Sunday, October 27, 2013

TWO HUNDRED and Chatterbox - A New Monthly Link Up

First, an announcement.  THIS IS MY 200TH POST.  Wow, it doesn't seem like I should be up to that many posts yet... although, the song challenge posts have really pushed my total up.

In other news, Rachel Heffington at The Inkpen Authoress has started a new monthly link up event for writers.  It is an exercise in dialogue writing.  She chooses a topic at the beginning of the month, we write dialogue about it with some of our characters and then link up at her blog.  For this month's topic she chose coffee.

This month I'm using Quara, because it is the story I'm currently working on and these are the characters filling my head.  In Quara coffee goes by the name cokolado.

The candles flickered brightly as Timotheus sleepily walked into the High Office and dropped into a chair.

"Sorry to rout you out at such an hour," Ariana looked at him compassionately, "But, I thought we'd better deal with this immediately."  She handed him the note that had just come in by pigeon.  Beside her, Sojeph was unrolling a map.

Timotheus shrugged as he took it.  "We do what we have to do."  He stared at the note, trying to absorb its meaning.  His brain just would not wake up.  It needed help.

Fragrant smells drifted down the hall and someone knocked on the door, which stood open a crack.

"Come in!" Sojeph called.

Timotheus' lifeguard Orak entered and set down a platter on which sat a pot and a large mug.  Sojeph's lifeguard Selbu Dynas followed, setting two more trays down, each of which also held a pot and a mug.

"Cokolado!" the High King exclaimed.  Orak filled the mug and handed it to him.  Timotheus gulped the steaming black liquid gratefully.

Sipping her own hot, red-brown drink, Ariana raised her left eyebrow at him, "Slow down, why don't you?"

He grinned innocently at her, "I have to wake up in a hurry.  That is, I do if you want this note to make any sense to me and for me to be ready to deal with whatever crisis we are facing now."

"You do know that stuff is bad for you, at least in the quantities you drink it."  She set her cup down and watched as he picked up the note again.

"Maybe," his trademark charming grin was back, now that his brain had woken up.  "But death by cokolado poisoning?  That doesn't sound like such a bad way to die," he teased.

"Are you drinking that black?" Sojeph asked.

"Yes.  Do you want some?"

His younger brother shuddered, "No thank you.  I don't see how you drink it straight black like that, especially first thing after you've woken up."

"Best way in Quara to wake up quickly," Timotheus drained the mug and handed it back to be refilled.

Ariana wrinkled her nose, "Is it burned?  It stinks more than usual."

He raised his eyebrows, "No.  It probably just smells that way to you because it is nearly 3:00 in the morning."

"Whatever," she pulled a piece of writing paper and a quill towards her, "I'll stick to my korunda*."

"And Sojeph has his murgin*, so everyone is happy," Timotheus grinned cheerfully.

"Then let's settle this," Ariana indicated the note on the table before them.

Korunda is a cinnamon flavored drink, that has some caffeine in it, so it is a stimulant, similar to coffee.  Murgin is also a stimulating drink, only it is maple flavored.

To find out more about Chatterbox or to join in with your own post, go HERE.

Miss Melody Muffin


  1. Happy 200th post, Melody!!! It's been a pleasure reading them!!! Here's to another great 200 posts from The Splendor Falls!! *hands over virtual gingerbread just because chocolate is too mainstream* ;)

    Haha!! Loved it! I've seen a bunch of people doing Rachel's Chatterbox, and I might have to do one, too. But not this month... the Challenge took care of that. And that starts in 3 days!! Wow! Time flies!

  2. That is good.

  3. Chatterbox looks like fun--similar to Kendra's Character Encounters, only more focused on dialogue.

    Congrats on your 200th post! *Confetti*

    God bless,
    ~"Tom Wild Rose"~

  4. Congratulations! :)

    And this was totally fun! :) I like the High King. XD Haha, and Ariana, too... XD
    I'm glad you joined! :D


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