Saturday, June 23, 2012

June Crusade Tag Week Three

Dear me, how dreadful!  This tag is a week late, but I just now found the time to fill it out!

1. What  is your word count now?
Oh, I don’t want to answer this!  You see, the first three weeks of the month turned out to be WAY busier than I had originally thought they would be.   And then, this last week was spent playing catch-up on a lot of things that were laid aside during wedding sewing/preparations.  So, I only wrote about a thousand words on my story this month.  Add that to the one and a half thousand I already had and the total count is somewhere in the vicinity of two and a half thousand.  Obviously I won’t come anywhere near the 50,000 count!  I wish I could have done more, but life intervenes sometimes.  I’d like to be able to do at least four thousand this last week.  Here’s hoping!

2. What is your favorite paragraph so far?
This is still the first draft so it has not been edited yet:
            The riders were off in a burst of speed.  Twelve horses thundering down the wide lane; twelve riders eagerly guiding them.  The starting sprint did not last long and then everyone settled down to a swift, steady gallop.  Claudio and Alano had taken the lead.  Behind them were Julian, Valaria and Cordelia.  Everyone else was bunched behind these frontrunners.  They held these positions for about a mile.  Then Philippe and Silvia moved their horses up on the heels of Julian, Cordelia and Valaria.  Philippe threw a quick glance at Sirocco.  The stallion was fighting for more rein, wanting to go faster.  Philippe knew Cordelia would not hold him in much longer.  In the next few minutes she would give him his head.
            Julian nudged his horse with his heels and the gelding responded, drawing a little abreast and ahead of Alano and Claudio.  Penelope rode up even with Alano and Maria pushed her horse beyond her brother Claudio.
            With a quarter mile left until the finish, Cordelia pulled Sirocco to the outside of the other riders and gave him his head.  It was as if she had released a streak of lightning.  The stallion bolted down the lane.  Julian, Philippe and Penelope gave chase.   The other riders also increased their horses' speed.  The fight to the finish was on!

3. When you are writing what is your favorite song to listen too? Not theme song for your book but favorite song for while you're writing?
Currently, anything by Enya.  Also, a few of Ramin Karimloo’s songs off his album Ramin.  And, I really enjoy opera overtures, especially when I’m writing dramatic scenes!

4. Do you love your villains or do you relish hating them?
I tend to relish hating them.  :)

5. What was your very first piece of free writing?
A story about two sisters and their horses I wrote when I was six or seven.  As you can see, I lived, slept, ate and breathed horses from a young age!  (Age 3 to be exact!!)

6. What was your first completed piece of fiction?
Um, I have to think about that for a minute!  I believe it was called The Hidden Jewels.  It was about a princess in hiding, who didn’t know she was a princess.  It was NOT very good and had plenty of cliches.  I don’t think I even have it anymore, it was that bad!

7. What are some of the plot bunnies that you are being teased with right now?
Retellings of several old fairy tales, set in one of my fantasy worlds.  I’ll probably start with The Eleven Swan Brothers.  Oh dear, I shouldn’t even have mentioned it!  Now I have a stream of ideas trying to rush through my head. * Runs off to scribble down the ideas.*

8. What is your strategy for writers block?
Writer’s block doesn’t hit me too often.  Unfortunately, right now is one of those few times!  I usually bury myself in one of my favorite books or go for a nice long hike to clear out my brain and start the creative juices flowing again.  I think I'll go with the favorite book option today....

9. If you could meet one famous author which one would you pick?
Without question, Baroness Emmuska Orczy!

10. Who is your favorite secondary character so far?  
The twins’ adopted brother (and the ward of their father), Philippe Huntington.  He is so much fun to write!!

Miss Melody Muffin

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