each average person has, to the fact that you can shop for almost anything on Amazon now, this is the Computer Age, and the Internet dominates our lives.  It is the century of the smartphone and tablet, when you can carry your entire social life and work/student life in your pocket.  Between Twitter, Facebook, Snapchat, and Instagram, your friends and family can stay updated on every second of your life... almost literally.  Children of ten have smartphones and children of 6 have Kindles.  New technology comes out every year; just the other day I saw news that two separate companies are attempting to make Star Trek tricorders a reality.  *nerd cheering*

This has created a very different society from that of our parents and grandparents, and even from when some of us were younger.  (Those of you born in the late 80s - early 90s know what I'm talking about.)  With all of this technoise hovering in a cloud wherever we are, it can be a challenge to remain grounded and in tune with other people and with ourselves.  The Unplug Mentality says that the only way to return to a simpler lifestyle and reconnect with people and ourselves is to get away from it all by completely disconnecting from devices/the internet for a time.

I'd like to offer an alternative perspective.

You don't have to completely disconnect in order to take a break.  Often prioritizing will accomplish the same thing.  Set limits and then stick to them.  Make reasonable goals.  Reward yourself if you meet your goals and deprive yourself of something if you don't reach them because of procrastination.  Life happens and often schedules go awry because of circumstances out of our control.  But procrastination and distraction are things we can control.  If you were looking forward to reading a new book but spent 20 minutes surfing the web for no reason, then don't allow yourself to read the book until the next day, or take 20 minutes out of your usual reading time.

I'm an introvert.  I need my private time.  I need time away from everyone except for a tiny handful of people.  (Literally.  I can count them on the fingers of one hand.)  Yet much of my life right now uses my computer and/or the internet.  I've had to evolve coping methods and set limits to try to achieve a balance, because otherwise I'm worn out all the time and summoning energy when I need it is hard.

At times, I go several days without answering messages because I can only handle so much people time in one day and Facebook/gmail chatting with people drains me almost as much as face-to-face interaction.  (Exceptions: my best friends or if a message preview indicates that someone is having a rough day and needs me.)  I'm trying to stay off Facebook one day a week (usually Sunday), though I'll still use gmail chat if I need to communicate with a close friend.  Some nights I stay offline for an extra half an hour after supper and just read.  Some mornings I take an extra half hour or an hour to be around my family before logging online.  On Saturdays I don't usually go online until noon.  I've been working on logging off of Facebook between 9 and 9:30 every night and unless I'm expecting an important message, need to check on someone, or I'm highly energized after my shower, I don't go back on until the next morning.  I use that time to exercise, read, write, watch an episode of a TV show/drama, or plan schedules. 

I'm a high-focus person.  I can concentrate through almost anything, but like most people, the less distractions I have, the better I work.  If I'm working on a blog post for my writing blog, I won't answer messages from anyone except my best friends.  If I'm editing, critiquing, or writing, I often work in bursts of 20-30 minutes of focus and then 5-10 minutes of checking social media or reading blogs.  On the rare times when I have to absolutely focus on only one thing, I mute all my email and social media browser tabs and ignore my phone... but rarely for longer than one hour at a time.  People need breaks to keep them fresh.  (Anyone who knows me will tell you I'm extremely bad at taking breaks but I'm trying to learn.)

As regards my writing, I often set word limits, particularly during NaNo or an intense push on a project.  I won't log onto Facebook in the mornings until I have 1000 words written.  (This doesn't take as long as you might think, about 30-45 minutes when I'm in the groove).

One of my best friends has chosen to stay off Facebook all day on Sundays.  She'll still access Instagram, Tumblr, email, and sometimes Pinterest, but she stays off Facebook.  This gives her a break from people in general and allows her to relax.  During the week, the two of us often 'work together' where we'll go for half an hour just quietly working on our own projects with the occasional comment.  This allows us to spend time together and accomplish things at the same time.

Face-to-face (or chat-to-chat) interaction is important.  For some people it's less of a necessity than for others.  Whether you are an introvert or an extrovert, it's a good idea to set limits for yourself.  Sometimes, you do just need to take a whole day or two off.  I've done that before, too, though in general I prefer not to. 

I'm a long way from feeling truly balanced, but this is a strategy that has me on the right road.  I hope you found it helpful, and if you didn't, then I hope you do find something that works for you.

This is not a reflection on anyone or an attack on anyone else's perspective.  I understand that many people feel like their break has to be unplugging or going offline for a week or even a weekend at a time.  I'm merely presenting an alternative perspective.  (Not alternative facts, though, I'll leave that to Ms. Conway.)

Best wishes to you in discovering your balance of technoise and communication vs. peace and harmony!

Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Tale of A Changeling Child

Once upon a time, not so long ago, there was an adorable baby girl born to a human family in the United States of America. 

That same day, a girl child was born to a family in the land of The Ageless Ones.  Her father was a misbegotten djinn, kicked out of his society for exceeding his mandate and continually using his power to help humans.  Her mother was an outcast fairy, a bandit of the order of Robinhood.

The djinn and the fairy knew that if the Elder Council of the Ageless Ones learned of the child, they would be required to live within reach of the Elders and raise the child according to their dictates, to ensure she would grow up to be a law-abiding citizen.  Neither wished such a cloistered life for their child, instead longing for her to fully experience Earth in all its glory, growing her own earthly elemental powers.

So they did the only thing they felt they could.  The mother located the human child born the same hour and minute as hers, and taking her own daughter, flew to switch them, intending to leave the human child as a foundling on the steps of Starlak Cathedral.  It was not uncommon for the fairies, elves, gnomes, sylphs, and undines to raise abandoned human children.

A gnomi princess received an orphaned infant that night, but few were ever certain whether it was of human or Ageless lineage... and the princess and her husband refused to discuss its parentage with anyone.  If members of the Council knew, they had been enjoined by the Light they all served to keep the secret, and no word of it ever passed their lips.

The gnomi queen, the crown prince of the djinn, and the fairy king were instructed to keep an eye on the child in the human world.  Their influence was constant, but so subtle that it was untraceable.  Seamlessly they cooperated with her High Guardian to ensure that she stayed safe.

Whether human or Ageless, the child was loved deeply by the human family and grew to full adulthood in the sunny South of her land.  By the time she had reached her early 20s, she possessed many talents, including but not limited to:
~ a kind friendliness that reached out to male and female, young and old, alike, irregardless of the color of their skin or their profession or any other of the dividers many humans felt so necessary to take into account when speaking of their fellow humans
~ a phenomenal talent for art, honed through countless hours of excruciating practice 
~ an attractive, radiantly magnetic aura that made men crazy about her and girls trip over themselves to befriend her
~ a passionate adoration of the stars and moon
~ an author whose deep understanding of the world and people around her blended with a love of the Ageless, human, and Divine to spin fascinating tales that spoke not just to hearts, but to souls
~ a sensitivity that enabled her to be a comfort and a lifeline to numerous mortals
~ an intense love of solitude
~ a loyalty so deep the stars murmured in empathy
~ a light so intense that all who saw it were entranced by it

On this young woman's birthday in the year of the Light two thousand seventeen, the gnomi queen, djinn prince, and fairy king gathered to compare notes.  The girl's High Guardian stopped in for a few minutes to join them in a glass of exquisite wine.  All agreed that the child had grown into someone any parent, whether human or Ageless, could be justly proud of; a tempered vessel of the Eternal Light and one whose life had touched more than they could know, and would continue to touch more each year.

Her name.......


Chronicled this twenty-sixth day of April in the year of our Lord two thousand seventeen, by permission of the Light as granted to the narrator via the djinn prince.  

The narrator wishes to add the very happiest of birthday wishes to the woman who will forever be the Yang to her Yin.

Tuesday, April 25, 2017

MBTI: Five Ws and How

MBTI.  The abbreviation gets tossed around a lot, as do the sixteen personality designations resulting from it.  But what IS it, really?  Where did it come from and when? And WHY do people find it so fascinating?

Let's take a look at a few facts and see if we can answer those questions.


Contrary to some popular misconceptions, it was not two men but two women who developed it:
Katharine Cook Briggs (1875-1968) teacher, author
and her daughter
Isabel Briggs Myers (1897-1980) author, psychoanalyst

Honorary Mention: Carl Jung (1875-1961) psychiatrist, psychoanalyst, psychologist, author


Myers-Briggs Type Indicator Test
A series of questions designed to sort a person into one of sixteen personality types.  Initially based on Carl Jung’s book Psychological Types, and then on extensive experience and practice by Isabel Briggs Myers.


