Sunday, October 7, 2012

Quote of the Week: Star Wars

Luke Skywalker: All right, I'll give it a try.

Yoda: No.  Try not.  Do... or do not.  There is no try.

One of my favorite Yoda quotes!  And one I would do well to remember more....   =)

I hope last week went well for everyone and this week is beautiful for you all!!!

Miss Melody Muffin


  1. I like that quote 8-) I'd like it even more if I could say it in his voice.


  2. Okay, first notes. I shall put those in a post 8-D(I like knowing where stories came from too and how they began. It is fun.)

    Oh! I need to watch The Hobbit interviews! I hadn't thought of that!

    Isn't Ten amazing?! He and Nine are my favourite and they tie as my first Doctor...I kind of watched both at the same time...something like that. (David Tennant says Allons-y MUCH better then I ever can, so I am glad you go to hear it from him 8-D)



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