Monday, March 31, 2014

Mirrors Lie

Rachel's Chatterbox subject for this month is mirrors.

I found this quote some time ago and pinned it, thinking it would fit in a story sometime.  Flipping through Pinterest the other day I came across it again.  And then it inspired the Chatterbox scene for this month.

   If you want to know who you truly are, go look in a mirror.
    That is what my art tutor, Lady Polydamna, told me one day when I was fourteen and complained that I did not know who I truly was.  At the time I felt like two different people.
    Now, it’s even more confusing, for now my mirror shows me three different people.
    First, it shows me the person I have been for much of my life.  Lady Seren of Cambria and Corbenic, daughter of a knight, adopted daughter of the Anax and Anessa of Corbenic.  Schooled alongside elves by the tutors of Corbenic.  Trained in weaponry, fighting and horsemanship by the Lord Marshal and the acting Brynhildr of the Valkyrs.  More elven than human in behavior.
    The second picture it reveals is the person I became when the truth about my heritage was revealed.  Princess Seren of Cambria, second in line to the throne, loyal supporter of her brother the Prince.  With him, rebuilder of the Kingdom of Cambria.  Politician, gracious hostess, advisor.
    The third reflection is the person I am most often during these troubled days.  Brynhildr Seren, captain of the renowned valkyrs, the best fighters in the Three Kingdoms.  Calm leader, strategist, ally of the Three Princes.
    Which one is truly me, I wonder?  All of them?  
    In a way, yes.  I am all three of those faces, sometimes one at a time, and sometimes all three at once.
    And in another way, I am none of those three people.  All I wished for was to be an ordinary valkyr, riding and fighting side by side with the other valkyrs.  I did not ask to be one of the leaders of the war.  I did not wish to be one of those who daily makes decisions that will inevitably end in more deaths.  More bodies upon a battlefield.  More men and women who will not live a full life.
    The mirror reflects a calm, person who is in control of herself and her people.  It does not show the heart-ripping pain that tears through me every time another person under my command meets death.  It does not show the woman that simply wants this all to end.  The person who wishes more than anything she could go back to being just the adopted daughter of the Anax and Anessa.  It does not show the tears I wish I could shed in the dark of night. 
    It does not show the girl that still hides below the surface of a woman.
    I think Lady Polydamna had it wrong.  Mirrors lie, for they do not show the person deep down inside beneath the face.

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Miss Melody Muffin


  1. Which is why the eyes are the mirror to the soul.

  2. Lody... My eyes are bugging outta my head.... THAT was BEAUTIFUL. Seren of the Three Kyngdoms. So THIS is Three Kyngdoms. OBSESSED. RING THE ALARM BELLS. ELFIE'S OBSESSED. XD

  3. I love it!!! You are such a good writer! I can't wait to read one of your books!

  4. This was FANTABULOUS! One of these days I will really get around to doing a Chatterbox. *nods* Yes, I will. In the meantime, I'll just go about loving yours. :)

    Annnd... oh, yes. I've awarded you, so please stop by Lianne Taimenlore. Because you so richly deserve it!


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