Saturday, June 9, 2012

I'll Have Another Disappointment

Last night, just after I had written my blog post about the upcoming Belmont Stakes - due to be run today, my mother came to find me and informed me that I'll Have Another had been withdrawn from the race.  Sadly, it is true.  His trainer Doug O’Neill told reporters that the horse developed the beginnings of tendonitis and he and owner J. Paul Reddam made the difficult decision to withdraw the colt from the race.  (Tendonitis is the inflammation of a tendon.)  Although I’ll Have Another could probably still have run, in the best interest of his welfare, he will not.  In light of what he has already achieved, he is being retired to stud, instead of being rested and then returned to racing.   

So, I’ll Have Another will not try for the final race in the Triple Crown today.  But, as an tribute to him and what he almost did, he will lead the post parade. 

You can read the official news articles here and here.  

History will forever wonder, "Could he have won the Triple Crown?"  Personally, I think he had what it took.  Yet, being a horse owner myself, and choosing to put the animal’s health and well-being above glory and fame, I deeply respect the decision to retire him.  

Happy Trails, I'll Have Another!

Miss Melody Muffin

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  1. I like the title of your post ... it is so appropriate! :) It's sad he's being retired to stud, though. I think he could still be raced later.


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