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Know Your Novel Part 1: The Rowan Cipher

My writing buddies and anyone who has done NaNo 'with' me or who knows much about me will be able to tell you that I always pick my NaNo project well in advance (read: a month beforetime a.k.a. at the beginning of October) because I need the time to plot it out before I begin.

At the beginning of October 2018, I wasn't at all sure what I wanted to do for NaNo.  Then one night, an idea came, I fleshed it out over the weekend, and by the middle of the next week had pretty much decided it was going to be my NaNo.  This was par for the course for me.  I talked it over with my MuseTwin and brainstorm partner, I threw the idea at Kate, I did a lot of plotting, I described it to a few other people.  The plotting went great, I had enough to go on to start the novel, which I was describing as 'a modern Korean Macbeth with dragons'.  I loved the idea, I was excited about it.

And then life decided that it favored a rather brutal approach to the last week and a half of the month.

And I wasn't sure that was the novel I needed to be doing right then.  I loved the idea, but the more I thought about it, it wasn't quite the right novel for my frame of mind.

What to do?

Fortunately, there was another book I'd mostly plotted and which was waiting, even to having written out several snippets.  I already knew and loved the characters and the plot.  I adored the world.  I'd spent a lot of hours thinking about this novel, playing with collages and aesthetics, figuring out the pieces of this story.

So, I switched novels.

And I'm very glad I did.  The other one waits still, ready for its moment in the spotlight, but this one is the one I need to be writing right now.

The totally sweet and fun and terrific Christine at Musings of an Elf has created a tag for us to showcase our NaNo novels.  I had the answers all written out with the novel I was going to do, so belatedly, here are my answers to the tag with the novel I am doing: The Rowan Cipher, book 1 in the Pendragons and Pimpernels series.

1. What first sparked the idea for this novel?
King Arthur.
I've loved the tales of Arthurian Legend since I was a child of seven or eight.  I fell in love with Arthur, with Lancelot too, with Gawain, with the ever-epic Merlin, with Percival, I wanted to be the Lady of the Lake or the best friend of Guenivere (c'mon, girl, let me give you a few tips about handling that many men at a time), wanted to smack a bunch of them and tell them to get their heads out of inconvenient places and THINK a little more, etc.

Arthurian Legend has sparked so many stories for me.

And between re-watching episodes of Merlin with my sister and watching old episodes of Mission Impossible, I had the nucleus of this series come together in my head.  A private security company, missions of high importance, personnel inspired by Arthurian characters.
I liked it.  Mirriam liked it.  Kate liked it.
But something was still missing.
Then one day it hit me, and I texted Mirriam, "IT NEEDS FAE.  MODERN FAE."
And she texted right back, "OMGOSH, IT DOES."


2. Share a blurb!
Hah.  Right.  Well, I don’t have one yet.
I usually have one, but October was hectic and I didn't get one written.  The best I have for a tagline currently is:

Modern Arthurian-style Mission Impossible encounters Celtic Fae, English Mythology, and a Dan-Brown-like cult.

3. Where does the story take place? What are some of your favorite aspects about the setting?
The United Kingdom, 2018.

Favorite aspects...I'd love to visit England for a while, so getting to set a story there is great.

And autumn.  I love that it's happening in the autumn.

4. Tell us about your protagonist.
There are, as usual, multiple protagonists but two in particular are main:

Arthur Griffin
College educated, military trained, planner, intuitive leader.

Morgan Rhosdew-Griffin
Arthur's older sister, a baby when his mother married his father, MI-5 trained, intelligence analyst.

