Sunday, February 16, 2020

Pick Your OTP: Two Valentine's OTP Challenges

Since February is home to both Valentine's Day AND Tell A Fairy Tale Day (Feb. 26th), we've been celebrating fairy tales in general over at Fairy Tale Central. Part of that includes a blog tag about fairy tales, which you can join in on HERE.

Aaaand, we thought, what better way to celebrate Valentine's Day than to host a tag specifically for fairy tale couples? The tag (and its writer OTP version) are live on Instagram right now (links below), but I wanted to post a blog version too, in case you don't have an IG or prefer to fill it out on a blog (like I do sometimes).

Fairy Tale OTP Challenge:

1. The first fairy tale OTP you shipped
2. The cliché fairy tale OTP that everyone ships but you still love
3. Your favorite hate-to-love fairy tale OTP
4. The fairy tale OTP with the craziest relationship
5. The best-dressed fairy tale OTP
6. Star-crossed love: the forbidden love fairy tale OTP
7. The funniest fairy tale OTP
8. The fairy tale OTP with the most growth in their relationship
9. The sweetest, most adorable fairy tale OTP
10. The OTP who snuck up on you, the one you didn't expect to love
11. The moodiest fairy tale OTP
12. The class-crossed fairy tale OTP
13. The obscure fairy tale OTP who isn't shipped by many people (or anyone)
14. Your very favorite fairy tale OTP you'll love for the rest of your days

If you want to take part in the Instagram version, you can find it HERE.

Writer's OTP Challenge:
(You can fill this out with any of your WIPs, published books, or ideas-to-be-written. They do not have to be fairy tale related.)

1. The first OTP you wrote
2. Your cliché OTP from an early work that you still love
3. A hate-to-love OTP you’ve written. (Or your favorite, if you’ve written several)
4. Your OTP with the craziest relationship
5. Your best dressed OTP
6. Star-crossed love: your forbidden love OTP
7. Your funniest OTP
8. Your OTP with the healthiest relationship
9. Your sweetest, most adorable OTP
10. The OTP who snuck up on you, the one you didn't expect to love
11. Your moodiest OTP
12. A class-crossed OTP you’ve written
13. An OTP you wrote that most people don’t ship
14. Your very favorite OTP you'll love for the rest of your days

The Instagram version of this tag can be found HERE.

If you fill out one or both tags, please come back here and leave me a link in the comments so I can read yours! I'll be back to fill them out myself later this month.

Happy February!


  1. I think I'm going to be saving this for the last day of the month. Seems easier, tbh.

    1. Here it is!

  2. Well this was more difficult than I expected.

  3. Ditto what Elijah David said--I really had to wrack my brain for some of these questions! Great fun, though. Thanks for sharing! :-)

    My answers should be posted tomorrow. I'll add the links when I can.

    1. Part One:

      Part Two:

  4. I jumped in last minute on this haha. Here is my link to the OTP tag!

  5. Thanks for making this! I had so much fun filling this out!


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