Sunday, June 1, 2014

June Brings... Bunnies! Plot, That Is.

It's time for the June Crusade again!!!  This year, Anne-girl is hosting a challenge dealing with those insistent, rascally, demanding, occasionally annoying, little creatures we writers all know as...


The rules:
In order to win this challenge you must begin a total of at least eight plot bunnies over the month. In order for your bunny to count you must post on your blog a back cover blurb such as you might read on a book jacket, plus the first scene of the story.
You are of course allowed to do more than that. Some things I like to do when developing a new story idea are: Brainstorming Sessions, Beautiful People, and Plot Treatments.

Each week I will read all the linked plot bunnies and choose one to receive a free "for fun" cover.

Visit THIS POST on Anne's blog for more information.

I think this challenge will be a lot of fun and look forward to giving the plot bunnies freedom to run for a while.  And I will hold my breath and hope that Real Life does not decide to throw too much at me this month.  On second thought, I won't hold my breath, I'd probably pass out.  :D

Are any of my readers going to be joining this fun challenge?

Miss Melody Muffin



  2. Sufferin' cats!!! I *really* want to do the crusade this year! Especially since I wasn't able to participate last year. I mean, come on... PLOT BUNNIES?! How epic is that?? But *le sigh* I have too much on my plate already with SotHT and RoaL... I don't dare indulge myself to begin yet another story. Ooh.... so not fair!! Get some delicious plot bunnies, Melody! I look forward to seeing what you come up with! :D

    And btw, Olaf awarded you. Well, I did... but it's his reward. *winks*

  3. This idea sounds like so much fun! I can't wait to read everyone's posts. I would join in, but I am doing NaNo, and it would be a bad idea to come up with new story ideas when I am already writing three this month.

    Oh yes, and ehehehehe to me killing you with my new book. Kind of. Because it is killing me too. I've cried three times over it already.


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