Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Reverse Harem HOW Many Times?

Greetings, one and all!  I return from the fog shrouding my absence in mystery to once again and with delight take up this blog's pen.

A couple of years ago, I wrote a post about how and why I write stories with many and complicated 'love lines': romantic attractions between a single heroine and multiple male leads, also known as 'reverse harem' stories.

Apropos of beginning a series yesterday on my creative writing blog that further elaborates how to write reverse harem without making people scream in rage, frustration, or disgust, I figured it would be fun to do a parallel series here exploring my own reverse harem stories.

So, without further ado, I introduce the times I've written reverse harem + WHY.

Story/Series: Queen Beauty and the Beasts
Why: Because I wanted to explore Beauty up against a whole 'castle' full of beasts.

Story/Series: Oath of Loyalty/Fidelitas
Why: This was 100% not planned and just happened.  More guys just kept poking their noses in and bingo.

Story/Series: A Certain Darkness/Stellumo
Why: Because a Julius Caesar retelling naturally involved a Cleopatra... and the rest is... history.  Ehehehe.

Story/Series: Wings of the Tiger
Why: Ha.  Because you do not drop this power-mad girl down in a power-mongering court and NOT have that happen.

Story/Series: Ebony and Aubergine/The Lion and the Rose
Why: She's a princess, trained to elicit information and profile people.

Story/Series: Venit Hora/Three Kyngdoms
Why: She's a Valkyrie and it's... complicated.

Essentially, my reasons for writing it so many times are:
#2 = Because it just kind of... happened that way in the story.
#3 = It was fun.
#4 = I do what I want in my writing, and the more complicated, the more fun I (usually) have.
#5 = Did I mention it's FUN?

Next week: a closer look into Queen Beauty and the Beasts and the 'innocent' reverse harem heroine.

Have YOU written any reverse harem stories?


  1. I have one, as I mentioned on your other post, which is a MLP fanfiction where my character, Glitter, has several roles that she fills, and each of her love interests represent one of those roles. So one is her fellow from home, one is the flashy Prince Blueblood, one is a quiet librarian, and yet another is one of the princes from a country to which she's frequently an an ambassador.

    I'd really like to write a reverse harem outside of fanfiction, though. *goes to stare at my list of WIP's*

    1. Quiet librarian has a very strong chance of winning. Him or the fellow from home.

      Also, V just gave me permission to morph this into original fiction, so I need to go rethink everything about it. Plot wise. I'm keeping the characters.

  2. I didn't know you had another blog! Reverse Harem sounds very... strange, lol. But I can see how it's done in fiction. But it's awful, because someone always ends up being sad... in this case several someones ;/ lol :D

    1. Ah, well, now you do! :) I love talking about writing in general, not just my writing, so I really enjoy the teaching aspects of the other blog.

      Well, that is true... in most cases, though in some, maturity comes to characters and they realize a relationship isn't right for them and there is less sadness than just growing. At least in mine. :) Then there are always the ones in which some of the guys DIE. :D

    2. Oh, growth is good :) I guess sadness can be cliche ;) Death.... ugh, that's even sadder. Makes me think A Tale Of Two Cities ;)

  3. QBB: *shakes head* But it was amazing!

    OoL: Ehehehehehehehehehehehehehe!!! I think I'm leaning towards Alehari more and more.


    WotT: You know, I've not read enough of this story to really have an opinion on it.

    EaA: *swoons* I really need to dig this up and read what I have of it again.

    VH: *ahem* *looks pointedly at you*


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