Longer ago than you think.  Katharine began her studies in 1917, but the test itself was based on extensive research and testing by Isabel, particularly between the years of 1944 and 1962.



As one piece of a framework for better understanding people and relationships, as well as oneself and our strengths and weaknesses.  This in turn allows us to interact better with people, by learning how they're likely to react or behave.  It also teaches us how to capitalize on our strengths and cope with our weaknesses, learning when we need to push ourselves and when we need to give ourselves a break.


By answering a series of questions, reading the results, and sometimes retaking the test until you’ve confirmed your type is accurate.

An internet test cannot test and sort you the way a human can.  It’s a fact.  Which is why a person sometimes has to retake the test and choose other 'applicable answers’ for some of the questions until the result comes true.

Still have questions?  Ask away and if I can't answer them, I can hopefully direct you to someone/something that can.

Saturday, April 22, 2017

Tigers Don't Have Wings... or Do They?

Driven from their homeland by the vengeance of a bitter king, Bora and her best friend Nari are entranced when the mists part to reveal the beautiful land of Ashiato.  Nari wishes only to be allowed to live her life in peace, away from war and constant power mongering, but Bora disdains peace and sets her sights higher, on the Palace itself.

It all began with a kdrama.

Late in October 2015, I was watching an episode of the Korean drama Empress Ki, which is set during the time Goryeo (Korea) was under Yuan (Mongolian) overlordship.  Lady Ki was a Korean concubine of the Yuan emperor and rose to become his empress, shortly before the southern Yuan empire dissolved and was replaced by the Ming dynasty.  It’s a fascinating story of palace politics, the machinations of noble families, and the love of kings for a smart woman.  (Also, an awesome Mongolian historian general.)

While watching this episode, I was chatting with my best friend, Katherine Sophia, who had watched the drama while it aired and had strenuously insisted I'd love it.  (She wasn’t wrong.)
Me: GOSH, I do love Chinese court and harem dynamics.
Kate: haha.  Okay, but I adored allll the facing off of everybody.  It was awesome.  And it’s all about power plays and crazy relationships… so it’s fascinating.  XD. We wouldn’t want to live them, but they’re interesting.  SO MUCH POWER.  NOBODY WAS COMPLETELY STUPID OR COMPLETELY HATEFUL.

Me: ‘Xactly.  As much as I think I actually personally could rise to the top and at least stay there for a while, I wouldn’t actually want to try it. 

Kate: You really probably would.  It’d still be pleasanter if you didn’t have to.  Myself on the other hand, would probably be one of the first to die.  XD

Me: Nah, you’d be the best firend that I protected all along while rising to the top.  ............Ohhhhh.  Now I want to write that.

Kate: Aww, okay, now I want to read that.

Me: I’m totally going to do it.

Thus, Wings of the Tiger was born.

From that beginning it became a stress-relieving story I scribbled on from time to time, a scene here, a scene there… and then it sat for a few months and I decided I didn’t just want it to be a 'for fun' story.  I wanted to turn it into a serious project I could throw myself into without losing the stress relief aspects and the fun that originally inspired it.


Brought before its king, Bora is infuriated when the priests declare them the heirs of the prophecy to unify the land against the coming war.  She is not a pawn, to be used and to walk blindly to her doom.  She will control her own destiny.  Eagerly, she flings herself into the Court politics.  But meddling with prophecies is not a game for mere mortals, as she discovers when her life becomes currency for every competing power and rogue swordsman in the land.

What to expect:
  • harems
  • power plays
  • politics
  • seven elemental clans, including a Phoenix clan that Kate described as ‘the Borgia family of your novel world’
  • animal-themed major and minor clans who spend most of their time building armies and trying to out-politic each other
  • princes and princesses fighting over who will become heir to the king
  • four or five dark lords
  • more power plays
  • alliances
  • elemental powers
  • more politics
  • blood magic
  • warriors
  • dragons
  • even more power plays 
  • unicorns
  • griffins
  • even more politics
  • how far can someone go in pursuit of power for the right reasons without being corrupted
  • every positive trait in a person has a negative potential

Silently everyone awaited Bora’s cry, the final seal to allow their safe passage.

If it’s a scream they wish, they shall have it.  All of the feelings she’d been holding at bay boiled out of her in a shriek that seemed to tear the sails from the mastheads.  Grief over the parents she would never see again, anger at the king who should have protected her father, rage at the events from the moment of being seized by the royal guards until now, annoyance at being forced into exile from everything familiar, and above all sheer, raw fury over being a powerless pawn writhed in the sound emanating from her.

Nari clung to her, refusing to let her pull away, which in her fury she unconsciously strove to do.  Her friend’s touch anchored her as the maelstrom of anger tore through her.

The ship stilled.  Lightning clove the mist, hovering over the surface of the sea for a second that seemed an hour but briefer than a breath.  Sailors stared, frozen in shock.  The captain muttered a sharp oath and spun around to move toward the wheel but the lightning was gone and the ship moving again.  Bora heard him turn to look at her but did not face him.  There was nothing to be said.  She had done as he asked and on her head should not rest any unforeseen result.  The Captain left, walking surely and firmly from memory the length of the enshrouded deck to rejoin the sailor at the wheel.

A low, cackling laugh echoed behind them.  “They asked for it and you gave it, eh?” Bok Soon said.  “Without needing to divine, I predict that whether for good or evil, you bring a powerful fate to this land, Jung Bora.”

Will she bow before the forces of Time and the Universe, or will she discover that she has set herself a task as impossible as finding a tiger with wings?  From gleaming throne rooms to blood soaked battlefields, the tale of kings and queens, hearts and destinies; the shieldwoman who attempted to defy destiny and the swordswoman who swore to make it serve her.

Thursday, April 20, 2017

#TheWriter'sTag: Organized Mass Chaos

I love writer's tags.  Most other tags I'm not fond of, but writer's tags speak to my soul.  I believe this one originally came from Cait Paper Furious, via the fantastic penslayer Jennifer Freitag and my dragoness Mirriam.


*steeples fingers and stares at the wall meditatively*
I've tried a wide variety of genres and genre-crosses, from urban fantasy fairy tale retelling to political psycho-thriller to East Asian historical fantasy.  That said, I definitely have my favorites... and least favorites.

High fantasy, historical fantasy, science fantasy, historical fiction, political thrillers, military sci-fi.
Least favorites:
Contemporary Christian romance (it was a soldier story dare from a sister and I poked the unfinished mess into a corner to quietly die in shame), pretty much anything contemporary unless it involves fantasy, and anything involving too many rules I have to pay attention to during the writing process.
Genres I don't write:
the e-word, horror, paranormal.

Third person with as many POVs as I can cram in without confusing readers... too much.
Complex 'big-picture' tapestries with as many colors of the rainbow as will fit.
Ideas that make my family (and a lot of friends) scratch their heads and wonder what planet dropped me on Earth.
I don't know, man, this is a hard question.  I like to try to make people think.

These range all over the known globe but there are a few constants:
Common Sense
Power plays and their effects on people
People who actually use their brains


I was.... seven or eight when I first picked a pencil to tell a story.  So nearing two decades, give or take.


If I tell you, you might meet a bloody death in my novel.  Are you sure you want to know?


O.o  Gosh, when isn't??????

I do most of my best writing in the afternoon when I know I have a few uninterrupted hours or late at night when inspired with maniacal fervor.


Creating worlds and watching them come alive
Releasing stress and internal cogitation via the written word
Writing something I know is going to make people raise their eyebrows at me
Hopefully writing something that is going to make people feel deeply on all levels

Never having enough time to write all of the ideas that come
The length of time it takes for something I've written to become presentable
The near-constant self-doubt


Take a walk
Take a shower
Switch to writing something else for a day or two
Watch Korean dramas
Eat something sugary
Challenge Mirriam to a writing contest of some sort

If all else fails, then I bury myself in a book or Pinterest and growl at anyone who tries to un-bury me.


Yes! I'm finishing up plotting for my East Asian historical fantasy novel Wings of the Tiger.  (Intro post coming on Saturday.)


Begin the first draft of Wings of the Tiger
Work toward finishing the first draft of A Certain Darkness
Revise Queen Beauty and the Beasts
Write a fate worse than death for my enemies
Edit Queen Beauty and the Beasts
Make someone cry with something I wrote
Pooossibly publish or query Queen Beauty and the Beasts

Now it's your turn.  Take this tag over to your blog posthaste and answer it and then leave me a link in the comments!  (Alternatively, you can answer it /in/ the comments.)

