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June Crusade Plot Bunny #5: The Picaroons

This started out years ago as a story for my siblings.  Several months ago, while sorting through desk drawers, I dusted it off and looked it over, figuring out that it would fit perfectly into Quivira.  I had started a first scene, but it was rubbish, so what you see here is completely new, with many things changed.  This story will be child-appropriate.

When I do set out to write this, I will need to some research on sailing vessels.  While writing this scene, I discovered how little I actually know about ships and sailing.  :)

I'm not particularly happy with this first scene, but that's what second drafts are for, right?

The Picaroons

Pirates... who are children?!

    When the plague sweeps through the bustling seaport of Naelorre, it steals lives of all ages, young and old.  Left orphans and heirs to their parents' shipping company, the Percy and Quincy children decide the best thing they can do is carry on their parents’ legacy.
    Giles Percy recruits several boys off the streets to round out his crew, boys whose families also fell victim to the plague.  With his siblings and the Quincy children also aboard, the
Silver Queen embarks.
    The crew of the
Silver Queen discovers that life on the high seas is not always the wonderful adventure it has been painted.  After experiencing the loss of three friendly ships by the notorious Water Moccasin pirates, Giles and his sister Nathalie decide they won’t merely run the shipping company... they will be pirates on the side.
    There’s a catch though... they aren’t going to be your typical pirates.  No sir, they will bring back the glorious days of the Golden Age of Piracy... when not all pirates were bad.

    Quietly the young people darted from shadow to shadow.  Nathalie, ahead with her charges Marise and Melina, and Giles following with Alain and Claude.  They reached the wharf and crept to the fourth warehouse, the one that had belonged to their father and was now theirs.  A moment later their cousins joined them.
    Silently the nine of them waited, pressed up against the wall of the warehouse.  It seemed an interminable time but was actually less than ten minutes before the group of five Quincys came slipping through the dark to join them.
    With a motion of his hand, Giles directed the others to wait.  He, Walter and Theodore went forward to the ship.  A few quiet words and the watchers on deck lowered the gangplank as quietly as possible.
    “All clear,” Walter crossed to the others waiting and motioned them forward.  Hardly daring to breathe, they slowly sneaked across the docks and up the gangplank, hurrying into the shadows on board the Silver Queen.  Giles waited at the top of the gangplank and counted each person as they came on board, while Theodore and Walter waited at the bottom, making sure everyone was aboard before coming up themselves.
    “Assemble,” Giles called, his voice low but charged with excitement.  He looked over them, double and triple checking to make sure he had everyone.  “It’s time, my brave comrades.  Time for us to slip the moorings of our old world and find a new world to call our own.”
    Each person facing him lifted their right arms in salute.
    Eyes gleaming in the dark, Giles climbed to the quarterdeck followed by his First and Second Mates.  He clipped out soft commands to cast off, which were just as quietly relayed to the other boys by Theodore and Walter.
    The tide was going out and it carried the ship out into the harbor as the sails were unfurled and filled with the stiff breeze.
    Nathalie led the other girls up to the quarterdeck.  They stood at the railing, watching the receding docks and she stood by her brother, facing out to sea.  Giles’ gripped her shoulder, his other hand on Theodore’s shoulder where he stood at Giles’ left side.  Nathalie glanced sideways at him.  Her brother was speechless with excitement and anticipation.
    She smiled behind his back at Theodore, murmuring, “And so, we sail the ocean blue.”

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  1. Ahhh!!! I want to read this story!! Please, please, please, Melody, WRITE IT! Kid pirates who bring back the Golden Age?? NEED!

  2. I WANT TO READ MORE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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