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This page will be edited and revised from time to time to reflect inevitable changes in my writing due to the passage of time; and also as I finish stories or start new ones.

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Wings of the Tiger
(tentatively planned as a trilogy)
Setting: the fictional East Asian continent of Tanri Ashiato, between Korea and Japan
Genre: historical fantasy
Status: first draft currently being written
Driven from their homeland by the vengeance of a bitter king, Bora and her best friend Nari are entranced when the mists part to reveal the beautiful land of Ashiato.  Nari wishes only to be allowed to live her life in peace, away from war and constant power mongering, but Bora disdains peace and sets her sights higher, on the Palace itself. 

Brought before its king, Bora is infuriated when the priests declare them the heirs of the prophecy to unify the land against the coming war.  She is not a pawn, to be used and to walk blindly to her doom.  She will control her own destiny.  Eagerly, she flings herself into the Court politics.  But meddling with prophecies is not a game for mere mortals, as she discovers when her life becomes currency for every competing power and rogue swordsman in the land.

Will she bow before the forces of Time and the Universe, or will she discover that she has set herself a task as impossible as finding a tiger with wings?  From gleaming throne rooms to blood soaked battlefields, the tale of kings and queens, hearts and destinies; the shieldwoman who attempted to defy destiny and the swordswoman who swore to make it serve her. 

Queen Beauty and the Beasts
(stand alone)
Setting: Seoul, South Korea
Genre: Gothic flavored fairy tale retelling
Status: first draft complete, resting
Though too poor to afford a teacher, Belleza still dreams of becoming a shining star under gleaming lights. When the masked lead singer of a popular band offers to tutor her, she eagerly accepts, too caught in the spell of his voice and her dream to heed the warnings of those who tell her he's dangerous; not even her childhood playmate, now an intense, popular singer himself.

A rash choice of her father's shatters her budding happiness, and she sacrifices herself for him, becoming an inmate of the Mansion of the Beasts. Amid the turmoil of preparing for her first concert, a web of brooding secrets from every corner of her new home threatens to choke her as a bizarre curse takes shape before her eyes, terrifying her with its reality in a world where it shouldn't be possible. 

Torn between brilliant, passionate light and fiery, alluring darkness, impelled to find the truth in a sea of masks, held captive by her own code of duty... if Belleza does not make a choice, she'll doom not only her life, but her soul.

Beauty and the Beast meets Phantom of the Opera under glittering music stage lights in this tale of love and sacrifice vs. lust and selfishness.

Book Titles: A Certain Darkness, To See The Stars, In Their Courses, The Stars Come Forth, All the Stars Turn, A Night Devoid of Stars
Setting: the planets of Cheonggu and Ceruntu, sometime in the future
Genre: futuristic, political thriller, psychological thriller
Series Pinboard
To See The Stars Pinboard
The Stars Come Forth Pinboard
Status: A Certain Darkness first draft 1/3 done, on temporary hiatus
At Chun Hee College, orphans are educated free of charge; in return they must give two years of service to the government of Cheonggu when they are done with their degree.  On the surface, it seems like a brilliant and generous idea, but new students Liare Delaney and Verena Silvesti soon discover there is much more to the College than meets the eye.

Corruption and manipulation run deeply, with opposing forces pulling at all of the students until they don’t know who they are; making them ripe for molding into the perfect puppets.  But who is pulling their strings?

Liare must find common ground to rally students to fight the corruption, and the horrifying conspiracy emerging... and Verena must decide whether to stand with him, or ignore the coming storm and walk away from it all.  In the turmoil, the students will discover what truly makes a family.

Book Titles: Oath of Loyalty, Pearl of Loyalty, Path of Loyalty, Mystery of Loyalty, Value of Loyalty, Question of Loyalty, Heart of Loyalty, Price of Loyalty, Mirror of Loyalty, Vow of Loyalty, Echo of Loyalty, Legend of Loyalty
Setting: the planet monarchy of Denzli
Genre: futuristic, planetary fantasy
Status: Oath of Loyalty– first draft complete, second draft in progress; Pearl of Loyalty– first draft in progress
Despite being a princess by birth, Johari has always lived the quiet normal life of an average upper class person. But that changes when her mother unexpectedly succeeds to the throne of Denzli, and Johari is thrust into the position of Crown Princess, an honor she never wanted. 

Surrounded by a multitude of expectations, rules and etiquette, she feels like a fish out of water. When her Companions are chosen and sworn in, at first she is unwilling to trust them.  When she finally does, their presence helps her begin to adjust to her new life. 

Then the former queen mysteriously dies... and Johari and her Companions suspect she was poisoned... and that Johari herself and her mother are the next victims on the killer's list. The Companions took an oath of loyalty to Johari, but just how far will they have to go to fulfill that oath?

The Lion and the Rose
Book Titles: Ebony and Aubergine
Setting: Jazaravia, a small, fictional continent in the Pacific
Genre: historical fusion fantasy
Status: Draft 1 of Ebony and Aubergine in progress
When revolution erupts in Damarul, the neighboring country of Cathenir is horrified.  Yet, what can their diplomats do against a horde of wronged commoners who thirst for the lives of the nobles who oppressed them for so many years?  For the moment, they will have to let the revolution take its course.

One person refuses to sit idle while men and women die every day in Damarul.  He hatches a daring plot to save the imperiled nobles.  He works in secret, known only by the name of The Black Lion.  He becomes the toast of Cathenir and the nemesis of the Damarul rebels.

Then the revolution spreads to the country of Manchongtar and soon the very flower of their royalty and nobility also languish in prison.  Hundreds more people call to The Black Lion to be saved.  He cannot be in two places at once.  Enter The Aubergine Rose, a similar secret hero who begins rescuing people from Manchongtar.  He knows the the court, the government and the land of Manchongtar thoroughly and always appears when and where he is least expected.

The countries of Damarul and Manchongtar are understandably livid.  One burning ambition fires them, to catch the Lion and the Rose and make them pay for defying their new governments.  But, how can they catch them when they don’t even know who the people are behind the secret identities or why they choose to daily risk their own lives to save people who have no claim upon them….


  1. Oh, my, Melody! Those all sound so interesting. I would love to read them. If you need someone (outside the immediate family) to review/edit your drafts, I'd love to help! I've done a bit of that over the years for friends.

  2. Thank you!!! I'll definitely keep that in mind!!

  3. These all sound quite interesting - I'll have to say that Three Kyngdoms would be on the top of my pile for reading, but that's because I'm terribly obsessed with all myths, legends, and Fairy Tales. Quara would be my next read after that.

  4. Ah!!!! At last you updated it!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Oh man, I seriously love all of these. I so want to read these books when they're finished! :D

  6. yay! I really respect and appreciate people who write well, beautiful, hard-worked masterpieces. And yours seem to be in that circle! I'd like to read some of your work!


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