Friday, February 22, 2013

Poem of the Week: Riding Song

This gave me such a longing for riding bareback on a summer evening....

Riding Song

Let us ride together,— 
Blowing mane and hair, 
Careless of the weather, 
Miles ahead of care, 
Ring of hoof and snaffle, 
Swing of waist and hip, 
Trotting down the twisted road 
With the world let slip.

Let us laugh together,— 
Merry as of old 
To the creak of leather 
And the morning cold. 
Break into a canter; 
Shout to bank and tree; 
Rocking down the waking trail, 
Steady hand and knee.

Take the life of cities,— 
Here's the life for me. 
'Twere a thousand pities 
Not to gallop free. 
So we'll ride together, 
Comrade, you and I, 
Careless of the weather, 
Letting care go by.

Miss Melody Muffin

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