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Snippets of Story: December 2013

Some of you asked for snippets from my freshly finished novel, Oath of Loyalty.  Here you are!!!  I hope you enjoy them.

Snippets of Story is hosted by Katie at her blog Whisperings of the Pen.

    The young man nodded.  "But, after all, they hold your life in theirs as well," Jaris replied thoughtfully.  Then he grinned impishly, "On the whole, I pity them for it.  You'll be very hard to keep up with."

    "Sure." he texted back.  "Let me know when Ablondi needs a distraction.  I've found some awesome things to do."
    “Are they safe?"
    “Why wouldn't they be?"
    “Jaris Landison, the day you think of safety first will be the day the stars fall."
    “So you're saying I’m reckless?”
    “It wouldn't be the first time someone accused you of it.”

    “Wake up, Johari!  You're not just the daughter of the unimportant, youngest princess and her ambassador husband anymore.  You are the Crown Princess of Denzli and you need to start acting like it.”

    "Why are we all so positive that he is the one who did it?" Miridi asked suddenly.  "I mean, what if we are all wrong and there is someone else behind all this."
    There was silence around the table.
    "Then we're all in way over our heads," Johari said finally.

    "It's just… oh, I don't know," Ablondi stared dully at her cup of Pineapple Mentha.
    "It's just that you are so tired of all of it," Johari said.  "you thought you had left all this behind you, and here it has followed you and dragged you back into it.  But, keep your head up!  It will end, or we'll die ending it, and either way it will be over."
    Several Companions choked, caught between horror and laughter.
    "Either way it will be over?" Taruba asked incredulously,  "That is very encouraging, Luno."
    Johari smiled impishly, "Isn't it?"

    She sighed and Alejan leaned forward, "Luno?  You seem very tired."
    Johari smiled and tried to brush off his concern.  "No more so than usual."
    "I beg leave to differ," he said respectfully.
    "This isn't about me," she tried to tell him but he waved his hand.
    "Luno, we're your Companions.  Everything is about you."

    "But, it makes sense, kind of," Johari's voice held supressed wonder and fire blended.  Her Companions looked at her.  Her gaze swung back and forth between Mataro and Alejan.  Thoughts and ideas raced over the three faces as they looked at each other.

    When the doors of her room had swished closed behind her, Johari let her stone mask partly fall.  Her eyes flashed such fire that Traza, on guard in the anteroom, actually quailed.  Silently but coldly, the princess stalked through to her sitting room.

    "Now, your oath is completely fulfilled.  Calunga has passed on, and as Queen of Denzli, with the authority given to me, I release you from your oath.  You are now free and your own to command."

    When Johari entered the room, she was pulled aside by Taruba, who told her Ablondi was just up and would join them shortly.  Alejan waited and when Taruba was done, spoke,
    "Yes, Alejan?"
    "You have a theory about this rebellion, don't you?"
    "Yes.  I personally think it ties in with our discussion from last night."

Miss Melody Muffin


  1. Nice snippets Sister!! Can't wait to read more!

  2. This is why I want to read all your books. Every snippet I read I love your characters more.

    And I saw the last post! Thank you for posting about it! 8-D

  3. Butterfly,
    Thanks. :)

    Thank you!!!

    And you are welcome. I'm always happy to spread the word about your writing.

  4. OK this is one I will read and not just because you will be reading mine from NaNo. This sounds interesting. My fave one is "So you're saying i"m reckless?"

  5. These are spectacular! I'm adoring these characters. They're way too much fun! Thank you for sharing! :D

  6. I like Jaris Landison.

    And I'm very curious about Johari...

    HA, I certainly like her, as well. XD

    Aww, and Alejan...

    These are all intriguing! and isn't going through a freshly finished novel fun? :D


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