Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Les Miserables 2012 News

I'm very excited for the release of the new Les Miserables film in December, and I know many of my Blogger friends are, too.  Last night I saw a couple videos from the film set and found some interesting news tidbits about the movie.  So, I present them here, for anyone who hasn't seen them, to help tide us all over until December!

Claude Michel-Schonberg has written an all new song for the movie!  It is called 'Suddenly' and is sung by Valjean when he takes on the care of Cosette.  How exciting is that, people!!  News article here.    He's also composing new incidental music.

I love it that many former and current Les Mis performers from the West End have roles in the movie!

Also, for anyone who hasn't seen it, here is a gallery of set pics.  Love Valjean's greatcoat!!  Does anyone else want a 24601 t-shirt like Cameron Mackintosh has?!  And Colm looks perfect as the Bishop!

According to imdb, Jamie Cambell-Bower was offered the role of Enjolras.  Thank goodness he turned it down!!  IMHO, he just couldn't have done it!  I'm vastly interested to see how well Aaron Tveit nails the role (since they didn't cast Ramin Karimloo!).

And am I the only one rejoicing over the fact that Taylor Swift didn't get Eponine?  (I'm afraid I can't stand Taylor Swift!)  Especially since the amazing Samantha Barks got it?!  She is going to be fantastic in the role!!!  Her casting is one of the ones I'm most excited over.  I'm also eager to see Helena Bonham-Carter as Mme. Thenardier.

Videos:  (I didn't embed the videos because it slows my computer down a lot.)
 Jackman and Hathaway singing Do You Hear the People Sing on set.    (The barricade looks incredible!)
Jackman filming!
Students on the barricade.  YAY!!!!!!  Can't wait for this part!!!
Russell Crowe riding clips.  Does anyone else think of the Scarlet Pimpernel when they see this?  (Wrong uniforms but the riding formation is the same!)
Colm Wilkinson on set.  Short but sweet!
Film sets.

And a couple interviews...
Tom Hooper on the new song/music 
Tom Hooper on Anne Hathaway as Fantine.

As for me, I'm still reading the book (and loving it!  Hugo is a master tale-weaver!) but it shouldn't be too much longer until I'm done and I can see the two concerts in full.  Yay!! 

And now, I'm off to town with my mother and sister, and Les Miserables tucked, er, stuffed, in my purse.  A 1465 page book is heavy!

Miss Melody Muffin


  1. Love those pictures and videos! SO exciting!
    I never thought that the Russell Crowe bits looked like TSP before, but now that you mention it, I see it. :D
    I'm so excited about this movie, it's not even funny. I should post my PO on the cast soon...

  2. My mum and I are sooo excited for this movie. I went to the play once and she's heard all the song. The two of us went to another play later but it was changed, for the worse, and she was very sad she didn't get to see the wonderful original version. And I was crushed that someone could ruin it so badly. Therefore, this has been our condolence for months. We've a mother/ daughter day planned for it 8-D

    Thank you for your prayers and thoughts on the cover colours!!!!!!!!

  3. Amy,
    Yes, yes, post it soon, please!!!

    I would love to go to the play sometime!! Best of all, I would love to see it in the West End, whenever I make my dream trip to London. :)


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