Thursday, January 5, 2017

Dandelion Moments

I'm a very focused, driven, intense person.  I like every day to be full of work and accomplishing things.  On the days when I haven't accomplished much 'work' I'm frustrated with myself and go to bed feeling annoyed.

I often forget that living isn't always about what you've managed to accomplish in terms of what knowledge you've gained or what you've done.  It's also about taking time to enjoy the journey, to have fun, and to laugh.  Enjoying the journey isn't usually about spending an hour+ a day doing something considered 'fun'.  It's the smallest things that bring the full realization of just how amazing life can be.

Remember all those times as a child when you would keep your eye on a huge dandelion flower and carefully wait until it was just the right ripeness to pluck and blow the seeds to scatter on the four winds?  Some of the seeds would fly far away at once while others would hover nearby until an air current caught them and you would watch it as long as you could, musing on where it would land and whether it would take root or die.  It was such a simple occupation but it brought immense joy and a vibrant awareness of the richness of life.

Life is full of those dandelion moments if you only know how to recognize them.  Times where you force yourself to stop, take a break, and just absorb the atmosphere and what's happening around you.  I have learned that those mini-breaks are vital to maintaining one's equilibrium. 

A few of my 2016 dandelion moments:
~ Yielding to my 4-year-old brother when he begged me to take him on 'just a little walk around the driveway, not even on the road' even though my mind was screaming at me that I had a blog post that absolutely MUST be finished that night and I was running out of time and even typing like Hamilton might mean that I wouldn't finish in time.  Kids are more important than blog posts.  It was a fun walk.

~ Braiding my horse's mane while I made sure she ate her wormer-coated oats and enjoying the play of the strands through my hands.

~ Pausing for a few seconds at a friend's FB profile picture to appreciate how the color of their shirt brought out the color of their eyes and how skillfully their makeup was applied that day and what a pleasing overall aesthetic the picture was.

~ Taking a moment in the middle of the afternoon to just pray and thank God for the gift of a friend and for getting the chance to talk serious subjects with that friend for a few hours.

~  Receiving a card and a tiny rubber dragon in the mail and stopping for a few moments of just cradling it in my hand and smiling over the hidden, symbolic meanings in the gift.

~ Making a new friend via Pinterest because I took three minutes to send this person a message about how much I liked their storyboards.

~ Smiling hugely because a random someone from the other side of the world liked one of my first photos on Instagram.

~ Getting a picture text, replying with one phrase, and having the other person squeal because you know each other so well that she knew you would understand the picture without any explanation.

~ Going for a twilight hike alone in gently falling snow.

~ How warm it makes me feel when someone I barely know wishes me Merry Christmas.

~  How much it meant to me when people I only spoke to occasionally throughout the year messaged me at the end of the year and told me that they were grateful for me that year.

Take time to pause and blow the dandelion seeds.  Your physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual health will thank you.



    I'm constantly feeling the need to be productive, and I feel like I'm wasting my life if I'm not doing SOMETHING productive every waking second. But...that's not healthy. You put it perfectly. "It's also about taking time to enjoy the journey, to have fun, and to laugh." Absolutely! Taking a break and just enjoying life is just as important as being productive.

    I really practiced that balance in 2016 and think I'm doing better. In 2015 I just wore myself out doing and doing and doing. But in 2016, I learned to say no, I took time out to rest. But I also got a lot accomplished. It felt good, and I hope I can keep learning balance. Work is good, but it's not healthy if we don't have those dandelion moments. I LOVE how you put that!

    I do hope you have many more beautiful dandelion moments this new year. <333

    1. Perfectionism is a hard thing to not let stand in our way but it's rewarding when we learn to let go and enjoy.

      You've got this, girl. You'll do even better at balance this year and come out the richer for it.

      Thank you, dear Fauna. I hope you do, too. <33

  2. I loved this post so much!! <3 Can I take one to go and stick it in my pocket, wrapped up in a gingerbread bow?? Pretty please?

    The dandelion moment image is glorious (and it has really good colors). :) Thank you so much for sharing, and I hope God blesses you with many more dandelion moments in 2017. You deserve them, Aragorn.

    Also, I miss you so much!! I miss those big, fat, juicy emails we used to send to each other full of *ahem* caps locked text. Argh, why does college have to be so busy? :P I think of you muchly, pray for you, and write loads of messages to you in my head. Too bad I don't have a telepathic email system sorted out here. Then you'd be so sick of hearing from me. *wink*

    By the way, I'm not sure what was symbolic about the tiny rubber dragon, but I APPROVE. :D :D

    1. One post to go, wrapped up in a gingerbread bow, here you go, thank you and have a nice day! :)

      Thank you so much, Legolas.

      I MISS YOU, TOO! The emails, the fun, the trading of opinions- all of it! If only telepathic emailing was possible. Scientists need to get right on that. Thinking of you and praying for you too, and I'd never be sick of hearing from you. :D

      THANK YOU. :DD

  3. Yes! Lovely post and so true. :D Yay for more Dandelion Moments in 2017.


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