Saturday, January 7, 2017

Super Secret Project Debut

I've been waiting to announce this project for nine months and the time has finally arrived.

In March of last year I was growing increasingly more frustrated with some indie books I had been reading that frankly, stank.  The plots were good, the characters had potential but the writing was AWFUL.  It was a problem I had been seeing more and more often in the writing world, not just with indie books but also with traditionally published books.

One day, apropos of reading a couple other creative writing websites, I started to think, "If they can do it, why can't I?  They don't have exactly the kind of content I'm envisioning anyway, so why couldn't I try it?  It would be a way to give back to the writing world which has given me so much."  Teaching subjects I love has been a passion of mine for years but until that moment I hadn't actually seriously considered just up and doing it.

When I mentioned this idea to Mirriam- who often had to listen to my venting about bad writing- her response was instantaneous approval and support.  She told me that she'd been thinking for months that I would be good at teaching/coaching creative writing.  Her response blew me away and when I told Kate the idea later that day, I was shocked for the second time when she reacted similarly.

I began scribbling ideas and drafting posts.  Over the summer I chose a website host and discussed graphics.  Slowly but surely my idea began to take shape in reality.

The process wasn't without its hurdles: delays and setbacks in design and strong self-doubts about not actually being good enough or would people listen to me if I didn't have a college degree or an author reputation, to name a few.  Through all of this Mirriam, Kate, my mother, and my sister encouraged me to keep going.

It's been an exciting, sometimes nerve-wracking journey but finally earlier this week, I pushed that big shiny 'PUBLISH' button on this website.

Huge, from-the-bottom-of-my-heart thanks go to the people without whom I would not be writing this post:
My mother - who spent hours making all of my graphics and working with me until I liked the results.
Mirriam - who never let me give up and kicked me when persuasion didn't work.
Kate - who was my never failing encouragement and always ready with examples of why I should do this.
My sister Dessa - whose blunt comments about being more than happy to share my teaching abilities with people she thought needed them always made me laugh.
The handful of people who I told beforehand and who said, "Hey, that's great, yes, you should do this!"

I hope you enjoy reading the site and Happy Writing!


  1. You did it! WHOOOOOOOOO!!!
    *Happy Pixie Dance*

    Congratulations on realizing a dream, dear friend. God bless you in your efforts, and may they be a blessing to others who truly care about quality in writing. I'm so proud of you! :-D

    Love always,
    and Happy Tutoring,

  2. Ooh, at last! How exciting! :D *goes to check it out*

  3. AAAHHHH. YOU DID IT. AND IT IS BEAUTIFUL. Seriously, I LOVE the look--so crisp and clean and professional.

    I cannot wait to read all your posts! I ADORE writing-help blogs and am always on the look out for new ones, and now my very own Lody has one. *flails* THIS IS SO GREAT!!!

  4. So awesome! Loving your posts so far and can't wait to continue to see all that this new blog will bring. Way to go!!


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