Thursday, April 13, 2017

JUST A Villain? Seriously?

'A villain is just a victim whose story hasn't been told.'

I've seen this phrase in various places, from being splashed all over Pinterest to showing up in fairy tale retellings.  Every time I come across it, I grit my teeth and hiss.  A couple of weeks ago, I encountered it in a middle-grade fantasy I was reading.  I managed to repress the strong urge to throw the aforementioned book across the room and finish the prologue before yanking a notebook towards me to scribble the foundation of this blog post.

Why do I loathe this particular piece of writing advice/inspiration/what have you?

Simply put, because it's poppycock.  A lie.  Rubbish.

A villain is not 'just' anything, least of all 'just a victim'.  True, many villains started out as victims, and naturally, that experience shaped them drastically.  But somewhere along the way, they made choices that led them down the road to villainy.

Every victim has a choice.  They can allow their past to define them and turn them into something dark as they take revenge on others or attempt to revenge themselves on Time itself for the wrongs they have suffered.  They can choose to continue the cycle of abuse and evil and become the villain oppressing others, creating more victims.


They can stand up and they can say 'no more' and do their best to move beyond their victim past, not allowing it to define them.

Is being a victim horrible?  Yes, absolutely, without a shadow of a doubt.  But just because someone was a victim doesn't mean that they will automatically become a villain.  Many heroes were victims, too.  But they made the choice to overcome that experience.  People in real life make choices every single day to overcome their past as victims and live as survivors and heroes.

It doesn't matter how misunderstood a person is because of their past, or how much pain and agony they suffered, or how warped and twisted were the people they knew.  Everyone has a choice.  Every person (or alien or whatever) chooses good or bad.  And if they consistently make the wrong choices, if they refuse to choose good when they could, that's what makes them a villain. 

Do I think there are opportunities for villains in books to have been misunderstood victims and be written as gray characters whose pain and grief drove them to inflict pain on others?  Sure.  And as a writer, reaching into that victim past enables us to guide the reader to feel sympathy or understanding for the villain, thereby making them more well-rounded (hopefully without blurring the lines of morality in the process).  But the fact that the character is a villain still comes down to choice, not their history.

"Well, fine," you say, "but what about the saying 'every villain is the hero of their own story'?  Doesn't that nullify your point?"
Absolutely not.  According to the technical definitions of hero and villain, that is an erroneous saying.  (Definitions courtesy of the New Oxford American Dictionary.)

hero: a person who is admired for or idealized for courage, outstanding achievements, or noble qualities; also, the chief male character in a book, play, or movie, who is typically identified with good qualities or choices, and with whom the reader is expected to sympathize

villain: a character whose evil actions or motives are important to the plot

A villain may be the main character of their own story, but they are not the hero.  Writing a story from the POV of the villain- or including their POV- doesn't change whether what they did was right or wrong.  Stories seen through the bad guy's eyes can be fascinating, when well written.  But one's past can never be used to excuse one's present. 

The choices of others make people victims.  A person's OWN choice makes them a villain or a hero.

Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Why Me? ~ Quote Queste March 2017

At long last, I have again written a scene for my own prompt.  Well, completed it, I should say; I started one for each month this year, just didn't finish them.

    “Why me?”

    “Are you questioning your king?”

    “Merely his choice.”

    “Still a crime to some kings.”

    The person cloaked in lavender silk tossed her head mockingly.  “Not you.  You enjoy being questioned by competent people, which you obviously consider me to be, or you wouldn’t have chosen me.”

    “You’ve just answered your own question.”

    Noorilan rolled her eyes and sheathed the sword she had been idly examining for nicks.  “No, because you always have a reason for thinking a person is competent.  You don’t even know my real name, my king.”

    Daniar picked up an iron poker from the fire and cauterized the wound still oozing blood above his elbow, studying his newest general with quick sideways glances.  Replacing the poker, he reached for clean linen to bind up the wound but she was quicker, snatching it away from him.  The right corner of his mouth tipped up in amusement as he held out his arm to allow her better access.  Deftly, she spread salve on the ragged, roughly diagonal line and then bound it securely.

    “Did you mean your loyalty?”

    Arrested in her progress away from him by the voice that sounded as if it emanated from Vulcan, she halted and twisted back around.  “What?”

    “Did you mean it when you swore your loyalty to me?”

    For several seconds, she stared into intense but steady eyes under craggy brows, searching for the trick in the question.  “I swore a blood oath,” she answered finally.

    “Yes,” he replied, smiling now.  “And you come from a country that is possibly the only land to take it more seriously than ours.”

    Smoky blue eyes widened.  “So, you already knew I meant it.”

    Bass chuckles vibrated the air as he came toward her and reached out to clasp her shoulder.  “That is why I chose you.  I don’t need to know your real name.  Your loyalty is your name, your reputation, your record, and all that matters.  Can you defeat your sister?”

    Fire licked up her spine to dance with laughing confidence in her face.  “Of course, my king.”

    His smile widened at the emphasis on the personal pronoun.  “I want her alive.”

    “It will be done.”

    His other arm came up to press a badge into her hand.  “You are thrice welcome to the army of Kaliyev, my general.”

To join Quote Queste, visit this post!

Thursday, March 23, 2017

But, Why's All the Humor Gone??

About a year ago I started watching the show Person of Interest.  It had a great premise of the kind that I usually devour, some good characters, and began with some thought provoking questions of morality and ethics.

But, I just didn't like Reece.  Which is kind of a problem, since he's, y'know, only the main character of the show.

I struggled to really put myself into his mindset and understand him.  He didn’t intrigue me, he annoyed me.  Now, theoretically, I should have loved him.  He seems to be everything I enjoy in many characters: mysterious, effective, cryptic, scarred because of betrayal, lonely, good guy at heart who doesn't really have a reason to keep going or anything for which to fight.

But no matter how hard I tried - and I did try - I just couldn't really /like/ the guy.

It finally irritated me so much that I took a break from the show for a few months.  Then, several weeks ago, needing a distraction during my intense push to finish my urban fantasy novel, I went back to watching it.  And I figured out why he bothers me so much, and correspondingly, why I just can't like the show.

Reece lacks flair and charisma.
He delivers his lines with a deadpan expression that’s supposed to be amusing BUT ISN’T.  He lacks the charisma to make the wryness funny

He’s one-dimensional, sometimes two-dimensional.  One knows there are other sides to him but he comes across as flat because the other dimensions are only vaguely hinted at in a very cloak and dagger mysterious way that is supposed to make one intrigued but made me want to fling something at the screen.  Now, I think this might be a simple case of too much telling us that Reece has other sides and not enough showing us, but I'm not sure.  I didn't stay around long enough to find out.

The actor doesn’t facially emote very well in this role and that is VITAL in acting.  Now, I don't know this actor from anything else, and I'm NOT making comments on what kind of a person he is in real life, or bashing him in any way.  I'm just stating that in this role, he wasn't great at facially emoting- at least from what I saw.  If an actor doesn’t facially emote enough for people to be able to read their expressions, it's hard to feel connected with their character.

Reece doesn't do a good job of manipulating or inspiring people yet the show portrays his methods as working in the real world.  People have to be //connected with// to be inspired or controlled.  If he came up to me and told me I was in danger with the same cryptic, sounding-like-a-stalker comments about trusting him and following his lead that he's said to several other characters on the show, I'd either kick/punch him and run away or call the cops.

When you are making what could come across as a creepy stalker comment about how you know someone is in danger, the difference is in how you communicate it.  Make sure the other person thinks that it's because you are a secret superhero who wants to save them, not because you have access to information that invades the other person's privacy.  

There's not enough humor in the show.
The show has a great premise.  But Finch and Carter are really the only funny people on the show for the first several episodes- and Carter has comparatively few scenes during that time.

Voltaire said that a sense of humor is the only thing that keeps intelligent people from hanging themselves.  Finch delivers this - it's hilarious to see him frustrating Reece's attempts to find out more about him.  Carter's exasperation with not being able to find Reece or discover anything about him is plain amusing in a way that makes you feel sorry for her and instantly connect with her. 

Reece occasionally smiles, but he often feels like a blank canvas.  Humor is often found merely in the inflection of words.  But his inflection is rather oddball, and not in an amusing way.

For example, the phrase: 'easier said than done.'  At one point in episode six or seven there's a scene that goes like this:
Finch: 'You need to get her talking.'
Reece: 'Easier said than done.'
But instead of Reece saying: 'Easier SAID than DONE', his inflection is 'EAsier said than done'.

