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Snippets of Story: September

I'm finally posting my September snippets!  I was going to follow Jessica and Katherine Sophia's examples and post a snippet from each of my stories, but I'm afraid that will have to wait until next month.

The West home had been the perfect place for Philippe to recover from his grief and loneliness.  Lewis' kindness and understanding, Roxana's care and the twins... ah the twins.  Their quaint ways, for they were only a year old at the time, their baby words and the way they accepted him wholeheartedly had been an important factor in his emotional healing.  His nickname dated from then, for they could not say 'Philippe' and one day when she tried, Cordelia said 'Pip'.  The name clung and was used by the girls even now, especially in tender moments.  The bond forged at that time, between a five-year-old boy and one-year-old girls, had only grew stronger through the years.

"It would be amusing if it were not so frustrating," Falkirk admitted.  "I can have my pick of every unmarried woman in England between seventeen and twenty-five; yet I'm madly in love with a sixteen-year-old girl who I doubt even knows I exist!"
Alistair raised his eyebrows but forbore to smile at his friend's plight.

That Oliver!  He will never learn!  Today he went rushing down the stairs without looking.  Someone had left a pile of papers on a bottom step and Cap slipped on a paper and fell.  He yelled and tried to stand up.  He couldn't so he yelled more.  Everyone came running and Papa and Henry picked him up and carried him to a sofa in the breakfast room.  Henry hurried off on horseback for the doctor.  Tina and Louisa were crying.  Mama was worried and scolding Cap.  Papa said, "Looks like it's his ankle."
Southern Sixteen

Seren tried to rise, only to be pushed back by Ixolta's hand on her shoulder, "My women?  I didn't lose any in the battle?"
"None, My Lady," the healer assured her.
"Where are they?"
Astrophel spoke from her other side, "The fittest of them went with my knights to reconnoiter Iladar cave and set up camp if it is safe."
"Arion?" Seren called to her alacorn.
"I'm here, My Lady.  Rest.  Conserve your strength.  It is a nasty wound you have."
"If another person tells me to rest..." and though weak from blood loss, Seren's eyes kindled.  The others around her chuckled in relief.  If she had spirit enough to protest, she was already well on her way to recovery.
The Three Kyngdoms

"B-but," Mileth stammered, "We should have found her earlier."
"What do you mean?" Hanetta asked for all the queens.
Mileth fixed his eyes on the ground and mumbled, "Rascal kept trying to tell me and it took me a long time to understand him."
"Oh, that is all right." Abijalla smiled warmly.  "You've not had him for very long and it takes time and plenty of practice to understand a Castle Cat.  Don't feel bad!  No one blames you."
The young guard straightened and Rascal lifted his head, which he had been hanging.  They bowed in unison, "Thank you, Your Majesties."

"We're traveling heavy," Malagi remarked.  "A pack horse for each of us plus an extra.  And one for Emrys, so we must be meeting him somewhere."
"And both the first and second wings of tygerhawks are missing.  So Merthyr must have sent a another message before we returned," Cathbadh tightened a strap on one of the packsaddles.
Malagi's eyes widened, "Pretty important message; to merit the first wing taking it."
The Three Kyngdoms

Miss Melody Muffin


  1. Excellent snippets! Ooh... this only makes me want to read The Three Kyngdoms even more! :)

    I've awarded you over at Lianne Taimenlore!

  2. Lovely! I wish I had your talent for writing! But I mustn't envy, I suppose :)

  3. Thank you girls!

    Thanks for the award!

    Nice to meet you! Thank you for following me!

  4. *Applauding* Very good!
    By the way, I have awarded you at my blog!

  5. That first bit rom Gemini is so sweet... and Alistair is a good friend. XD

    Poor Oliver... I like the feel of the story though. :D

    Loved the bit from Quara - that was just fun! And as always, The Three Kyngdoms was very intriguing - tygerhawks and important messages! :D

    I will look forward to next month's! :D

  6. These are all lovely! I really liked the first one ... reminds me of Great Expectations for some odd reason ...

    And Seren sounds interesting ...

    I want to know more!!!

  7. Hi! I'm here from the link-up :) You're a very good writer with a talent for names....Emrys? Quara? Seren? Awesome. xD

  8. Jessa,
    Thank you for the award!! I shall do an award post soon.

    Katherine Sophia,
    Aww, thank you! Alistair is one of my favorite characters to write in the Gemini.

    Thanks! I love Seren, but is she ever stubborn!! Ok, that is one of the reasons I love her so much! :)

    Many thanks!! I can properly only claim credit for the name Quara. Emrys comes from Arthurian Legend, and Seren from another language.


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