Friday, September 14, 2012

Ring Out The Bells... I Did It!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Yes, my friends, I have just this moment finished Les Miserables.  The last 208 pages are now history. 

What a beautiful, wonderful, magnificent story!!!!!  From it's beginning with the saintly Bishop to meeting Jean Valjean and his amazing transformation; from poor, broken Fantine to the beautiful, charming, but a little silly, Cosette; brave, sad Eponine and the disgusting Thendardiers; the blockheaded at first, prejudiced, yet courageous Marius to the noble, idealistic Friends of the ABC.  From the chapel to the streets, the convent to the barricades; through to the heartbreaking but glorious end.

I did it.  It is done.  I have finished the book.

Thank you all so much, my dear friends, for your encouragement!!  It was very sweet to me to know you were cheering me on!

And now, that mountain climbed, I am looking for other adventures.   I shall start with watching the 10th anniversary concert tomorrow. 

One day more....

Miss Melody Muffin


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