To use another example: several times Reece will tell someone, 'It's a long story' but his inflection is: 'IT'S a long story' as opposed to 'it's a LONG story'.

Adios, show.
Like most people, I'm a busy person with a lot of irons in the fire.  When I can be persuaded to give myself a break and use that time to sit down in front of a TV show; I expect to be entertained, amused, and given something about which to think.  Otherwise, there's not much point in watching it in the first place.  Reece consistently made me growl at the screen, roll my eyes, and want to smack him.  Whiiiiiiich... isn't really conducive to relaxing.

So I dropped the show.  There are dozens of other shows on my TBW list- and some that I'm currently watching- which give me an intriguing plot but also deliver humor, charismatic characters, intensity, and thought provoking plots.  I'd rather spend my time on them.

"But Arielle," you say, "you're just a very critical person.  Maybe you're being too harsh on the show."  It's entirely possible.  This is, after all, just my personal evaluation.  If you are curious about the show or think you want to try it, go ahead!

Disclaimer: I only watched the first third of the first season.  It may well improve in later seasons, but for myself personally, there wasn't enough of interest in this show to keep pulling me past the slow and lame sections.

Saturday, March 11, 2017

Carry Your Candle

“I don’t see myself that way.”
“I know.  We never see ourselves as others see us.”

It was late at night and I was talking to my friend Jack, who is a wonderful person and someone without whom my life would not be complete.  On this particular night we were discussing the ever-relevant subject of Life.  As we separated for bed shortly after the above interchange, I continued musing on the 'outside' view of someone- say, from a friend- vs. our personal 'inside' view. 

Most of my small group of close friends are very self aware.  We know our faults and flaws, we know what we have to do to fix them, we’re (sometimes) good at identifying the sources of our stress, we’re good at knowing what we want to change most about ourselves. 

But we rarely see ourselves as others see us.

There is a candle in every soul 

Some brightly burning, some dark and cold......
Carry your candle, run to the darkness 

Seek out the hopeless, confused and torn 

Hold out your candle for all to see it

Take your candle, and go light your world....
We are a family whose hearts are blazing 

So let's raise our candles and light up the sky....
Make us a beacon in darkest times
~ Go Light Your World - Kathy Troccoli ~

Many people don’t even realize they are candles.  This is not a bad thing (sometimes it prevents us from becoming arrogant) if there are others present to tell us what they see and to remind us to keep our flames burning; even to shield our flames through storms.  But if we refuse to believe those people when they point out the positive sides in our natures, if all we focus on is what we think we should be or what the world appreciates as opposed to what we are, then we’re snuffing our candle flame.

You don’t have to have 200 FB friends or blog followers.  You don’t have to be perpetually cheerful, to never say a negative word or have a bad day or be furious about something or have an irrational emotional reaction.  You don't have to be someone whose personality the world understands.  You don’t even have to have a decent life.  No matter who you are, where you are in life, or what your world is like, you can be a candle.

Tall, taper candles; perfumed votives; fancifully carven pillars; a simple, undecorated square: every candle has a place.  We never know when we’re going to touch someone’s life.  Sometimes it’s the ‘hi’ spoken to a random stranger.  Sometimes it’s leaving comments on blog posts or FB statuses.  It can seem like a lot of trouble to comment on everyone’s new profile pics or even to just react to a post without commenting.  Sometimes it's leaving a message just saying, ‘hey, I appreciate you’ or ‘hey, you’re a really cool person’.  Texting someone to ask how they are doing.  Tweeting an enthusiastic agreement of someone’s random Twitter status.

This is a difficult concept for me and for many others I know.  Not only do we not think we have anything worthwhile to give most people, we know people who are bright candles already and seeing the good job they are doing, we think, ‘why would WE be needed?’.

But the truth is that no one else’s candle is exactly like yours.  And the world needs every candle it can get, especially yours, with your unique personality coloring the flame.  (If you don’t believe me, go read the politics news for about ten minutes and then come back.  Or do a google search on life under a communist regime such as China, North Korea, or Vietnam.  Mmmhmm, believe me now?)

So keep your flame burning, take your candle, and go light YOUR world.

Thursday, March 2, 2017

Quote Queste: March 2017 ~ My Real Name

It's Quote Queste time again and I hope you're all ready for this one because I think it's going to be a lot of fun.  For mine, I'm imagining a scene with a king... several military officers facing him, a vacant general's position... and looming war.

My February scene is mostly done but again I didn't finish it quiiite in time (busy month).  I'll post it later this month though, after I write March's.

Thanks to everyone who participated in February's QQ!

1. Take the quote below and write a short scene based on it.  It can be a scene for a story you're currently writing, one you plan on writing in the future, or you can make up characters solely for this challenge.
2.  Post your scene on your blog, with the banner from the top of my post and a link to my blog.
3. Come back to this post and leave a link to your post in the comments so the other participants and I can read your scene.
4. Have fun!

Here's March's prompt.  (Kate, this one's for you.  Muahahaha.)

Happy Writing!  I look forward to seeing your scenes!

Thursday, February 23, 2017

Beautiful People: February 2017 ~ Kang-mun and Belleza

It's time for Beautiful People again, hosted by the great Cait and Sky.  This Valentine's edition features the main couple from my recently completed novel: Queen Beauty and the Beasts.  Meet Kwon Kang-mun and Belleza Rivera, the Diva Duo as my friend Lauren calls them.  Instead of answering the questions the usual way, I did something a little different and answered them with snippets, because it's been a long week and I'm tired and this was an easy way to do it. :D

How and why did they meet?
Belleza had danced into his life- literally- singing and pirouetting out of a room with a broom in hand, right into his pathway as he left after another midnight session.  The vivacious sparkle of her voice and its emotional range caught his attention at once.  She had apologized for disturbing him, showing the correct respect, which was unusual in a foreigner.  The next night he had listened from hiding, recognizing an unpolished gem in her voice.  Bored and jaded as he was, the idea of teaching her roused him from his apathy and he had approached her before he had time to change his mind.

What were their first impressions of each other?
She had condensed the story; giving the correct answer without adding the details that still shimmered golden in her memory.  How for the first two weeks she had not seen Kang-mun and didn’t know who it was that tutored her, just that he was a marvelous teacher who knew music inside out.  When she did find out, the fact that he was ZODI’s lead singer didn’t impress her as much as his complete mastery of music and what he had shown her how to accomplish- taking something raw and refining it into a result that others beyond yourself would understand; which was the ultimate aim of a singer.

How would they prove their love for each other?
She knew only one way to answer it.  In two steps she was behind him and brought her arms up to slide gently around his neck.

He froze, hands falling away from the keys and his shoulders stiffening under her touch.

“I am not leaving, Angel,” she whispered tenderly.  “I am staying."  Her voice fell until it was barely even a breath in the heavy stillness of the room.  “I won’t leave you.”

He shuddered under her words and touch.  For one fleet, startling second she had a glimpse of the power one person could wield over another.  She did not understand it then, nor would she for some time, but the memory of that sensation would never leave her.

Wonderingly, as if he didn’t believe his senses, he raised long fingers to her arm, brushing it with feather-light touch and then again when she didn’t pull away.  She rested her cheek on the top of his head.  He leaned back into her slightly, just enough to feel that she was really there. 

“There might not be an answer, you know,” he said after a long moment of silence, during which he rested his hand on her arm, the touch sending tiny tingles through her.  “At least not one that you can find.”

“I don’t believe that,” she said quietly but confidently.

He made no reply and his hand fell from her arm.  Desperate to reassure him, she reached gentle fingers up and ran them down the side of his face, where the edge of the mask touched his hairline.

He caught his breath with another shudder and as her fingers slid down his jaw, something wet dropped on them.

A tear.

Instinctively she knew that it was a tear of hope.

What would be an ideal date?
“I have a request for you, Bella.”  Kang-mun motioned her to join him in the back of the elevator.  “Do you think that you could handle going out to dinner with me and Lorena and Anna?”

A shiver of startled apprehension ran up her spine, as if hearing a call to battle.  “Yes, sunbae, I can.”

His hands came up to frame her face as he looked deeply into her eyes.  “You’re sure?  It’s going to be hard, Beauty, but I think it’s going to help us.”

“How?” she questioned.  “It seems like it can only make her angrier.”

“It’s not her I’m thinking of,” he explained.  “I suspect Anna is holding out on me, that she has a plan, too, and this could force her to show her hand.”

