Curious about me?

Arielle.  Melody.  Maybela.  Lody.  Miss Melody Muffin.  May.  Ms. Bailey.  The Intimidating One.  The Sassy One.  The Reserved One.  The Ice Queen. 

You might know me by one of the names above, or all of them.  Or none of them.  You are on this page because you happen to be curious about the person behind the name.

I am an INTJ.
Yes, this puts me in the .8% of people who are female INTJ's.  Yes, it also means I actually do fit into 80-90% of all INTJ posters you see.  I'm a sympathetic INTJ though—please don't ever let my personality type intimidate you into not approaching me.

I am a Christian but I am NOT intolerant of anyone based on race, gender, sexual orientation, religion, or political affiliation.  We're all people, all humans, and I respect that you are a fellow human with a mind, body, beliefs, and opinions that are uniquely your own.  I may not agree with you, but I will not be mean to you simply because we don't agree.  (Now, if your attitude or behavior is rude/etc., well, then we're going to have problems.)

I'm a freelance editor.
NO, this does not mean I'm going to walk around correcting your speech all the time (unless you're one of my siblings) or the grammar of your comments.  Yes, it does mean I'm available for consultations and editing services.  See my website at the bottom of the page.

I'm half Italian, 1/4 Polish, 1/4 mixed (Norwegian + Irish + smidgen of Lakota Sioux).  I inherited my looks from my Italian father, my temper from him + my mother's Irish... cloaked in the calm of her Norwegian blood... and a workaholic mindset randomly inhabited my body as a teenager and has not yet left.

I learned to read when I was four and for two decades+ I've been devouring the written word.  Books, plays, newspapers, magazines... you get the idea.

I would be utterly miserable if I could not write.  My fiction tends toward series with massive casts of characters, though I do occasionally venture into the forest of stand-alones.

Favorite genres to read and write are: space opera, fantasy in general, historical fantasy, historical fiction, military science fiction, and fairy tale retellings.

I consider Shakespeare and J. R. R. Tolkien to be two of the most brilliant authors of all time.  I have a slew of secondary favorites old and new.

History was my favorite subject in school and remains a passionate interest of mine. 

I think horses are one of the most beautiful animals ever created and I love mine dearly.  She is a ten-year-old registered Paint nicknamed Ria, and is a great-granddaughter of Freckles Playboy.

Lions, tigers, and snow leopards are also the most beautiful animals ever.

My musical tastes are an eclectic mix: kpop, opera, classical, much indie and alternative, musical theater, folk, and Celtic—among others—all make their way into my playlists.

I am a geek of many fictional fandoms—including but not limited to: Tolkien's Middle Earth, Star Wars, Marvel, Star Trek, The Scarlet Pimpernel, and Sherlock Holmes. 

King Arthur, the Matter of Britain, Robin Hood, the Matter of France, and mythologies from many lands have fascinated me since I was about 7.

I love languages.

I love kdrama, kpop, jdramas/doramas, cdramas, Mandopop, British TV shows, and musical theater from many countries.

I'd love to live in Seattle or Portland one day.

Places high on my list to visit some year: South Korea, Italy (ROME + VENICE + everywhere), France (especially Paris), New York City, New Orleans, the United Kingdom (particularly London), Tokyo, Hong Kong, Beijing, Shanghai.

Where else can I be found?

* Email *
(I have more than one email address, so use whichever one you know, or go to my contact page above.)

(I'm selective about who I friend there, but please, if you know me or want to get to know me, do send a friend request + a message telling how you know me or know of me.)

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