Monday, October 22, 2012

Quotes of the Week: Les Miserables

I'm a day late with the Quote of the Week because my Sunday was rather hectic....

This week, I'm going to share some of my favorite quotes from the characters of Les Miserables.  And believe me, it was hard to keep it to only a few per character!  All quotes are from the book.  WARNING: spoilers ahead!!

Jean Valjean:
"You are free." (to Javert)
"Inspector Javert, you have me.  Besides, since this morning, I have considered myself your prisoner.  I did not give you my address to try to escape you.  Take me.  Only grant me one thing.  Dispose of me as you like, but first help me carry him home.  I only ask that of you."  (Valjean, so selfless!)
"It is you, Cosette?  You are here?  You forgive me then?"
"The proof that God is good is that she is here."
"Because things are unpleasant, that is no reason for being unjust toward God."  (Sound advice!)

"I live only when the mayor is here."  (Sweet!)
"God is kind, Monsieur Madeleine is good; just think of it, that he has gone to Montfermeil for my little Cosette."

"I beg the Mayor's pardon.  the insult does not belong to him, but to justice."  (This perfectly sums up the essence of Javert)
"Don't go and shoot.  It'll misfire."  (LOVE this one!)
"Take your revenge."
" granting me life, in sparing me, what has he done?  His duty?  No.  Something more.  And I, in sparing him in turn, what have I done?  My duty?  No.  Something more.  So is there something more than duty?"

The Bishop:
"There is bravery for the priest as well as for the colonel of dragoons....  Only, ours should be peaceable."
"Do not forget, ever, that you have promised me to use this silver to become an honest man.  Jean Valjean, my brother, you no longer belong to evil, but to good.  It is your soul I am buying for you.  I withdraw it from dark thoughts and from the spirit of perdition, and I give it to God!"  (Who doesn't thrill to this quote?)
"Do not ask the name of him who asks you for a bed.  It is precisely he whose name is a burden to him who most needs sanctuary."

Eponine: (One of my top three favorite characters!)
 "You're following me too closely, Monsieur Marius.  Let me go on ahead, and follow me like that, without seeming to.  It won't do for a fine young man like you to be seen with a woman like me."  (The heartbreaking tragedy this quote expresses!)
"Friends!  Listen to me!  Now I'll tell you.  In the first place, if you go into the garden, if you touch this grating, I'll cry out, I'll rap on doors, I'll wake everybody up, I'll have all six of you arrested, I'll call the police!  Beginning with my father.  Go on about your business, you annoy me.  Go wherever you like, but don't come back here.  I forbid it!  You have knives, I have feet and hands.  That makes no difference to me, so come ahead!"  (My top favorite from her!  Her courage here!  Especially since she is defending the house of the girl who is in love with the man she herself loves!)
"And then, do you know, Monsieur Marius, I believe I was a little in love with you."  (HEARTBREAKING again!)

 "Ah.  You are putting on your man's voice, monsieur.  Very well, I'll go.  You, Father, you have not backed me up.  Monsieur my husband, Monsieur my papa, you are tyrants.  I'm going to tell grandfather about you."
"I will have Monsieur Gillenormand scold you.  Grandfather's are made to scold fathers."
"I don't need a father anymore!  To things like that which don't make common sense, one really doesn't know what to say!"  (Poor confused Cosette.)
"Father!  My Father!  You will live.  I will have you live, do you hear?"  (My top favorite of hers!)

Monsieur Thenardier:
"Silence!  I am suppressing the freedom of the press!"  (This one makes me laugh every time!)

Monsieur Gillenormand:
"Permission to adore each other!"  (And this one from Marius' grandfather is just too funny!)

You've probably noticed there are no quotes from the Friends of the ABC or Gavroche.  That's because I'm saving them for another Les Mis quotes post.  =)

Have a great week!

Miss Melody Muffin

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