Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Today I Am... Apologizing

For having neglected you all for so long.  My life has gone from crazy to zany the last few weeks.  Stress, not feeling well a couple times, being overtired and a few unexpected things coming up; on top of everything that happens here on a regular basis, have left me with practically no time to write.  (Not only has my blog been feeling my absence but I'm several thousand word behind on my Half NaNo novel.)  I profusely apologize to all my loyal, wonderful followers.  Also, I know I haven't replied yet to emails from some of you, nor have I replied to all the comments you have left me here.  Again, I'm deeply sorry.  On a brighter note, I do believe I will be able to fit in more time now, so I'll be back to posting and replying.  =)

Here is what I've been doing the last couple days:

The Three Kyngdoms.  I have a lot to catch up on if I'm going to make my 25,000 word goal.

 The Princess Bride.  And re-reading The Hobbit.

 To Christmas music!!!  I love Christmas music!  My favorite song is Do You Hear What I Hear by Third Day.  Casting Crowns and Chris Tomlin also have some amazing Christmas music.  And a host of others fill out my favorites list.

 The Lord of the Rings: Return of the King.  Aragorn is terrific!!!!  And those costumes!!  And battle scenes!!  And horses!!

At Pinterest and all the wonderful storyboards some of my friends have up on there.  I'm not a member, but I'm deliberating joining....

That Latin is quite a fascinating language!

Tired.  As usual.  :)  I also have that odd feeling one gets when you are physically exhausted but mentally charged and bursting with energy.

 Catching up on my Half NaNo writing.  And more snow so my family can engage in one of our favorite winter pastimes- snowball fights!  Fire away!!!

 Again, that I could just push a button and stop time.  I need more time to write or I'll go stark raving mad!

 That Project Gutenberg has some very cool books on historical costume.  Now for the time to read them all....

Have a good day!!

 Miss Melody Muffin


  1. Ah yes, if one could only press a button and stop time, then life would be perfect. *glares at the nearest clock*

    I hope you can get your zany back down at least to crazy. I completely understand what you mean.


  3. Ooh! You are reading The Princess Bride!? I LOVE that book! Have you read it before? An have you seen the movie? They're both very good!

  4. Stress is never nice. It makes your whole body weird. I hope yours has all passed now and you can rest and get to feeling better.
    I must admit...I am glad you are back. I love reading your posts.

    I am also glad you liked the trailer!
    Book of Days is one of my favourites too, almost right behind Flora's Secret. I love Enya's music, it is so pretty

    I hope you continue to feel better! Oh yes, and Do you hear what I hear is a lovely Christmas song! One of my favouritres!

  5. I've tagged you at my blog!

  6. Hey, if you join pinterest, find me because I am on there!

  7. Kendra,
    Thanks! No sign of anything slowing down yet, but I'm still hoping!

    I agree!!

    I have not read the book before, nor have I seen the movie in its entirety. I have seen several clips from the movie, and it is at the top of my 'to watch' list. So far, I'm LOVING the book!!!

    Jessa Bri,
    Thank you very much! I'll have to do that soon.

    Really! I'll have to look at your boards!


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