Thursday, August 23, 2012

Welcome To My Personal Library!

Won't you come in?  Please take a seat!  Can I interest you in some iced tea?  Or perhaps some iced mocha?  This hot spell is so exhausting to one, is it not?  I see you can hardly tear your eyes away from my sagging bookshelves.  There are a zillion of books here aren't there?  Shall I tell you how I came to have such a wonderful library at my fingertips?

Ok, randomness over....  Down to the point of all this!  :)

If you were to ask me to name my favorite website, I would instantly reply, "Project Gutenberg!"  When we first discovered this site a couple years ago, I was beyond thrilled; I was delirious!!  For anyone who does not know about this most enchanting place... Project Gutenberg has digitized THOUSANDS of books whose copywright has expired and are now in the public domain.  Their selection ranges from the classics of Shakespeare, Dickens, Austen, and Gaskell to virtually unknown authors.  You can read the books online or download them in several formats from PDF to ereader versions.  Their mission statement is 'to encourage the creation and distribution of  ebooks'.  Entering the online catalog really is like walking into a vast library of treasured volumes (the majority of them were published before 1923)!!  In fact, whenever I click on the PG icon on my toolbar, the delicious smell of old books always comes to mind.  =)  The button to the right will take you straight to this vast library.

Besides all the better known classics and authors, PG has all sorts of books I had never heard of before.  Although not all of these unfamiliar titles are worth perusing, many have proven themselves to be wonderful stories.  I will be reviewing many PG books in the future, sharing some of these great but lesser known books with you.

Another site we enjoy is LibriVox, which has free audiobooks.  Many of the texts used for these readings come from Gutenberg.  They also offer dramatic readings of some of their books.  Two of my sisters were listening to a dramatic reading of Sense and Sensibility the other day and enjoying it.

I will be using the following system for my reviews:
I will be rating books on a scale of one to ten, with one being the least desirable and ten the most desirable.

My family loves reading aloud.  I have read aloud to my younger siblings all my life and there are usually no less than three books in the process of being read aloud at any given time.  Thus many of my book reviews will also carry a Read Aloud Rating on a scale of one to five.

Look for my first book review later today!!

Miss Melody Muffin


  1. Project Guetenburg and Librivox are both amazing aren't they? Great places to find books that you wouldn't find other places.

  2. Very cool! I have used PG before and found it very useful, though unfortunately I really hate reading books on the computer. :P I spend so much time on the computer anyway, for school, my own writing, and beta reading for some friends, that it's really a treat to pick up a published book and read it. :)

    Reading aloud is awesome! I grew up with my mom reading to us, and some of my favorite memories have to do with story time. :)

    It will be fun to see your reviews!

  3. Kendra, yes they really are amazing places!

    Katherine Sophia, I know what you mean. Reading books on the computer isn't my preferred method either. If I can obtain a print book, that is generally the route I choose; especially if the book in question is a long one (Les Miserables for example, I was not reading 1465 pages on the computer!). But PG does have so many books that are nigh impossible to find in print, so I do find myself with my eyes glued to a computer screen quite a bit!

  4. I like PG, when I can get it to work. Often things like that...always things like that...are smarter then me. However, I believe that is where I found North and, wait. I found it on Barnes and Noble. I forgot about PG when I was looking for it.

    Wonderful book...have you read it?

    I;m glad you are interested in my characters 8-)

  5. I LOVE North and South!!! I read it on the Fourth of July a few years ago. Wonderful way to spend the Fourth, IMO!!!!

    Have you seen the BBC miniseries?


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