Monday, July 2, 2012

June Crusade Recap

Well, my dear people, the June Crusade is over.  It is finished.  I feel a little sad, for it was a wonderful event, even though I didn't come close to accomplishing my word count goal.

So, what DID I accomplish? 

Plenty of character development.  I hadn't touched this story in several months so I did lots of character exercises to reacquaint myself with my people and because it was just plain needed anyway.

Some important emotional scenes dealing with a character's death written.  I wasn't sure how these would go and if I would be able to properly convey the passionate feelings I wanted to, but I'm pleased with the way they came out.

About one thousand words written during most of the month.  Then, during Anne-girl's Great and Terrible Challenge I wrote 3,071 words on Tuesday, 2,744 on Thursday and (horrors!) only 858 on Saturday.  A Very DREADFUL Thing happened on Saturday.  My characters refused to talk to me!!!!  HOW COULD THEY DO THAT TO ME ON THE VERY LAST DAY???!!!!  Needless to say, I was a Very Unhappy Person!!  And on top of that, characters from another story kept attempting to push their way in and tell me things, despite me telling them they had to wait just one more day!!  (Seems some of them have learned my habit of impatience, or something!)

Total words written this month: 7, 673; bringing the grand total of words on the story so far to 9,294.  Not nearly what I had hoped to do over the month, but hey, when life hands you lemons, make the lemonade as sugary as possible!!

Now I will be taking a break from the Gemini story to focus on two of my fantasy stories, Quara and The Three Kyngdoms.  They have won their turn, in spite of my annoyance with one of them on Saturday!  I am also going to work on rough sketching some plot bunnies.  You can expect to hear more about these projects in the upcoming days.

And, I plan on doing several posts about other things, like book reviews, thoughts on some movies, a favorite poem or two and perhaps even... a surprise!!

Miss Melody Muffin

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  1. "When life hands you lemons, make the lemonade as sugary as possible." I LOVE that!
    Congratulations on your word count, m'dear! Kudos for sticking with it! I know how awful it is when your characters become taciturn... ugh.


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