Tuesday, April 10, 2018

The Soul's Strong Instinct of Another World

I have a deep hunger for unique, one of a kind, not-mainstream-sounding music.

I want more edgy poetry in music.

More songs themed on aesthetics.
The sound of a summer night's owls and bats, a spring morning's fairy bells, a winter midnight stillness, an autumn afternoon's beautiful stirring restlessness.
Sunsets and sunrises.  Twilight.  Midnight.
The beach in the early hours of the morning.
The contained excitement of deer and elk heading up into the mountains for summer pasture.
The calculating thrill of a lion on the prowl.
The snarl of a tiger turning to protect itself.

(Can I have an entire album of both instrumental and songs-with-lyrics themed on selkies, please?)

Old poems with updated phrasing for a fresh touch and set to indie-folk or folk-pop melodies.

Epic vocal music that truly has EPIC lyrics instead of sounding like a three-year-old wrote them.
(Epic vocal music is gorgeous, and I love it, but not when it consists of the same one line being repeated over and over with only very minor variations...SOMEONE HAND ME COFFEE TO WAKE ME UP.)

I want to hear good voices.
The kind that one has to describe with story phrases.

I want more world music of the likes of Heather Dale and Loreena McKennitt—turning stories into ballads with an international flair.  (Happy day! Loreena's dropping a new album next month.)

More relatable indietronica and synth-pop like Owl City and CHVRCHES.

More indie-folk/folk-pop such as Of Monsters and Men.

Epic music the quality of Two Steps from Hell and Audiomachine but themed on historical events.

Stirring songs the likes of May It Be, Song of the Lonely Mountain, Into the West, and The Last Goodbye.

Music re-imagining classic stories with a contemporary flair, such as the French rock musicals Robin des Bois, La L├ęgende du Roi Arthur, and Les Trois Mousquetaires.

More rock like some of Nickelback's—songs that remind you to keep going, there's something in the world worth fighting for, even if you have to claw your way to it.

More songs like Enya's poetry in music.  Or like Svrcina's Battlefield.

Mythology, legend, and history made FUN, relatable, and interesting again through song.

I just want more music that is edgy without being depressing, fun without insisting I have to get drunk to experience life, and deep while still being relatable for a wide variety of people.

What about you?  What would you like to see more of in music?  What are some of your favorite songs?  Favorite musical artists?


  1. "I just want more music that is edgy without being depressing, fun without insisting I have to get drunk to experience life, and deep while still being relatable for a wide variety of people." <---OH MY STARS YESSSS. PLEASE. I feel like there's such a limited amount of stuff like this. It's either music with awful lyrics or stuff that repeats the same things over and over and overrrr. Can't we have something DEEP without it being just downright immoral? PLEASE AND THANK YOU. A big reason Owl City is my top favorite is because he rarely repeats lyrics. He's not singing "BABY, BABY, BABY!" like 20 bazillion times in one song. He rarely even has an on-going chorus. It's all whimsical and witty and sometimes has PUNS and I'm just all about that.

    This post was absolutely gorgeous and I agree with everything you said and now I want to go listen to alllll the music basically. Also those quotes! *clutches heart* WOW. Yes. All so true!

    Music is so powerful and we should use it to its fullest extent!


      Thank you!! Yes, go listen to ALLLL THE MUSIC. Loreena McKennitt and Heather Dale are superb for writing inspiration, BTW. ;)

      AMEN, GIRL. *high five*

  2. Gosh, I've been yearning for this very thing.

    If I could just find another band that compares to Of Monsters and Men, I would be a very happy girl. (Or maybe if they could just release another album already...!!!)

    1. Oh stars, YES. We NEED them to release another album already. Here's hoping 2018 is full of new music releases from all our favorites!

  3. Yes, please!! I've longed for more music with MEANING. Not the fluffy, repetitive stuff we have now. On the folksy genre, I tend to fall back on Andrew Peterson's music, as well as The Grey Havens. So, YES. All of what you said. Spot on! :D

    1. Andrew Peterson is brilliant. I love his songs a lot. I haven't heard as much of The Grey Havens, and what I have tends to be not entirely my type, but I have enjoyed some of theirs.

      Thanks for stopping by!

  4. AMEN AND AMEN. I am 100% behind this, and if I had more recommendations than what I sent you the other day, I'd mention them now! I'll have to look up this CHVRCHES thing though, if it's comparable to Owl City!

    1. Thank you!
      YESSSS, CHVRCHES ARE GOOD. I've been listening to their new songs over and over. I can hardly wait for the full new album to drop.

  5. I just love all music. Except most rap and heavy metal. Though I recently discovered NF and love him! I really love Owl City ;D I'm afraid I'm not too picky with music... as long as it doesn't give me a head ache I can stand it ;D


    1. I like ONE metal band and that's it. They do a lot of historical songs about war, and have some really good ones.

      Owl City is great!

      Ahahaha, yeah. I tend to be rather picky, but I hear you on the headache front. :)

  6. The Oh Hellos, The Gray Havens, and Andrew Peterson are all solid artists I love hearing on a regular basis.

    I need to listen to more Heather Dale. Loreena McKennitt is great, but I often find myself asking "What is she singing?"

    Of Monsters and Men are supposed to be working on another album, but I've yet to hear any release date news. :/

  7. I was going to recommend Heather Dale, but you mentioned her! Clamavi De Profundis has a wonderful setting of Durin's Song, the soundtrack to Song of the Sea is good (haven't watched the movie, but it's about selkies) and full of wonder, Ken and Lisa Theriot have good historical-themed songs (I like Agincourt, among many others). . .

    They're all available on YouTube. On the other side, I've been listening to Bach's fourth cantata, an Easter one, which gets better every time, and the first movement of Rachmaninoff's second piano concerto. Not being very keen on the Romantics I didn't think I'd like it much, when the orchestra first got it, but it grew on me.



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