Thursday, May 31, 2012

I'm Joining the June Crusade

Manic Mother

I have decided to join in Anne-girl’s June Crusade.  If you’re wondering what that is, you can read more about it here

The story I’ll be working on is the first book in a series set in Victorian England.

Series title: Gemini  (Latin for twins)  This is currently just the working title.

Book title: Hyacinths of Change

Synopsis: Fourteen-year-old twins Cordelia and Penelope are the daughters of Lord Lewis West and his wife, Lady Roxana.  Though born in England, for nearly ten years now they have lived in sunny Italy.  Then tragedy strikes with the death of their beloved father; and Lady Roxana immediately decides to return to her native land, to the horror and grief of her daughters.  Certain they could never feel at home anywhere but in Italy, as the ferry pulls away from the dock, Penelope weeps and Cordelia promises herself, “I am coming back.  Someday.”

Arriving in England, to a land they barely remember and a family they know only through letters, the girls are surprised to discover that their cousins are wonderful playmates who are genuinely glad to have the twins back, although Cordelia’s hoydenish ways cause some raised eyebrows among her relatives. 

Plunged into the upper echelons of Victorian British Society, the girls are swept up in a dizzying array of huge estates, bewildering protocols and numerous relatives.  Yet, underneath all, there still lurks a current of pain and confusion….

I’m excited to get started on this!  I’ve done some work off and on for the last year , but just didn’t have the drive this needed.  For awhile the words simply refused to come properly!  But now, they seem to be flowing and hopefully I’ll be able to finish most of the first draft during the Crusade.

Miss Melody Muffin

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