Friday, July 20, 2012

Starting Over....

Okay, my dear readers, here's an update on my life right now:

Last week I mentioned having computer problems.  The laptop I shared with some of my younger sisters had quit working and was in for diagnosis.  Well, on Tuesday, the technician called to tell us the hard drive was fried and he couldn't retrieve anything from it.  

I was crushed.  We hadn't yet backed up that computer, so I lost two full years of work.  Studying notes, all my web bookmarks, quite a bit of my writing, all of my June Crusade work on the Gemini; completely gone.
Thankfully, I do have hard copy notes for most of the writing I lost.  And, let me tell you, I've never been more thankful to the Lord for giving me a good memory!  Aided by it and my notes, I'm starting over.  And, attempting to pick up the pieces of that part of my life.

When my Mom's new Macbook arrives in a couple weeks or so, she is giving me her old one, for which I am profoundly grateful.  I've been wanting a laptop of my own and although I don't mind Windows, I prefer a Mac.  So, yes, I'm looking forward to using it, but I wish it was under other circumstances.  Honestly, if given the choice between a laptop of my own and having all that data back, I'd choose the data in a heartbeat!  But, God knows best, and although I can't see much good in this situation right now or why he allowed this to happen, someday I hope to be able to look back and see His hand in it.

On a brighter note, I should soon be able to post regularly.  I have lots of plans for posts and post series, some book reviews, more about my stories, and I hope to share some of my other interests with you!

Until then,
Miss Melody Muffin


  1. Oh, I'm sorry, Miss Melody! I know what it's like to lose story stuff like that. It's devastating! :(

    Last year, my sister accidentally kicked over computer (not the monitor) and killed the hard drive. I lost all of my editing on my Lianne story, the first five chapters of the second book in that series, and pages and pages of notes. Yes, I was thankful that I had saved some of it on another computer, and I had tons of notes handwritten in notebooks, but it was still a blow. I struggled with it for a while, thinking that God maybe was telling me He didn't want me to write. But now, after tons of prayer, I believe He allowed that to happen because I was putting all of my time into my writing and ignoring my family and my chores. It wasn't an easy pill to swallow, but God knew I needed to take it.

    Yes, God knows best, and it's a comfort to know that my entire life, including my writing career, is in His very capable hands. :)

    Sending you cyber hugs!
    Kiri Liz

  2. Thanks for the hugs and sympathy, Kiri! It is nice to know there have been other in the same boat, but I'm sorry you lost so much!

    I'm still praying through this situation. I believe part of why it happened is that I have faith and trust issues. Neither one comes easily to me, not even when it comes to God. I haven't had the faith or trust in Him that I should. I am trying to overcome that now. It is not at all very easy to change the habits of many years!

    I'm also praying that if there are other things I'm supposed to be learning from this, He would reveal them to me.


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