    “What, the British Army doesn’t teach its captains to arrive early to important events?” a feminine voice drawled behind him.
    “Hello, Morgan.”  He continued his slow turn, seeking out every corner of the room and filing away the locations of exits and entrances, as well as anything notable about the people gathering.
    “Arthur.”  Her sharp features relaxed into a smile when their eyes met.  “Does there happen to be a reason the head of London’s newest private security company is almost late to his aunt’s funeral?  Especially since I happen to know that he’s supposed to be on holiday?”
    At the signal in her eyes, he fell into step with her, casually angling their path through the room to a side door.
    “Paperwork,” he replied laconically.
    She didn’t call him out for the lie.  “And how is training your supposedly illustrious team going, oh glorious leader?  Really, I don’t know how you can ever accuse me of arrogance after this stunt.  You’ve thrown any future advantage away in one swoop.  The Pendragons?  That’s honestly what you’re calling your team?”
    He raised both eyebrows tauntingly.  “And what else should I have called them, Madam-I’m-dressing-as-Morgan-le-Fey-and-you-have-to-be-Arthur?  Besides, you set the bar by naming your super-investigators after an obscure but brilliant literary hero.  What else would have beaten the bloody Pimpernels?”
    Morgan’s eyes widened, her lips opening in a soundless gasp.  “Nowhere in my office is there the word ‘bloody’.  Would I dare tempt fate that boldly?”
    “No, you’ll just do it subtly,” he muttered.

5. Who (or what) is the antagonist?
Ohhhhhh boy.  Spoilers, sweetie. 

6. What excites you the most about this novel?
Writing it.

7. Is this going to be a series? Standalone? Something else?
Series.  It was always going to be a series.  The goal is to keep the books themselves shorter than what I usually write (no longer than 80-85K hopefully) but the series...there are so many books I could write.  Extra novels.  Spin-off novellas.  Short stories.
Who knows how many I'll actually get to, but there is a lot of potential here.

8. Are you plotting? Pantsing? Plansting?
Plotting. Can’t live without it.  This book has less forethought plotting than most of mine, but there's been a lot of shower plotting and then hurrying to scribble down frameworks of chapters to write later.

9. Name a few things that makes this story unique.
I am rubbish at answering this question.  My standard answer always wants to be ‘I’m the person writing it?  Everyone brings a unique take to writing?’
I think the chance to try and turn some fae tropes on their sides and change it up a bit.  Arthur and the knights as private security.  Going back to the roots of Morgan le Fey where she was mostly a good, helpful character.

10. Share a fun “extra” of the story (a song or full playlist, some aesthetics, a collage, a Pinterest board, a map you’ve made, a special theme you’re going to incorporate, ANYTHING you want to share!).
Pinterest board:

Soundtrack: CHVRCHES' new album 'Love is Dead' and Poets of the Fall's new album 'Ultraviolet' are on the playlist for this, as well as several British military marches and songs.

People I'd love to see answer this tag on FB or a blog or in the comments (no obligation, only if you want to):

Mirriam Neal (you don't get a choice, you have to do the tag)
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If you want to do the tag, fire away!  Link back to Christine's blog post so others can see your answers.


  1. oh, I love the bit you have shared about this book so far! So excited to see where it may go ;)


    1. *laughing*
      THIS HAS BEEN 'LIFE LESSONS FROM NANO', see you here next week.

  3. You did the taggg!!! :D I was so excited to see this! Especially because I looooooove this story idea and it's such a treat to hear more about it! I mean, the idea of putting Merlin and Mission Impossible together with MODERN FAE (yes pleeeease!) is basically the coolest thing ever. I adore crazy mashups! I'd DEFINITELY say it's unique all the way around, in the best way possible!

    Thanks again for joining in! ^_^

    1. *beaming* Thank you so very much! I'm pretty excited about it.

  4. Arthurian Legends and Mission: Impossible? Yeah, that sounds like you, Dahling. Is there anything you haven't paired with King Arthur? ;-)(Seriously, though, all your inspirations from it are so unique from one another. :-D)

    Re: Modern Fae: I immediately thought of this:

    and this:

    Don't know if this is your bag, but...*shrug*

    God bless, and Happy Writing!

    1. Thank you!!

      Mmmm, well, I have not YET done King Arthur in space but I have at least two ideas for it There might not yet be anything I haven't paired with King Arthur? :D


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