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The beautiful month of May brings us the birthday of the lovely Miss Melody the decision was made to...yes hack her blog!!  Always fun right??? =D  The 5 of us 'women' (not including Melody) came up with 5 things we like and 5 things we 'dislike' about her... ;)  This should be goes... 


1. Loves the Lord.
2. Appreciates a good book - most of which we agree on! =)
3. Much better at participating in 'make believe' productions with the Little Ones.
4. She likes Mac :)
5. Has the same quirky sense of humor I do so we can share a good laugh.

1. Meals are often seasoned with a replay of the latest exciting episode of something...(current craze being K-drama =P)
2. She likes Opera.
3. She has the same quirky sense of humor I do...which means she's sometimes in my head when I don't want her to be there.

(mum broke the rule and only came up with 3 dislikes tut tut! =P ;) )

Betty Jo

1. Love historical clothes.
2. Great writer.
3. Love of books.
4. I'm the first one to hear most of her story plots.
5. Period drama.

1. Piles of papers in our room.
2. Always having to know why.
3. That she is always staying up late at night so I can't go to sleep.
4. Usually writing in an alternate world.
5. Her tendency to not read a book from cover to cover (usually reading the end first!)

Billie Jo

1. Great person to talk stories with.
2. Her passion for costuming.
3. That she is a walking history book so I can always ask her something if I just want some basic facts.
4. She's really good at giving neck massages.
5. Love doing dishes with her.

1. It's so hard to get her to get her hair styled (which I LOVE doing)
2. She pretty much HATES getting dressed up
3. Hoe she interrupts our conversations with something that has to do with K-drama.
4. Her food concoctions =P
5. When she writes a story and all the kids names start with the same letter and half the names I can't even pronounce. 

Bobbie Jo

1. Her sense of adventure (for the most part ;) )
2. Her ability to amke 'evil plans' lol.
3. Her high level of competition. =D
4. That she got me into LOTR.
5. She likes to go horseback riding!!!!!  YEEHAW!!!

1. Her hate of getting pictures taken. (I am a photographer and LOVE taking photo shoots)
2. Her addiction to Jane Austen and Les Mis.
3. She isn't as big into horses etc. like she used to be =(
4. Her pacing when she needs to THINK!
5. How she is ALWAYS writing something down.


1. That she got me into LOTR.
2. That she got me into Austen.
3. That she is a wonderful big sister (for the most part :) )
4. She writes the most wonderful stories.
5. We like a lot of the same things.

1. That she always has to know WHY.
2. That she goes around singing songs that I don't know and gets them stuck in my head!
3. She doesn't like having her picture taken.
4. She doesn't like to dress fancy.
5. She doesn't like the idea of getting married.

This has been a pleasure y'all!!!!
Take care and God Bless!!!
Melody's lil' sis and partner in crime =D
Bobbie Jo





  1. Haha!! Well done, Bobbie Jo! Love it!! I can only imagine what would happen if my family hacked my blog. They might not be able to limit themselves to only 5 dislikes. ;)

    And the very happiest of birthdays to you, Melody!

  2. *pulls up comment box so I can comment all the way down the post*

    Gosh, it feels so weird to be doing this on my own blog....

    *A moment of trepidation. Do I really want to read this post?*

    *flings head up and takes the plunge!*

    1. Thank you.
    2. Like These Old Shades. :) (I think that is her masterpiece.)
    3. Wait until you hear about what I've come up with now. :)
    4. Mackintosh forever!!!
    5. :D

    1. Guilty as charged!!!! I'm trying to slacken off burdening the rest of you with my latest obsession.... Or any of my obsessions for that matter.
    2. *cue Wagner's Ride of the Valkyries* :D
    3. Heehee!!!!!

    Betty Jo:
    1. *swirls around in imaginary Civil War ballgown*
    2. Awww, thank you!
    3. Sink me, The Scarlet Pimpernel is the best!
    4. And a very good sounding board you are.
    5. P&P, N&S. :D

    1. *innocent face* What papers? :)
    2. But WHY?????? I want to know, Anne! :)
    3. Sorry!!!!!!!!!!
    4. There is so much more 'scope for imagination' in an alternate world....
    5. Hey, I only do that about 4 times out of 10! Well, maybe five. But that way I know if I want to spend the time to read it or just choose another book. :)

    Billie Jo:
    1. *bows* As are you, Sis.
    2. Oh, I saw the coolest dress on Pinterest! I'll have to show you later.
    3. I probably should make you look them up yourself but I can never bring myself to do it. :) Besides, I like discussing history with you.
    4. Thank you!
    5. I like doing dishes with you, too!