“So that you can deal with it on your terms, not when she’s ready to spring it?"

He grinned and brushed her nose with the tip of his finger.  “Exactly.  I’ll be right next to you the whole time.  Think you can handle it?”

Battle fever surged in her veins.  “I can do it, Angel.”

Is there something they emphatically disagree on?
“Wait a minute,” Belleza piped up when he paused again.  “You can’t make me a queen in this, sunbaenim.  That’s not fair.”
It seemed as if every single person around them stifled a gasp; unsure of whether to look at Kang-mun or not, they settled for watching Belleza with wide eyes as she frowned at him.  Slowly he turned to look at her.  She had the distinct impression that could she have seen his eyebrows, they would be raised to their fullest reach.  “Excuse me?”
“Oh, I’d love the part,” she assured him.  “You’re a genius.  But it’s not fair to give me the part of a queen when everyone else is just going to be a princess.”
 “I’ll make you whatever I need to for the purposes of the story,” he informed her, eyes narrowing.
She scowled rebelliously at him.  “Your fans are going to hate you and hate me even more.”
“They’ll forget about it when they become absorbed in the story,” he said dismissively.
She could not very well put her hands on her hips while seated in an airplane seat but she did so anyway, elbows crooked forward so she wouldn’t bump into Chul-soo who sat beside her.
“Oppa, I would love the part and you’re the best musician ever, but if there is a queen role, it should go to Dahae-unni.”  Out of the corner of her eye, she could see Shin-woo grinning.  The plagued torment.
“Who precisely is writing this, you or me?” he demanded, firmly but without the anger she had

List 5 “food quirks” they know about each other. (Ex: how they take their coffee, if they’re allergic to something, etc….and feel free to mention other non-food quirks!)
“I wonder what happened to make her so evil in her soul?”  Belleza clasped her hands under her chin and stared thoughtfully at him.

“Woo-sung will tell you that evil is a disease that slowly rots anyone who consistently chooses it,” Kang-mun said and shrugged.

She looked at him and shook her head, smiling fondly.

“What?” he asked, pitching his voice lower.

“You say it as if you don’t believe it, and I know that’s a lie, sunbae.”  She leaned closer and patted his hand where it lay on the arm of the chair.  “Go ahead and try to convince the rest of the world that you have a twisted soul.  You don’t fool me.”

What’s one thing they know about each other that no one else does?
Some people possessed a core of living flame, a belief in love and goodness and truth that was so powerful it could not be other than Divine.  God might have abandoned him, but if there was anything he could do to stop it, he would give himself to preserve that sacred fire in her.

What’s one thing that they keep a secret from each other?
Kang-mun growled and everyone stepped back as the growl grew louder and fiercer.  He yanked off his pants but his anger was pushing the shift too fast to save his shirt and it gave way with a savage ripping sound.  For six blinding seconds the lawn flashed into light as bright as noonday, highlighting a dark gold lion with black mane and the snow leopard emerging from the form of a man.  The lion roared and the leopard snarled back, circling to the side.

How would their lives be different without each other?
She decided to ask the less important question first.  “Why do you look pleased when I sass Kang-mun?  I shouldn’t have done it in the airplane this morning, not in front of everyone, but why did you look pleased?  I was disrespectful.”

“Yes, you were,” he agreed, a grin tugging at the corners of his lips.  “But you make Kang-mun come alive and that’s why I like to see it.”

She tilted her head quizzically.  “What do you mean come alive?”

“In case you haven’t noticed, Kang-mun is a rather difficult person to get along with,” he said dryly.

She giggled.

Woo-sung sobered.  “He’s had it harder than any of us and he has a hard time believing in any hope.  For us sure, but not for himself, because he blames himself for what happened.  It’s a long story,” he added at her confused look.  “I’ll tell you at home sometime when we can be truly alone,” he whispered.  “You’re so vitally alive, Bella.  You don’t know how not to be.  So when you sass him, when you stir him up, you remind him to live.”  He grinned now.  “It’s a great thing.”

Where do they each see this relationship going?
“Mmm.”  Another short silence fell, broken by him asking, “What will you do when the curse is broken?  You’ve put so much energy into breaking it and figuring us out.  But what about you?"
The question startled her.  “I... I never thought about it,” she admitted in surprise.  She considered for a moment.  “I’ll go back home.  Keep singing.  I... well... I don’t really know what else.”  She shrugged and pulled the blanket closer about her.

“And Joon-tae?”

For a few seconds she wasn’t certain she had heard him correctly.  But what she could see of his face was now too casual, obviously a controlled expression instead of the natural one he had held until then.

“I honestly don’t know, oppa.  Do you... ah...” she faltered and dropped the words, finally settling for saying, “I just don’t know.”

And a random one because I like it:
His voice cut across all others.  “During the intervening time, Rosita, will you please take Yo-han into the music room and attempt to teach him how to properly waltz?  His so-called skill at that dance is an abomination, as you might remember from dancing with him before and his hybrid waltz-foxtrot-cow shuffle.”

His cousins broke into laughter, except for Yo-han, who was glaring at Shin-woo because he was laughing the hardest.

“Dad’s going to school,” Shin-woo jeered.

“Dad’s going to whip your butt at wrestling just as soon as school is done,” Yo-han retorted.

Dad had better get going or he won’t be done in time to do anything,” Kang-mun said firmly.

Thursday, February 16, 2017

Roses, Lions, and Tangos: Snippets of Queen Beauty and the Beasts - Part One

A startling realization came to me in the dark hours of this morning.

I have not yet posted a single snippet of the book that consumed me heart and soul for the last months.  *gasp*  Today, I remedy that.

The door opened slowly and each paused to glance up.  Belleza gasped and the ladle from her hand clattered to the floor as she rushed to her father’s side, frightened by the face set in lines of gray worry far older than his real years.  “Papi!  What happened?”  Her brothers clustered around, easing their father gently into to a chair.  He put his arms up on the table and dropped his head heavily on them.  Something fell from his grasp and hit the floor softly.  Franco stooped to pick it up and held it out to Belleza.

“Here, sis, the rose you wanted.”

She took it, eyes and lips widening wonderingly.  The heart of it glowed vibrant red, darkening through the petals out to black edges that curled outwards tightly, as if protecting themselves from the elements.

* * * * * *

A lion faced another large cat across a grassy lawn.  They were too far away for Belleza to distinguish what kind of cat the other one was.  Several men stood nearby, watching them as they stalked in a circle, snarling and growling.  One of the men motioned with his hand and both cats turned on him for a second.  He laughed, actually laughed, and the cats returned to their circling.  The lion roared and the other cat snarled a reply.  Mesmerized, Belleza could not tear her eyes away, forgetting that her light was still on and showed her in clear relief against the glass.

* * * * * *

“Aren’t you a morning person,” someone mumbled from a heap of blankets on the floor.

Ki-ha nodded toward it.  “That’s Shin-woo.  He hates mornings.”

“You do know it’s almost afternoon, right?” Belleza asked the blankets incredulously.

Shin-woo’s head emerged to glower at her for a moment and then he burrowed back into the pile.

* * * * * *

“Hey, Bella, is Papi home yet?”

“How many times must you be told not to slam the door, Franco?  No, he’s not back yet.  Is the fog still thick?”

“Sí, ugh.”  Her eldest brother cut in.  “And Franco’s not driving ever again.”  He straddled a chair and shook his head at the youngest brother.

“Hey!” Franco protested.  “It’s not my fault the GPS gave the wrong turn.  I’d like to see you try to drive under those conditions.”  He threw his baseball cap at Lautaro.

* * * * * *

Shin-woo’s mask fell to the floor with a soft thud and her gaze followed it downward, noting the beautiful copper tracery on the black velvet, the smoothness of the underside, how the contours custom fitted to his face and his alone.

A growl drew her eyes back up and she silently screamed into the hand that came up to cover her mouth in instinctive reaction.  A tiger stood where Shin-woo had been a moment before, baring fangs at Lorena.  Frantically, she looked around the circle of young men.  Where each member had been standing, they were now hunched over and amid the sounds of tearing fabric and strange creaks and pops their bodies were actually transforming into... wild cats.  Kang-mun alone remained human but there was a terrible knowledge in his eyes as she automatically looked to him, searching frantically for answers.

* * * * * *

Calmly, she reached out and yanked him up.  “If you don’t dance with me, you’ll be in trouble with your grandmother.”


Belleza gave him her charmingly smug smile.  “Because she told me to make sure all of you danced tonight.”

