Thursday, December 20, 2012

Jane Austen Tag

Miss Laurie over at Old–Fashioned Charm just finished her Jane Austen Birthday Assembly.  I wasn't able to participate much but I knew I had to find time to answer these fun tag questions.

1. How did you meet Jane Austen?
I had heard about her from my mother from a fairly young age.  I also knew of her and her books from encyclopedias.  But it wasn't until I was fourteen that I actually started to read her books, starting when I picked up a used copy of Pride and Prejudice.

2. In which order did you first become acquainted with and read Jane Austen's novels?
I knew the names of her major works before I read any of them.  Pride and Prejudice was the first book I read.  I think Persuasion was next, then Emma, Sense and Sensibility, Northanger Abbey, Mansfield Park and finally Lady Susan.

3. Rate Jane Austen's major novels from your most favorite to your least favorite and tell why.
Pride and Prejudice will always be my top favorite.  Partly because I see quite a bit of myself in Elizabeth, partly because by the middle of the book, Darcy is such a great hero and well, I adore the storyline!  Sense and Sensibility is a very close second.  I am enough like Elinor I could be her twin and I love living the story with her.  Willoughby is thoroughly despicable and an excellent villain, and again, the storyline is wonderful.  Northanger Abbey is third, due to it's fantastic plot and how much plain good fun Henry Tilney is.  Persuasion- I love how Anne and Captain Wentworth have a second chance at happiness.  And Sir Walter is hilarious!  Mansfield Park and Emma tie for fifth place.  Mr. Knightley is great and Fanny is sweet.  Emma, I must confess, I don't like nearly as well as Mr. Knightley.  And Edmund- well, see #5.

4. Which Jane Austen hero/heroine couple is your favorite and why?
Mr. Darcy and Elizabeth Bennet.  Forever.  I love how their relationship develops, and how they both have to change and grow before they can be happy.  Their chemistry is just wonderful.  I love her witty retorts and his fighting against his feelings for her and discovering he just can't stop them.

5. Which hero/heroine couple is your least favorite and why?
Oh, dear, I have to pick a least favorite?  But they are all so fantastic!  Oh, alright then.  Fanny Price and Edmund Bertram.  Edmund's blindness where the Crawfords are concerned always drives me crazy and I want to slap him upside the head. 

To be completely honest though, I would mix and match.  Edmund is my least favorite hero and Emma is my least favorite heroine.  I connect with her the least of all Austen's heroines.

6. Have you read any of Jane Austen's Juvenilia works? Which ones?
Not yet.  I hope to remedy that soon.

7. If you could change the name of one of Jane Austen's characters who would it be and why?
I can't think that I would!  Actually, I would change Mr. Knightley's first name.  He just never seemed quite like a 'George' to me.  And George is not my favorite name, though I don't exactly hate it.

8. Have you ever introduced someone to Jane Austen?
Um, sort of.  I loan my books to my younger sisters, because mine are currently the only Austen copies in the house.  But, I'm not sure I can honestly claim credit for introducing them to Austen.  I'm pretty sure that would go to my mother.

9. If a new film about her life was made, which actress would you want to play Jane Austen?
Hmmm.  *Puts on thinking cap.*  I think Emily Blunt (The Young Victoria) would do a very interesting portrayal.

10. Pretend you're having a weekend party at your very own country house, which Austen characters (up to five) would you invite and why?
Oh yay!  Mr. Darcy, Elizabeth (Bennet) Darcy, Eleanor Tilney, Henry Tilney and Frederica (Vernon) de Courcy.  Mr and Mrs. Darcy would be terrific to meet, I've always like Eleanor and wished she had more 'screen time', er book time.  Mr. Tilney is... well... Mr. Tilney.  Need I say more?  And I would love to meet Frederica after the written part of her story ends.

11. In your real life have you ever attended a Jane Austen themed event, party or ball? Or have you hosted one yourself?
I wish!  Sadly, no.  We live in a rather remote area of the country, and there aren't any such events around here, that I'm aware of.

12. Suppose you were given the opportunity to ask Jane Austen two questions: one in connection with her real life and one about her stories. What would they be?
I would ask why she accepted that proposal for just one night, and then I would ask how many ideas she had for further novels.

Miss Melody Muffin


  1. This was a fun tag to read! I know little about Jane Austen, I've only ever read Pride and Prejudice. I've thought of reading Northanger Abbey because whenever I take a quiz on which heroine I'm most like I get the main girl from that book. And my sister insists I watch Emma, and everyone else insists I watch another of the movies but I forget which. Apparently, though, the hero in it is quite dashing.

  2. QUOTE: "Edmund's blindness where the Crawfords are concerned always drives me crazy and I want to slap him upside the head."

    LOL! My sentiments exactly!

  3. congrats on getting tagged! great answers! new follower, hi!!

  4. Tom,
    Yeah, Edmund was just such a dolt sometimes!

    Hi!! Thanks for following!


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