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Snippets of Story: February 2014

Snippets of Story is a monthly link-up hosted by Katie at Whisperings of the Pen.  Without further ado, here are snippets from what I wrote in January.

    "You know, if there was one thing I didn’t miss these last five months, it was all the teasing we normally get."
    "Gosh, me either!  If only there was a way to keep that away for good…."
    "Are you thinking what I’m thinking?" I asked after a minute.
    "Of course, unless we’ve lost our mutual mental telepathy in the last 5 months."
Sub Rosa

    "Handler 119 to Agent 888, Agent 889 needs instant extraction."
    I huffed in annoyance, "Now what has he gone and gotten himself into that I have to pull him out of?!  Can’t he ever take care of himself?  I'm in the middle of an important investigation here.  Is there no other agent that can go?"
    "Negative, Agent 888."
    "Oh brother!  Very well then.  I’ll be on my way in half an hour.  And won’t I take it out of him later!"
Sub Rosa

     "Ironic, is it not?  My parents both died protecting the last hope of Cambria."
    "My father died in the same manner," he said quietly.  "I never even knew him."
    She turned her head and they locked eyes.  It was a look of mutual sympathy and shared pain.
The Three Kyngdoms

    "I’m going to go watch over him," Caie murmured, standing up.
    "Caie," his father said warningly.
    "I know, Father," Caie said impatiently, before Antor could say more.  "I won’t trouble him.  I know him too well for that.  But, I will be there should he need me."  Without waiting for a reply, he strode from the room.
The Three Kyngdoms

    Arimathe was beaming proudly.  “There are none of Roland’s blood who do not instinctively know the sight of that sword.  I infer Dominus wove it into their blood.”
The Three Kyngdoms

    “I know you will smash all of those Shadows to pieces,” Berwyn told them proudly.
    “Bring me back one of their strange black horses,” Cadoc said.  “I want to see one.”
    Seren shuddered.  Cadoc did not know what he asked.
The Three Kyngdoms

    "There were days I used to wonder how any human being could land in as many scrapes as you do."
    "And you don't now?"
    "Not anymore."
    "Why don't you mind pulling me out of them time and time again?"
    "Because it is your compassionate heart that lands you in them, and that is a rare and honorable thing in this day and age."
The Lion and the Rose

    "That is three safe.  And it is of no use to ask you if you will still risk your life to rescue the others."
    Zahira shook her head, "No use at all.  I took a vow not to rest until all of my family are safe."
    "No matter that many of them turned their backs on you," Lujayn said pointedly.
The Lion and the Rose

    “You and Mataro started a snowball and it keeps gaining momentum.  But, we don’t have time to discuss it further right now.  You finish that breakfast up and then go finish getting your makeup done.”
    “Yes, ma’am,” Johari sassed.
    Taruba shook her head.  Anyone who thought the position of Head Lassi to the Crown Princess an enviable one, had never met Johari. 
Pearl of Loyalty

Miss Melody Muffin


  1. GOOD!!! I am really liking Sub Rosa!

  2. Sub Rosa makes me laugh. XD I quite like Agent 888. :D

    The Three Kyngdoms is always intriguing...I want to know more about Caie. :)

    and The Lion and the Rose just makes me excited in general. XD

    haha, poor Taruba... :) Johari is always fun, though.


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