Startled, he turned to the old lady for confirmation.  She nodded slowly and then chuckled at his groan of betrayal.

“Stop fussing,” Belleza ordered.  “One would think I told you that I was going to put you in front of a firing squad for practice.”

“I think I’d prefer the firing squad,” he complained, which earned him a smack to the shoulder and a flick on the forehead.  Still muttering, he spun her quickly and led off in a modified waltz, incorporating his own steps and forcing her to follow his lead.  If he hoped to confuse her, he was disappointed for she rose to the challenge, easily keeping up with him.

* * * * * *

Kang-mun threw back his head and laughed at the same moment neon purple lightning struck straight down the sky to their left. 

All of them except for Shin-woo shuddered at the inhuman aura the light gave him.  Min-jo groaned and muttered, “Not the demon laugh.”

* * * * * *

That’s it?  Chul-soo had to have heard wrong.  “Nothing else?  We don’t have to, well, kiss you or something?”

Amid the snickering directed at him, Belleza laughed and shook her head.  “We’ll save that for later, if we think we need it.  The princesses usually have to kiss the princes in fairy tales but I have no idea if that’s involved here and I’m not just going to walk up to you guys and kiss you.”

“I am deeply offended,” Shin-woo growled at her.  “Not wanting to kiss this handsome face?  Have you been out in the sun too much?”

She rolled her eyes.  “I didn’t say I didn’t want to kiss you, I said I wasn’t going to.”  Speculative grins spread over the members’ faces and she realized what she had said.  Clapping her hands to her blushing cheeks she stammered, “I-I didn’t mean that... well that ...oh, you’re all awful.  Every single one of you.  Ugh.  Can we go sightsee the city now?”

* * * * * *

“Belleza, go,” Chul-soo pleaded.

Lorena was smiling in fierce glee.  She had the upper hand now and she knew it.  “Will you let them make your choices for you forever?” she asked Belleza, holding out her hand appealingly.  “Do come down and let me look at you, child.  I have a gift for you.”

Belleza’s curiosity battled with the foreboding that this was what Ji-hoon had meant when he said her life would grow weirder before it grew clearer.

“Kang-mun sunbaen-?” she asked at last.

“It would be far better for you if you went back to bed,” his answer came before she’d even finished her question. 

She made her decision.  “But possibly not better for all of you.”

* * * * * *

"First of all, which of you told Joon-tae about the Mexico story?”  He alternated his glare between Nam-san and Dong-gun.

“I did,” Dong-gun lifted his head defiantly.  “He was a liability, knowing her when she was younger, and if someone didn’t tell him, then he could have let out the secret.”

“And I supported him and stood with him.”  Nam-san said, putting an arm around Dong-gun.  “You can be mighty glad that he did tell him because he helped save our butts tonight."

“Did I say I was otherwise than glad?” Kang-mun asked, his voice neutral.  “Thank you for telling him.”

“Well, it’s a night full of surprises,” Man-se commented as Dong-gun gaped at Kang-mun.  “The Witch sees the light, the Rose has thorns, and the Dragon doesn’t flame.”

Shin-woo snickered.

* * * * * *

Kang-mun stood so suddenly that his chair screeched on the floor.  “Stay away from Belleza, Joon-tae,” he warned sternly.  “Don’t meddle in business that’s not yours.”

“Bella is my friend and all of you were once my friends,” he shot back.  “More than that, you were once my brothers.  Which makes it my business.”

“No, it doesn’t.”  Kang-mun crossed the room in two fluid strides and gripped his shoulder with fingers of iron, pinning him against the wall.  “We’re not friends anymore, and Belleza is safely under our care.  Stay.  Away.”  The command was a cross between a growl and a hiss.  “Don’t you dare cross me, Joon-tae-yah.”

He shoved back, wrenching away from Kang-mun.  “Implied threats again?  That didn’t work on me the first time, hyung.”  He had the satisfaction of seeing Kang-mun’s jaw harden even more at the emphasis he placed on the last word.

* * * * * *

She straightened.  “Deny it all you wish, but you are more like me than you admit or can see.  I was young and idealistic once, so I know exactly how to bring you down if you continue to fight me."

Belleza’s face still burned, rebellion stiffening her petite form as her chest heaved in anger, but she was silent.
“You see, child?  I will break everyone loyal to you, I will break you and I will use you to break them.  Consider now if you truly want to risk it.”  With a last superior smile, she turned on her heel and went towards the door.
“You cannot always win.”  The plain words were unvarnished by the fury stirring in Belleza, ringing with simple belief in a higher power.  Lorena halted at the door and turned to her.
“No?  Keep thinking that, chiquita.  And when you’re ready to learn why I always do win, call me.”  She indicated Belleza’s phone on the table behind her.

* * * * * *

“You’re going to dance the last dance with me.”

“Aren’t you tired out from dancing?” he demanded.

She laughed the idea to scorn.  “It takes more dancing than this to make me tired.”

“Then why don’t you dance this one by yourself?  We’ll happily sit and watch.”

She batted her eyelashes at the compliment and then pursed her lips in a pout.  “But sunbae, don’t you know that it takes two to tango?”

For three seconds no one said anything.  Then Shin-woo whistled, Man-se and Yo-han hooted and the other boys started laughing.

“You know how to tango?” Min-jo asked, surprised.

Belleza gave an unladylike snort.  “I’m from Argentina.  Of course I know how to tango.”

“Not everyone from Argentina knows how to tango,” Kang-mun felt compelled to point out.

She rolled her eyes.  “Oh, fine.  I’m from the lower level of upper class Argentinian society.  Yes, I know how to tango.  Satisfied now?”

“Well, you’re not tangoing here.”  Kang-mun stood quickly and frowned down at her.

She nodded soberly.  “It makes sense that you wouldn’t know how.”

He choked and glared balefully at her.  “I know how to dance the tango.”

Thursday, February 9, 2017

Drumroll please....

Queen Beauty and the Beasts, the novel that dominated my life for the last three months, monopolized 98% of my thoughts and 99% of my energy, and caused my unscheduled mini-hiatus from blogging is.... DONE.

(Random sunset picture taken by me.)

I finished it the afternoon of January 28 with a grand total of 172,308 words, about 85,000 of which were written during January.

Yeah, so much for the novel that was only supposed to be 120,000 or 130,000 at most.

Then I promptly crashed, just as myself and everyone else around me knew that I would.  Also, I caught the nasty sore throat that had been making the rounds of my siblings.  Hence, I spent the last 2 weeks clawing myself back from the brink of half-dead.

But the book is done now.  Although not one of my most intense stories, it was one of the hardest novels I've ever written for a variety of reasons.
  • It wasn’t my usual genre.
  • It was an extrovert female main character.
  • It was a retelling of not just one but two stories: Beauty and the Beast and Phantom of the Opera.  The hard part wasn't mixing the two, it was deciding how closely to stick to the originals and how much originality I was allowed.
  • A somewhat limited POV.  Normally I do a lot of head hopping in my stories and while QBB had some of that, it wasn't as much as usual.
  • I had lost my self confidence as a writer.  It was never super high, but it had hit rock bottom last fall.
  • My soul sister had to drop NaNo, and not having her next to me through the month wasn’t only weird, it was like being used to running in double harness and suddenly you’re doing it on your own. 
  • Days away from finishing the book, I discovered that somehow I had forgotten to add a chapter to the beta document early on.  I rarely make that kind of mistake so it rattled me more than perhaps it should have.
  • I was massively stressed out about several things, and wrote the last 30,000-35,000 words over two weeks running on sheer iron willpower and nerve.  Cocktail a la Lody, my friend Mirriam called it, and I recommend that no person try it.  Ever.

I have never wanted more to both write and take a break from writing at the same time.  The last three months were very hard but the book is done and I am elated, pleased, and very happy.  I don’t know how good or bad the book is and won’t until I go back to it in 3-5 months' time.  The experience was worth every moment of the blood, sweat and tears... but I’m probably never doing that again.  ('Probably' being the key word because I don't like to definitively say 'never'.)  I'm still pretty exhausted but I'm slowly returning to normal.

A HUGE shout out and thank you to my alpha readers, who were absolutely great; especially Alisa and Kate, whose chapter-by-chapter comments identified holes and questions I needed to answer, and whose reactions kept me cackling evilly or laughing in glee.  Also to Mirriam, whose story comments and unfailing encouragement kept me going even when it was darkest.  A great, biiiig thank you to my family as well, who patiently put up with my intensity, my detachment, my absences, and my shorter-than-usual tolerance.  I couldn't have done what I did without these great people.

