Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Don't Forget!!!!

I just wanted to remind my readers of some of the blog events going on this moth, several of which are taking place this week:

Kiri Liz's Dear Love party runs until Valentine's Day.  There have been some great posts so far, and there are more planned.  She also has a giveaway going HERE, so make sure you enter that.

Jessica Greyson

Authors Jessica Greyson and Elizabeth Ender are hosting a huge book lovers giveaway.  The winner will receive a big package of fifteen books!  HERE is where you can enter that giveaway.  And go HERE to fill out the party tag and link up.  Each day there is an interview with a different author on Jessica's author blog.  I've enjoyed reading the interviews a lot.

Jessica is also running a Fairy Tale-themed Valentines contest at her main blog.  The contest is closed now, but be sure to go and vote HERE for your favorite Valentines!


Kendra Ardnek's read through of her delightful fairy tale Sew, It's a Quest continues.  HERE is the latest post on it.  For more information on the read-along or the other activities Kendra has planned for this month, go HERE.

Rachel Heffington will be releasing her debut novel Fly Away Home this week.  It is now available for pre-order directly from Rachel at Ruby Elixir Press.  By ordering directly from her, you get an autographed copy.  It will also be available from Amazon in the next few days.

Kellie at Accordion to Kellie is hosting her annual Literary Heroine Blog Party Feb. 16-28.  It is a wonderful event where girls of all ages come together to blog about their favorite heroines in literature.  Kellie is also planning a giveaway during the event.  For more information, go HERE.


Eva at Ramblings of A Janeite will be hosting blog party celebrating Dickens' classically epic work A Tale of Two Cities.  The party runs from Feb. 21-28.  Clicking HERE will take you to the announcement post, which has a schedule for what to expect during the party.  There are some great posts planned, as well as a giveaway.

And for those of you who join in the monthly writers' link-ups, Rachel Heffington's Chatterbox, Kendra Ardnek's Character Encounters and Katie's Snippets of Story are all open for February submissions now.

I hope I haven't forgotten anything....

Whew!  I had no idea February was going to be such a busy month!

Have a good night!

Miss Melody Muffin


  1. Whoa -- thanx for all the notices! ;D

  2. Wow! February is going to be a busy month (well, it already is). It makes me tired just reading this post ;) Thanks for sharing the link to my blog party (and, just to let you know, Marius and Cosette's 181st wedding anniversary is coming up on the 16th. I'm going to do a blog post celebrating it :))


  3. Elfie,
    You're welcome. :D

    You are welcome. I'm looking forward to the party. Wow, 181st?! I'll be looking out for that post!


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