Sunday, November 10, 2013

NaNo (Full) Week One Check In

I was going to post this yesterday and then forgot....  Oops.

The first full week of NaNo is over!!!  Yay!!!!  *cheers and throws confetti*  Here are my stats for the first nine days of NaNo:

Word Count When This Piece of Craziness Began: 4, 796
Total Word Count As Of Now: 18, 518
Final Word Count Goal: 54, 796
Daily Word Count Goal: 2,000 words
Average Daily Word Count: 2, 065
Words Remaining: 36, 278

My favorite snippets from this week:

    "I refuse.  I don't care how important it is, I'm NOT going shoe shopping," Jyder set his chin the way he always did when he had made up his mind about something.
    "You will, if you need them," Judi said firmly.
    "Will not."
    "Then you'll be in trouble."
    "I don't care if I'm grounded for a month.  I already have to go shopping for a stupid new suit.  I'm not going shoe shopping on top of that."
    "You are pigheaded."

    "Rise, Alejan." she said softly.
    He did so, and for the first time his eyes met those of his liege princess.  Their eyes locked.
    In that moment, Johari Landison, newly ascended Crown Princess of Denzli, met another piece of her destiny.

To all of my readers who are also doing NaNo... how is it going for you?

Miss Melody Muffin

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