So, what’s next?  Well, back to blogging regularly for one thing, and I'm thoroughly ready for it.  Also, posting at least twice a week on my website/blog: Intuitive Writing Guide.  As far as creative writing goes... yes, I do have another project lined up, but I won't be ready to reveal it until next week at the earliest.

For now, it's just really good to be done, and even better to be back.

Saturday, February 4, 2017

Quote Queste: February 2017 ~ Going to War

Thanks to everyone who participated in January's QQ!
Sophia White

I was too busy finishing my current novel to write a scene myself but now that my book is done (post on that coming soon) I'll have more time, and boy, am I looking forward to it!

1. Take the quote below and write a short scene based on it.  It can be a scene for a story you're currently writing, one you plan on writing in the future, or you can make up characters solely for this challenge.
2.  Post your scene on your blog, with the banner from the top of my post and a link to my blog.
3. Come back to this post and leave a link to your post in the comments so the other participants and I can read your scene.
4. Have fun!

In honor of Valentine's Day: imagine all the places this could take you- happy, sad, tragic, bittersweet, uncertain, mixed....

Happy Writing!

Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Announcing... Albion Academy!

*Camelot trumpet fanfare*

Today it is my great pleasure to host author Elijah David on the book tour for his novel Albion Academy.  Eli and I first met through our mutual friend Mirriam Neal, but we didn't really 'connect' until a Facebook discussion on Arthurian Legend, during which his Albion series was mentioned.  Today, we've come full circle, with Eli here to tell us what parts of Arthurian Legend have intrigued him the most over the years.

Welcome, Elijah!

Thanks, Arielle, for having me here today.

Albion Academy features a variety of creatures and beings from myth and legend, from Djinn to Valkyries to mermaids to Faeries. But the foundational legend for the book and its sequels is the Matter of Britain—the story of King Arthur and his knights. The book started with an idea about Merlin Ambrosius, and even after I moved on from him, I still had a Merlin at the heart of the story: Merlin Pendragon (because why suffer from the burden of one legendary ancestor when you can have two?).

Over the years, I’ve made it no secret that Merlin Ambrosius —that is, the Merlin of legend—is one of my favorite fictional characters. Disney’s The Sword in the Stone first introduced me to this magical man (and indeed, he was one of few male magicians in the movies I saw as a child, something which vexed me greatly) and he has remained one of the primary attractions of Arthurian legend for me to this day.

For those of you who don’t know, Merlin as we know him today is a composite figure of at least two men, one a military and political figure (Ambrosius) and one a prophet or madman of the wilds (Myrddin or Merlin). When Geoffrey of Monmouth penned his pseudohistorical History of the Kings of Britain, he combined these two figures and made his own contributions to both Merlin’s and Arthur’s stories. In the oldest stories, Merlin is a figure of mystery and danger, much akin to the Fae who populate the legend of the Celts. He is both wise and mad, powerful and shifty (not unlike Merlin’s older alter ego Droon on the BBC series). But while Merlin’s roots are wild, I’ve always taken the view that he is more like the portrayals from Disney, Hallmark, and T.H. White—beneficent, if a little unhinged at times, and always holding his country’s (and his student’s) best interests at heart. The aid he offers to Uther in seducing Arthur’s mother has never made sense to me in any iteration; it always seems against Merlin’s character, the same way Arthur’s slaughter of the May Day babies has always seemed out of character. (Incidentally, these two events are addressed at a later point in the Albion books, with at least one character attempting to “set the record straight”.)

But while Merlin is the center of my own Arthurian obsession, he is by no means the sole star in the constellation. Sir Gawain and the Green Knight; Mordred and his arc of deception, manipulation, and betrayal; Morgana le Fay (regardless of whether she’s related to Arthur); and the Fisher King and his connection to the Holy Grail (to name just a few) all make their mark on me, my storytelling, and the Albion Quartet. The Knights of the Round Table, Gawain among them, become an integral part of the story as well as the mythos of the series; Mordred is a full-fledged antagonist with his own agenda; Morgana—well, I won’t say much about her for fear of spoilers; and the Holy Grail’s existence and appearance are touched on at some point in the story. The prospect of Arthur returning to rule in Albion’s greatest need has also fascinated me. I think Gargoyles did a fine job with this idea during its Avalon arc, though I’ve always wanted there to be a continuation of the series that explored what Arthur did after he walks off the scene. We’ll see if the Once and Future King makes any appearances in Albion Academy’s sequels. I won’t say no, because characters like him tend to push their way in just to spite me.

As you can tell, the magical and villainous have attracted me most in Arthuriana. That’s probably due to my imbibing copious amounts of fairy tales, both Disney and otherwise, and having a mind and heart for fantasy and epic storytelling. If you can point me to a retelling of the Arthur stories that captures these characters and quests in a new light, I’m there in a heartbeat.

Are there any characters, quests, or conflicts in the Arthurian legends that keep you coming back for more? I’d love to hear about them!

Thank you, Eli!  You can find out more about Elijah David and his books on his blog: Inexhaustible Inspiration.

Now, take a look at this shiny cover. 

Is a Djinni just a trickster? Can a wizard only learn magic? Must a Valkyrie always ferry the dead?

For Mortimer, Merlin, and Bryn, it seems the fates have already written the ends of their stories. When Mortimer asks unorthodox questions, the Djinni Elders exile him to a human school of magic—Albion Academy. Merlin's friendship with a mortal only increases his mother's determination for him to live up to the heritage of his ancestors. And Bryn's prophetic sisters outright declare that her fate is tethered to Mortimer, Merlin, and the mysterious door in the school's basement.

As the three of them struggle against the constraints of their families' expectations, they find themselves inexorably drawn into a conflict that encompasses rogue Faeries, dangerous mortals, and sorcerers hidden in Albion Academy itself. Defying their fates might be the only way they survive their first year at . . .

Albion Academy.

Albion Academy is available from Amazon in both PAPERBACK and KINDLE format.

Valkyries, Djinni AND Arthurian Legend?  Sounds like a win-win to me!

Thursday, January 12, 2017

What Books I Would Sacrifice....

A couple of weeks ago my sister Dessa read this tag aloud to me from her friend Keturah’s blog, then proceeded to follow it back and hop around to many of the other bloggers who had filled it out and read those aloud.  We laughed, raised shocked eyebrows once (throwing THE HOBBIT at a professor??), and laughed more.  Then Dessa filled it out and tagged me.

#1: An Over-Hyped Book
Situation: You are in a bookstore when the zombies attack.  Over the loudspeakers you hear the military announce that over-hyped books are the zombies' only weakness.  What over-hyped book will you chuck at the zombies?
Yeah, I’m with Dessa.  TWILIGHT.  What a travesty to the world of books, and how excruciating to see the effect these have had on the world of teenagers AND the world of writing.

#2: A Sequel
Situation: You are caught in a torrential downpour and you're probably the type who melts when you get wet.  What sequel are you willing to use as an umbrella to protect yourself.
Wow, seriously?  Melts in a downpour?  Nothin’ melts me, baby; not even Hades himself!
But for the purposes of the question... Chasing Shadows by Ashley Townsend.  I didn't read the first book, but you can read my review of this one HERE.  It frustrated the tar out of me.,204,203,200_.jpg

#3: A Classic
Situation: You're in English class and your professor won't stop going on about a classic that "revolutionized literature".  Personally you think the classic is garbage and you decide to express your opinion by hurling the book at his head.  What classic is that?
The Scarlet Letter by Nathaniel Hawthorne.  I’d heard it lauded for years and eagerly pounced on it a decade ago at a used book store.  I brought it home, tore into it, was a little disappointed at the beginning but kept going, hoping it would get better....  At the end I closed the cover and stared at it as though I had thought I was opening a box of doughnuts only to find out it was croutons.  WAIT, THAT'S IT???  THAT'S WHAT ALL THE HYPE WAS ABOUT???
It was profoundly disappointing.,320_.jpg

#4: A Least Favorite Book
Situation: You're hanging out at a bookstore (where else would you be?) when global warming somehow manages to to turn the whole world into a frozen wasteland.  Naturally, your only hope of survival is to burn a book.  Which book would you not regret tossing into the fire?
Aside from the illogic of the question.... oh hmmmm.  Lori Wick’s English Garden series.  Mind. Numbingly. Stupid.
Also, one of the main reasons I almost never read Christian romance anymore.,q_auto,w_710/py477jxtkph7cahhthcs/all-shadowhunter-books-upcoming-projects.jpg

#5: A Series
Situation: There's a flooded stream you have to cross on your quest and you can't get your feet wet.  Which series (oh yeah, btw, you brought your whole bookshelf and also probably local library with you) will you use as stepping stones?
The Mortal Instruments.  Gosh, that series’ poor writing made me so mad, especially given the fact that it could have been fantastic had Clare put as much focus on the mythological aspects and worldbuilding as she did the ridiculous, soap opera teen drama.  Seeing these books drown after I had crossed a swollen stream on them would do my heart good.