    1. :)
    2. It takes so long and is so much trouble!
    3. Sorrrrrryyyyyyy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    4. ): Cinnamon in farina is good! And olives and mushrooms belong in anything with tomato sauce and mozzarella cheese. :)
    5. *giggle*

    Bobbie Jo:
    1. Let's run away later today! :)
    2. There are more evil plots to be hatched!
    3. I'm just as good at the fast draw as you are!
    4. 'This day we fight!'
    5. If it weren't so wet out today, we could do a birthday ride.... Oh well, we do desperately need the rain.

    1. I look so dumb in pictures!
    2. It is a truth universally acknowledged that Bobbie Jo DOES NOT like Jane Austen.
    A Little Les Mis will hardly hurt you now!
    3. Wait a few weeks. The pendulum will swing around alarmingly.
    4. It helps my brain wrestle with deep thoughts!
    5. Well, how else am I supposed to keep track of it?!

    1. My Precious...... :)
    2. Darcy and Lizzie!!!!
    3. Awww, thank you!
    4. *blushes* A sister's partiality.
    5. Have you finished Fellowship? The book is better than the movie, yes?

    1. It is a very important question!!!!!
    2. Red, the blood of angry men; Black, a world about to dawn!!! You're welcome. :D
    3. It is so dull!
    4. See previous answer. :)
    5. I'm too busy living life. Besides, try finding a guy that would put up with me long term! :)

    Thank you wonderful sisters and mother for your kind words!!!!!! And I do heartily apologize for the dislikes. :)

    You've all definitely given me a memorable birthday!

  3. Mum now rides in as one must always do when the Ride of the Valkyries plays, (which by the way, I do's not the's the lyrics in opera that annoy me! And the melodrama!) to tell you all that I'm mending my ways and adding #4 to the list.....
    That flip of her head openly confessed to above! If any of you ever saw it, you'd know how she came by the moniker 'Melody' (short for Melodramatic!).
    Love you, Daughter! Happy Birthday!

  4. Happy Birthday, Miss Melody Muffin!

  5. Hehehehe, this was great. HAPPY BIRTHDAY, MELODY!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. What fun it must be to have so many (relatively) kindred spirits in one's own household! Many Happy Returns from a fellow scribbler-who-prefers-alternate-worlds. ;-)

    God bless,
    ~"Wild Rose"~

    If it's any comfort, I hear ya on the "try finding a guy who'll put up with me for the rest of his life" bit. :-)
    Happy Birthday~

  7. HAPPY BIRTHDAY MELODY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    (YAY FOR K-DRAMA'S!!!! :D)

  8. Happy birthday, Melody!!!!! What a terrifically fun family you have. My dad and siblings were planning to do something similar for my birthday this year but they couldn't figure out my Blogger password. Muwahahahahahaha.

    Praying that this next year of your life will bring you many, many blessings. I've loved getting to know you in recent months and I hope we'll continue to be friends for many more to come! :D

  9. Happy Birthday Melody! (Even if this is a bit late ... my brain wasn't quite working yesterday. Still isn't, but that's another issue).

    I must admit, I giggled all through these, especially the dislikes. You're not the only person who likes to read the end of a book first. I'm guilty as charged. And I've come to the conclusion that unless one of my nutcrackers decide to come to life, I'll probably never get married.

    I found the hair dislike amusing.

  10. Happy Birthday, Melody!!!!!!!! I hope you had a wonderful one!!!! I'm so blessed to have met you!

  11. 1. My Precious???? Ugh :P
    2. Aren't they the best??:)
    3. Well you are except for when you 'My Precious" me.
    4. They are amazing even though the parents die most of the time.
    5. YES!!!! It is Magnificently, Wonderfully, Amazingly, Fantastic!!

    1. For some people
    2. Not AGAIN:)
    3. For some people:)
    4. Patience is a virtue:)
    5. I still think that there is a guy who will put up with you:):)

    Luv U, ButterflyBailey


    I'm so blessed to know all of you wonderful people.

    *headdesk as I realize I mistyped the words for Red and Black*

    Ah yes, opera lyrics. Another thing I listen to in a foreign language.

    Alternate worlds are the best because you can make up the rules yourself and don't have to stick to reality! :)

    And guys- yeah. :D

    I have to email you....

    Miss Amy Dashwood,
    My mom ordered me to sign in (my family doesn't know my password either) so I did and then left the room for them to do their evil deed. :)

    Don't feel bad about it being late! Around here, we don't mind late- because it means the birthday was extended. :)

    Well, if one reads the end of book then they know if the book is good enough to read all the way through. And if it isn't, then we've spared ourselves a lot of wasted time. :D

    Yeah, I can think of half a dozen fictional characters who would make good husbands. But therein lies the problem- they are all fictional. :)

    Guys- RIIIGGGGGHHHHHTTTT. You know my opinion on that score.

  13. and a bit later even, but HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    This post was so funny...(and if you would like to direct the blame for the Kdrama mess towards me, that's fine XD) Melody being short for Melodramatic is actually awesome. XD

    Hope you had a lovely day and that this year is absolutely amazing!! :)


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