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The Smelliest Job on God's Green Earth

Snippets from my March writing.  Snippets of Story is hosted by Katie at Whisperings of the Pen.

    Esteri looked down at Heka lying on the sofa and frowned at him, “Shouldn’t you get up and do something?”
    “I am doing something,” he grinned up at her.  “I’m resting my bones.  And I’m working on this logic game.  I have five more levels before I’m even with Kajam.”
    “Heka, you’ve been lying there for over an hour.  I think your bones are rested enough,” she told him sternly.
    He pouted, “No they aren’t, Noona.  Don’t you know my bones are different than you humans’ bones are?”
    Circini looked startled and Heka could not resist the temptation to tease, “My sister must not have told you that I’m an alien.”
future Stellumo book

    “And what if it had been an enemy agent?” Sitara demanded.  “Great danes, Heka, it was careless.  CARELESS.  You must remember, every agent is potentially under opposition control.  It is imperative you remember to do the background and security checks,” she sighed heavily.
future Stellumo book

    “I thought you would enjoy seeing the famous Devil’s Waterspout,” he grinned at me as we started out.
    “That would be wicked!” I exclaimed.
    Julius raised his eyebrows but his brown eyes were twinkling.  “It’s probably a good thing Decimus did not hear you say that,” he teased.  “Your brother would be in for it again.”
    I tossed my head, “As if Octavian not using those words could stop me from using them.”
    He laughed, “I think Decimus is still unsure about how to handle a girl who rides and shoots nearly as well as he does and who frankly tells her brother he’s being a dirtbrain.”
    I laughed with him, “My mother did not always know what to do with me either.  She blamed Octavian for corrupting me and for being the reason I would not settle down and be a proper lady.” 
My Brother's Keeper

    After the lecture, we were sent outside to clean the pigpen.  It was one of the worst punishments that our parents ever gave us.  If you have never cleaned out a pigpen, than you cannot know the torture of doing it.  It is truly the smelliest job on God’s green earth.  The four of us, Adora, Sergio, Diego and I, hurried to clean the pen out and then ran to the swimming hole and plunged in, trying to rid ourselves of the awful smell.  Afterwards, we climbed up into the sprawling branches of our favorite tree, the one that overhung the swimming hole, and perched there, talking about the lecture.  We agreed that if we were supposed to be each other’s keepers, then it should include troublemaking schemes, because how else were we supposed to watch over each other?  The purpose of being young was to get as much out of life as we could, and to do that, naturally we would get into some trouble.
Sister's Keeper

    “Adora is one of the cleverest talkers I know,” Lord Delevene said encouragingly.  “If anyone could talk her way out of an execution, it would be her.”
    “Do you have a plan?” Lord Curre asked.
    “Go in, get her out if she is alive, bring the Syndicate to its knees if she isn’t,” my voice was cold and hard.
Sister's Keeper

    “If I didn’t have to stay here, I’d be joining you,” Lord Curre said.
    “Thanks,” Miguel said.  At the moment, my heart was too full for words.
    “None needed,” Lord Curre said.  “Just find her and get her out.”
Sister's Keeper

    “It’s the air of Corbenic,” Llewellyn said.  “It’s magical.”
    Seren reached over and kicked him.
    He scowled at her, “Well it is!  Nowhere else do people sleep so wholesomely.”
    “That does not make it magic.  It has a perfectly logical explanation,” Seren took a bite of her muffin.
    “Yes, yes, I know.  The forest air, the mountain air, the water... I’ve heard it all several times.  But it is a much more boring explanation than magic.”
    “Less misleading though,” Seren countered.
    “Seren and Llewellyn are back to arguing.  All is right with the world again,” Iorwerth declared with satisfaction.
Venit Hora

Miss Melody Muffin


  1. "Dirtbrain"--ooh-ha! I love it! :-D

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  4. Great Job!!! I can't wait to read the rest of the keeping books =)

  5. I WANT TO READ Venit Hora!!!!!!!!!! And the Sister's Keeper and Brother's Keeper snipets are really good!!


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