I tag Mirriam, Kate (when she starts blogging again), Elijah David, Tom, Jessica, Kiri Liz, and Carolyn... plus anyone else who wants to answer.

What books would YOU sacrifice?  Take the tag off to your own blog or tell me in the comments!

Saturday, January 7, 2017

Super Secret Project Debut

I've been waiting to announce this project for nine months and the time has finally arrived.

In March of last year I was growing increasingly more frustrated with some indie books I had been reading that frankly, stank.  The plots were good, the characters had potential but the writing was AWFUL.  It was a problem I had been seeing more and more often in the writing world, not just with indie books but also with traditionally published books.

One day, apropos of reading a couple other creative writing websites, I started to think, "If they can do it, why can't I?  They don't have exactly the kind of content I'm envisioning anyway, so why couldn't I try it?  It would be a way to give back to the writing world which has given me so much."  Teaching subjects I love has been a passion of mine for years but until that moment I hadn't actually seriously considered just up and doing it.

When I mentioned this idea to Mirriam- who often had to listen to my venting about bad writing- her response was instantaneous approval and support.  She told me that she'd been thinking for months that I would be good at teaching/coaching creative writing.  Her response blew me away and when I told Kate the idea later that day, I was shocked for the second time when she reacted similarly.

I began scribbling ideas and drafting posts.  Over the summer I chose a website host and discussed graphics.  Slowly but surely my idea began to take shape in reality.

The process wasn't without its hurdles: delays and setbacks in design and strong self-doubts about not actually being good enough or would people listen to me if I didn't have a college degree or an author reputation, to name a few.  Through all of this Mirriam, Kate, my mother, and my sister encouraged me to keep going.

It's been an exciting, sometimes nerve-wracking journey but finally earlier this week, I pushed that big shiny 'PUBLISH' button on this website.

Huge, from-the-bottom-of-my-heart thanks go to the people without whom I would not be writing this post:
My mother - who spent hours making all of my graphics and working with me until I liked the results.
Mirriam - who never let me give up and kicked me when persuasion didn't work.
Kate - who was my never failing encouragement and always ready with examples of why I should do this.
My sister Dessa - whose blunt comments about being more than happy to share my teaching abilities with people she thought needed them always made me laugh.
The handful of people who I told beforehand and who said, "Hey, that's great, yes, you should do this!"

I hope you enjoy reading the site and Happy Writing!

Thursday, January 5, 2017

Dandelion Moments

I'm a very focused, driven, intense person.  I like every day to be full of work and accomplishing things.  On the days when I haven't accomplished much 'work' I'm frustrated with myself and go to bed feeling annoyed.

I often forget that living isn't always about what you've managed to accomplish in terms of what knowledge you've gained or what you've done.  It's also about taking time to enjoy the journey, to have fun, and to laugh.  Enjoying the journey isn't usually about spending an hour+ a day doing something considered 'fun'.  It's the smallest things that bring the full realization of just how amazing life can be.

Remember all those times as a child when you would keep your eye on a huge dandelion flower and carefully wait until it was just the right ripeness to pluck and blow the seeds to scatter on the four winds?  Some of the seeds would fly far away at once while others would hover nearby until an air current caught them and you would watch it as long as you could, musing on where it would land and whether it would take root or die.  It was such a simple occupation but it brought immense joy and a vibrant awareness of the richness of life.

Life is full of those dandelion moments if you only know how to recognize them.  Times where you force yourself to stop, take a break, and just absorb the atmosphere and what's happening around you.  I have learned that those mini-breaks are vital to maintaining one's equilibrium. 

A few of my 2016 dandelion moments:
~ Yielding to my 4-year-old brother when he begged me to take him on 'just a little walk around the driveway, not even on the road' even though my mind was screaming at me that I had a blog post that absolutely MUST be finished that night and I was running out of time and even typing like Hamilton might mean that I wouldn't finish in time.  Kids are more important than blog posts.  It was a fun walk.

~ Braiding my horse's mane while I made sure she ate her wormer-coated oats and enjoying the play of the strands through my hands.

~ Pausing for a few seconds at a friend's FB profile picture to appreciate how the color of their shirt brought out the color of their eyes and how skillfully their makeup was applied that day and what a pleasing overall aesthetic the picture was.

~ Taking a moment in the middle of the afternoon to just pray and thank God for the gift of a friend and for getting the chance to talk serious subjects with that friend for a few hours.

~  Receiving a card and a tiny rubber dragon in the mail and stopping for a few moments of just cradling it in my hand and smiling over the hidden, symbolic meanings in the gift.

~ Making a new friend via Pinterest because I took three minutes to send this person a message about how much I liked their storyboards.

~ Smiling hugely because a random someone from the other side of the world liked one of my first photos on Instagram.

~ Getting a picture text, replying with one phrase, and having the other person squeal because you know each other so well that she knew you would understand the picture without any explanation.

~ Going for a twilight hike alone in gently falling snow.

~ How warm it makes me feel when someone I barely know wishes me Merry Christmas.

~  How much it meant to me when people I only spoke to occasionally throughout the year messaged me at the end of the year and told me that they were grateful for me that year.

Take time to pause and blow the dandelion seeds.  Your physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual health will thank you.

Tuesday, January 3, 2017

I Dreamed a Dream of... Publishing

For years my dream was to write unique fiction that broke the mold.  C’mon, what author doesn’t dream of that?

Books that made people THINK.  Books they couldn’t forget because they made them stop and ask themselves hard questions or brought up issues they couldn’t concretely answer without searching their souls.  Books that were rich in world building and had a varied cast of characters that danced across the stage like the Swan Lake ballet.  Historical fiction that inspired the reader with the urge to know more about the history behind the story.  Fantasy that was unique without being uncomfortably weird or mind-numbingly cliche.  Political thrillers that evenly balanced a relatable human approach with the politics.  Thrillers that didn’t sacrifice character development for action.  Stories that combined all of the above.

I still dream that dream and labor to someday attain it.  But now the dream has grown longer, wider, grander.

I dream of an indie publishing company with high standards of quality.  Small, but by no means accepting of lesser quality work simply because it is smaller and independent as opposed to being big and having the traditional label.  A press that holds all its books to a high standard of good writing and editing.

Of uniting independent (and possibly even previously published) authors under an imprint that will come to be known for excellently written fiction with strong ethical and moral themes but without necessarily being ‘Christian’... for the reason that, even though I am a Christian and support literature in which faith plays a huge part, I’ve read several fantastic books that are not overtly Christian and yet had some amazing, thought-provoking moral and ethical questions.  Often, I feel like the label ‘Christian’ on fiction only targets a certain audience and I dream of a wider reach than that.

Themed short story collections, or series of books by different authors but one common theme.  Reviving well written, fascinating historical fiction that doesn’t have to be full of sleaze to engage a reader.  Books that make history live again for people, while presenting an accurate picture of life in that time period.  Fresh retellings of mythology whose tapestries glimmer with the golden thread of the vast history behind various mythologies.  Science fiction and science fantasy that keeps alive in people the hunger to explore the stars themselves.  Fairy tale retellings set in other cultures and unique genres.  Urban fantasy that isn’t the next Twilight or Vampire Diaries or Teen Wolf.  High fantasy that isn’t trying to be Lord of the Rings but that breathes a fantasy world on a grand, epic scale.  Thought provoking psycho thrillers that don’t have to cross the line into horror to make people sit up and take notice.  Historical fantasy that reignites interest in well-known eras.  Political, action, and espionage thrillers that don’t make people’s eyes glaze over three chapters into the book.

In addition to publishing original, new fiction; I dream of republishing some older works from the public domain; there are many books that currently lie under the dust of time but deserve to have a second life being read and appreciated.

I dream of feeding readers with books they’ll love or enjoy while assisting authors to bring the best version of their book to the public.  Beautiful, unique fiction from all genres that engages the mind and soul.

Books that are as sharp as a sword and forged to endure.