Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Waterfall Enchantment


My April Character Encounter.  This month, we are supposed to meet our character near a waterfall.  The challenge is: '...see if you can encounter a character who has either a prophecy about him/her, or a character who is a member of royalty. If the character is/has both, that would be great.'

This fit in PERFECTLY with the story I've been working on all month.  But, I'm not satisfied with the way this CE came out, especially the end.  And it's too late to let it stew and rework it.

    I have always felt that there was something enchanting about a waterfall.  I cannot articulate what it is about them that has the power to hold me enthralled.  Every waterfall I have been close to has this effect on me.  Even a waterfall in a picture makes me stop and take a second look.
    Today, my family is on a weekend trip to see the noted S–––– Falls.  We left our hotel after breakfast and with a big picnic lunch in tow, have come to spend the day at the park next to the Falls.  My siblings immediately run over to the playground.  My parents stroll leisurely along a partially wooded walking path.  My two sisters, delighted with the perfect scenery, begin a photo shoot.
    I frown at my sisters' backs.  There is no way I'm sticking around here to be roped into having my picture taken.
    "I'm going down to the water's edge," I call over my shoulder to my sister Billie.
    At the water's edge, I am mesmerized as I watch the swirl of the waters, foaming as they rush in mighty volume over the rocks into the pools below.  Is there any more beautiful sight in nature?
    I revel in the exhilaration the roar of the water gives me, and in the cooling effect of the mist on my arms and face.
    A stick crunches behind me and I turn, stiffening, wondering who has caught me looking like a blissful idiot.
    Surprised, I frankly stare at the young man for a few seconds.  He is unlike anyone I would have expected to be at the park.  It doesn't take much to be taller than me, but he since he stands over six feet, he fairly dwarfs me.  He is dressed in a maroon medieval tunic that comes to his mid-thighs, brown pants and knee-high brown boots.  He wears his hair almost to his shoulders and neatly combed.  A golden circlet sits on his brows.
    He bows courteously, a wide, warm smile softening his face, "Lady Melody."
    Lady Melody?  Oh, yes, it's that time of month again- time for another Character Encounter.  That would mean he is….
    As if he has read my thought, he continues, "Prince Iorwerth of Cambria and Corbenic at your service, my lady."
    I curtsy in reply, "It is a pleasure to see you."
    He turns to gaze out over the waterfall.  "Amazing," he breathes.
    I nod, "Llewellyn would say it was magical."
    He laughs, "That he would."  We are both silent, looking at the water.
    I can feel him glancing sideways at me.  He looks back out over the waterfall, "If I may be so bold, what are you thinking about so earnestly here, my lady?"
    I arch my left eyebrow curiously at him, "What gives you the idea that I am thinking about anything?"
    He lifts his right shoulder in a careless shrug, "The look on your face as you stare into the waters.  It is the same look many of us at Corbenic wear when we go to the waterfalls to think."
    "Fairly hit," I acknowledge.  "You know- just life and all that.  Nothing special."
    He looks as though he doesn’t believe me.  I decide it’s my turn to ask questions.
    “What brings you here today, Prince Iorwerth?”
    “I was at the waterfalls in Corbenic and saw an opening that hadn’t been there before.  I entered it and it took me here, where I recognized you.”
    “What is troubling you that you were at the waterfalls?”
    He is quiet for a long moment.  When he does speak, his voice is husky with emotion, “I have been confronted with the fact that our family will be separating.  When we leave next sevenday, we will not see each other for night unto four months.  We, who have never been apart longer than two sevendays,” his face is grave.
    “I’m sorry, Prince Iorwerth.  It will be very hard for you all.  Less for Rhianon than for you other three, but still hard for her, too.  If there was another way… but there is not.”
    “I am concerned about Seren, as well.  I do not know how she will be received and if it should go badly for her….”  He glances swiftly at me, a charming smile now lighting his face.
    “Could you not at least hint to me of what her reception will be?”
    I shake my head, fighting the urge to grin maddeningly.  “I’m sorry, Iorwerth, but I cannot tell you that.  You will find out at the time appointed.”
    He frowns, “I do not ask for myself.”
    “I know you don’t, but the answer is still the same.”
    He sighs, “I thought as much.  Still, it did not hurt to attempt to discover the future.”
    “One thing I can tell you; it is not the destiny of either of you to die before you have fairly struck blows in battle for the land of Brythonia.”
    He regards me speculatively, “That is extremely vague, Lady Melody.”
    I shrug, “It is the job of an author to be vague regarding spoilers.  All will be revealed in due time.”
    He is about to reply when my brother Dino’s voice calls my name.
    “I’m sorry,” I wave to let my brother know I heard him but stay facing Iorwerth.
    “Do not be sorry,” Iorwerth replies.  “I, too, need to go.  I must return to Corbenic.  There is to be another Council soon and I must be present.”
    “I say again that it was a pleasure to see you.”
    “It was an honor for me to speak with you here,” he bows again.  “Dominus vobiscum.”
    “Pax vobiscum,” I reply.  I watch him out of sight.  He cares so very much about his siblings.  It’s almost tearing him apart to have to let them go.
    Musing, I make my way back to join my family.

Miss Melody Muffin


  1. Good I see what you mean about the end but I can't put my finger on anything specific. I had to smile at the Pax vobiscum!

  2. THAT TOTALLY MADE ME SOOOOO HAPPY. LOVED how you met him and talked with him, and how both of you care so deeply about your siblings. ;D

  3. Pax vobiscum!!!! Made me smile too!!!! Really good, and just like you to not stick around for a photo shoot! :)

  4. Hello Melody! I tagged you for the Sunshine Award at my blog




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