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Snippets from April

Snippets from my April writings....

Pearl of Loyalty, sequel to Oath of Loyalty and second book in the Fidelitas series:

    Jiffrey grinned, “Celebrating Christmas at the palace can have some advantages.  A much bigger Christmas tree, for one thing.”
    “Oooh, Jiff, do you think they will let us have one?” Jyder’s eyes gleamed.
    “We can ask.”

    “And what part do I play in all this?” Johari asked, slightly annoyed.
    “You keep the prince occupied.”
    Back in her rooms, Johari gave vent to her annoyance, “Keep the prince occupied.  Right.  Nothing to it.  Hello, I'm the Crown Princess of Denzli, you are a prince, we will get along fine together, of course, since we are both royalty… I know, let's go climb a tree!”

    Jyder’s face looked like a thundercloud.  “Growing up is the world’s biggest nuisance,” he declared hotly.  “And how come you didn’t change like that?  You still do things with Jaris, Jiff and Jus- or you would if you weren’t so busy being Crown Princess."

These two are especially for Elfie and Lisa.  :D

    Jili and Jani clapped.  “It will be just like a fairy tale,” Jili decided.
    “Fairy tale?” Jaris raised his eyebrows skeptically.  “Aren’t you growing too old to be reading fairy tales?”
    Johari leaned in front of Jyder to scowl at him, “No one is too old for fairy tales, Jaris Landison.”
    “I am,” he nodded firmly.
    “Nonsense,” Johari sniffed.  “You’re not too old for them, you’re too stubborn.  You can learn valuable things from fairy tales.”
    “Yeah, like how to have a knight in shining armor come dashing in to save you,” Jaris retorted.
    “What’s wrong with knights in shining armor?” Judi broke in on the argument.
    “A knight in shining armor is a man who has never had his metal truly tested,” Jaris quoted.

    “Now what are you talking about?” Judi asked in a long-suffering voice.
    Johari shrugged, “Oh, well, you read those fairy tales and the knights are off having all kinds of wonderful adventures and they leave the lady at home, until she gets kidnapped by the bad king, bad dragon, whatever, and then he’ll come rushing to save her, marry her, and then leave her at home to go off on more adventures.  How much fun in that is there for the lady?  I like best the fairy tales that have the lady going off on adventures with her knight.  That is where the real fun lies.”
    Johari raised her eyes to the doorway where Alejan stood at attention and caught an gleam of sympathy and agreement from his eyes.

Venit Hora, the (recently finished) first book in the Three Kyngdoms series:
    Iorwerth saw Astrophel and Morodd’s puzzled looks.
    “It’s the way everything is settled at Corbenic,” he explained.  “Whenever a decision has to be made, a council is called.  The people present at the council vary depending on what is under discussion, and sometimes the councils take place here instead of the formal council hall, but the principle is the same.  Shadows penetrating further into the wilds, call a council.  Too few knights to patrol, call a council.  Too much rain, call a council to decide how to handle it.”
    Seren chimed in, “Too little rain, call a council.  Students not progressing well, call a council.  what to serve for dinner when the Lords of Caloise come, call a council.  Some mischievous pranksters stealing cookies from the kitchen?  Call a council to determine how best to punish them,” she shot a saucy glance at the Anax.

    “Where did they go?”
    Rhianon smiled wryly, “Hunting.  It is unfortunately a rather common pastime this particular group of people engage in.  Whenever they feel particularly restless, they steal away from the castle before dawn and go hunting.  Sometimes they are gone for the entire day, other times for part of the day, depending on what is planned for the day.  They have been known to use it especially as an excuse to escape dull councils they were supposed to attend,” she shook her head again.
    “You say it is common?” Caie’s face was alive with curiosity.
    She sighed, nodding, “All too common.  These elves were doing it for decades before my siblings moved to Corbenic, and when they came, the elves naturally included them.  Since there is the ceremony tonight, they have promised to be back in time to change for dinner, else they would probably not return until nightfall.”

    Behind him, Emrys said, “Come along to our chambers and you will hear a full tale, Cath.  If we do not move quickly, I fear me Lord Dardanus will not be pleased.”
    “Won’t he just!” Philippon grumbled.  “Whoever heard of it taking an hour and a half to dress for dinner?  I suppose we are to sit around in our rooms until the evening bell rings as punishment.”
    “So what if we do?” Seren threw her head back, “It was worth it, every moment of it.”

    “That was real work as well, you know,” Maron’s voice spoke from the doorway.  The heirs had not heard him enter.
    “How so?” Seren questioned as they swung to face the Archon.
    “Giving the people hope by declaring your willingness to follow the path of your heritage is no less important than gathering armies to actively fight the darkness.  For it is in the hearts of the people that battles are won or lost and kings made or broken.”

Miss Melody Muffin


  1. Jyder’s face looked like a thundercloud. “Growing up is the world’s biggest nuisance,” he declared hotly. -- Okay, that made me laugh.

    Oh, Melody... you'd better hurry up and finish PoL, because I NEED TO KNOW WHAT HAPPENS! You should be getting an email from me very soon about a certain OoL. Wow... :D

  2. *sniffs* Johari ... Jaris ... Jyder ... Alejan.... *wails* I LOVE THEM SO MUCH. I MISSES THEM. And the fairy tales and Jaris and Alejan.... *sighs* Yes. Just ... yes. ALEHARI.
    And you need to bonk some sense into my siblings. They have NO interest in the Arthurian legends. OUR LIVES ARE FOUNDED UPON THOSE STORIES.
    Those ... those were so beautiful. I think I might just cry. XD

  3. Lovely snippets! Yay for fairytales. :D Also there seems to be a family of people starting with J... sounds confusing for the poor dears. XD And a lot of the other names are truly awesome, btw. I love story snippets!

    Also, I'd like to mention I tagged you over on my blog with the Liebster Award because I love your blog. :) You don't have to do it if you don't want/have time but I thought I would mention. ;)

  4. I can never ever say this enough. I love your writing. I want to read your books so very much. You are brilliant. Completely brilliant.

  5. LOVE the PoL snippets!!! Hurry up and finish it!!!!

    When did you say that Venit Hora is going to be ready for me to read?!!!!! :)


  6. The crack about the knight's, from Jaris, really cracked me up. If you heard me laughing that's why.


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